How To Write Successful Fiction

Being published is terrifying

Where to start? Where to start? …If you cannot pull fantasy from reality, click on a clothing website or some porn now because I will be wasting my time…. I’ll wait until your granny porn page has loaded……. Okay, now those losers have skedaddled, what I am going to tell you will help you come up with some amazing ideas and can also sometimes beat writersblock, as it always works for me.

I go outside!!! I know; I know we’re writers and some of our best ideas happen inside – On the crapper – after sex or masturbation over all of our granny porn (Jokes!) But to be possessed by an idea that will fester as an incurable disease within you, you will have to live. And within my experience all of the monsters live out in the big bad-ass world; so I make myself bad-ass to fit in and fill my mind.

Pick something that you have done in within your life or something you do. An idea could be running away from home (I swear this is how I usually start my ideas; not with a craptastic idea like running away, bear with me, I will make sense. A slim line between genius and madness remember…. Jeez!)

So where can we go with that? Well perhaps you begin on running away or you ran away time ago and it’s time to return…. RETURN FOR REVENGE! THEY TOOK WHAT YOU LOVE; A MILLION GUNS, FIVE MILLION DEAD BODIES, ONLY ONE MAN AND ONE PURPOSE! ….Sorry…. I really mean that; my mind wanders most of the time. Okay, back on track.

Well you can have unfinished business or have someone you love or something you need.

What we have so far is…. “You ran away; it’s time to go back home for _____?”  This is what I like to call general fiction, it’s not real and never happened but you want to write it.


But you have a small outline of what is going to happen within the story. If you are female within your story; you can possibly be a princess who ran away because of your abusive father the king, he helped drive your mother into a grave and some other bad-ass shizz’.

So from that I can see. A young girl running through a dark wooded area, her dress is being ripped by the twigs like witches elongated fingers. She is bawling her eyes out. She needs to out run the image of the castle in the background because it is only a reminder what her father has done. SWEET! (You need a good imagination to be a writer. Some have it, others don’t, sorry, that’s the way the world turns… If you can’t write Fiction, I am sure you can get a job writing granny porn…. Haha!)

–          If you are a writer you must think as yourself as a God, not thee God, but a God who is willing to make and take life. – Alexander Kennedy.   –

Now as a writer I am putting faith in you that you know about character building and building tension and other things. Well as our character has had a bad spurt within her life, it is now time for her to leave the weak ways of princess-hood and become a warrior woman. And the only way that will happen is if you break her thought processes within the story. (No, I am not going to fill in all the gaps for writing a good story… Jeepers! The idea alone is pretty good, a bad-ass version of Snow White. Booya!)

But you can end it with her, I don’t know; riding on a huge dragon that she met on her travels of womanhood and they are best friends. She attacks from the sky while her love interest is on horseback with an army from a rival country to destroy the castle and her evil father.

In reality that story could be a teenage girl runs away from home because her father’s a dick, so she meets some friends and with their help she and her gang go back home to retrieve her clothes, or something boring like that. Yes, reality does depress me slightly, that’s why I live in a far away world.

So there you have it. Use your own life to write any genre of fiction. ALWAYS! ALWAYS! MAKE SURE THAT PEOPLE CAN RELATE TO YOUR WORK WITHIN THEIR LIFE. Great works come from others experiences because people can see themselves as the characters, remember that.

I actually use this method for all of my work.

Try it out or if you are having trouble. Email me or something and we can talk and will help you develop your own idea. (Don’t worry I don’t steal, it’s tacky, stupid and shows you have no talent.) But I am here to help.

Oh…. And the simplest ideas are always the best, writers’s nowadays over think and complicate their stories and that’s why when people read their work all they get is “Well, it was okay, one time is enough for that story…” Pfft…. Write your heart and fingers silly people; lit agents – certain doors and greatness await you.

This has been a psychotic announcement from Alex Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy….

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    Alexander Kennedy: On How To Write Successful Fiction. When will you be getting your own lit agent? you will have to let everyone know.


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  9. O how adore your psychotic announcements! 🙂
    Very nice read, I think you have some great tips here!
    For some reason, my best ideas tend to visit at night. When it’s dark and quite and my mind gets all the time in the world to wonder off and come up with all kinds of craziness. But sometimes there’s actually something useful there! 😉
    Lots of love and hugz
    Just Patty


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