The Diary Of An Immortal – Chapter 3 – Written By Alexander Kennedy

The Third installment from the novel The Diary Of An Immortal. Enjoy! Like, Comment and Subscribe.


The Diary Of An Immortal

Chapter 3

The sun casts its spell of inferno upon me, its radiance is blinding to the eye. I raise my hand as a plead to dim but its determined approach escapes through my fingers. I thrash my head as a runaway from the whiteness.

Rolling over to the side of my chamber bed and sitting in a slump. I wipe the sleeping time from my face.

“I should buy a cave for a descent night sleep.” I say in a water wanting voice.

I arise and fall to the floor with a thud, needles and pins drape over my legs like pestilence through a continent. My hands become healers with rubbing; I drag myself up by my cradles sheets and limp over to the basin of water. I splash water on my face with cupped hands.

A double knock erupts from the barricaded door.

“It is open!” I shout.

The doors in no way want to open as they do not know what is lurking behind them. Arthur forces them open with might of Hercules.

“Maze, you are awake.” He says.

“Good observation, my old friend.”

He treks over to my clothing draws and pulls out my outfit for the day; they mimic what I usually have on whatever the weather. He lays them on the bed and turns to me.

“Quite a bad night last night, did you eat at all?”

“Yes, a beautiful woman whom was undeserving to the tooth.”

My mood shifts back to rain clouds.

Arthur sits on my bed as he caresses his facial hair thinking about his next wise words to speak. I flush water over my armpits and throw smelling powder over them; Piper entered the room and stopped this day’s new beginning.

“Alex, I may not be as old or as clever or as gifted as you, but these people who you have tasted are casualties of battle, they are the fuses to the cannon that is you and without them there will be no saviour. When we first met twenty-five years ago, you saved my life from those bandits and from that day forward I pledged my life and honour to you, stop attacking yourself for doing what is in your nature.”

His words are correct but no matter how much I am told them, the wounds are still opened to the elements. Alexander was the person I became in the middle of the last century gone, after a certain amount of time I knew certain people in society became wary of how old I looked so I left the country to start my new life and became Maze.

“How did my guests last night take my departure?” I ask.

“They were surprisingly behind my excuse of food poisoning and work overload; they left with the hope of you getting well soon.”

“Remind me to up your pay, and just to clarify you are smart and gifted in your own way of making excuses for me, to tell the bad money of my illnesses and don’t remind me of being old, it’s hard enough just living, I have to be old.”

I begin to get ready for the day, strap by strap to button with hole; Arthur walks over to my blockade and sets all of the chairs and items back in their original spots.

“Do you want your morning meal? I’ll get Catharine to make you something.” Arthur says.

“An apple will do, I will get one downstairs.”

I exit my chambers to the corridor in a stride, with a hand in my pocket, the broken history items have been cleaned up, I come back to the stairway, the whole room at the bottom of the stairs has illuminated in size and brings a secluded feel, there is a placid feeling when it blends with the colourful hanging antique paintings and freshly picked garden flowers, the first smile of the day. I pace down the stairs and sword my eyes through the window; the sky was clear but on the horizon sits the mustard up rage of a storm.

Arthur treads down the stairs.

“Remember you have that ceremony for charity tonight at Verntro’s home.” He says.

“You are supposed to be the barer of good news, Arthur. But Judas springs to mind, when you talk like that. I am not raising your  pay now.” I answer with a smile.

“Well you have to go; he told me last night that you will be receiving a medal or award for your charity.”

I turn and show him a look of wretchedness. The charity is not my duty to the people; I employ certain individuals who give amounts of money to the people who certainly need it.

“I don’t want to go, make up another excuse for me.” I ask of him.

“Listen to me. You found out what these people worldwide need and made sure that the relief gets to them, its hundred fold better than saving them separately when you were flying over countries to save the people who were helpless.”

Arthur cups his hands together after saying his piece and leaves the main hall.


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