What To Write About?

What to write about? Well as a writer, can I just congratulate you on your career choice or hope? If you do take up the challenge to write you must be able to imagine beyond others minds or write well, sometimes one is all you need.

From my angle I come up with ideas before I begin to write, others ways are different. In my writing cauldron I have around 50 story ideas and about 7 of those I keep close to my chest until I do make an impact because I know these ideas will be the ones to make my writing live forever.

But chose your View Point! – If love is your pens turn on then that should be, I do love to read a lovely love story. It can be anything.

Waiting at the bus stop, the rain is laughing on me. Black garbage bag in tow; I am leaving, along with splashes from gutters spurts from passing cars, luck is really helping to place a cherry on this cake.

The number 10 is located in the distance; an old woman jumps queue and elbows in front of me, awesome. My voice is still horse from mine and the bitches fight, so battling an old haggard possible termagant woman is far from my minds cloud.

I step onto the bus and dunk in my money and scan for a seat, nothing; the old bag took the last one. Standing tough is what I am good at so why not a little more.

“Hello, you can come and sit next to me, if you like?” A back seated voice says.

I glance over aimlessly. Wow. The girl waving in my direction is beautiful; she couldn’t be waving at me, could she?

I edge through the buggies and people’s knees to the seat of my dreams. I sit slowly but rather uncaring.

I look over and with a nod “Worst day ever until you helped me out with one kind gesture, thank you.” She smiles and brushes her hair behind her ear.

“I would rather sit next to you than someone I didn’t want to sit next with, plus into the bargain, your good-looking.”

See! – Write what you know or who you know indirectly. The best way to write is to take them from memory or others life stories. (Always ask for permission to take if they are other writers.)

But it can be about anything.

  • A night when you walked home from a friend’s house and there was no one else around and you thought there was something else with you.
  • A love feeling you have for another person when you were in a relationship with some else.


Always take what you know onto the page.

This has been a psychotic announcement from Alexander Kennedy.


Keep those pens busy….


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8 responses to “What To Write About?

  1. Great advice and a cute beginning to a story!


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