Celebrities In The Asylum. The First Pill.

Angelina jolie

Angelina jolie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a story or hallucination I had when I was on meds in the asylum, about the celebrities who have been in mentally ill movies and their characters come to life within my mind. Yes, I am weird. Haha! I know this is not my best material but I have a job interview in the morning and I can’t spend hours on this; So here it is. I know it’s short but I didn’t want to bore you with everything in my mind; I have a blog I’ve all the time in the world for the other stories of my new friends.

Here I sit, perched on the window ledge looking through the metal mesh to see the little wilderness there is. The world is shaking slightly; new drugs, better drugs, bye-bye world. I look around; Harold is prancing around, slippers and  white boxer-shorts pretending to an aeroplane. David is playing chess with Dustin Hoffman who is rocking back and forth for a few seconds before he takes his move.

“Fourteen moves, fourteen moves, that’s until checkmate; checkmate is fourteen.” He twinges to the side and stares back into dreamland.

“Hey, it’s raining man. You must be on new drugs, Alex. No worries, son. We all go a little crazy sometimes.”

Anthony Perkins nods over in my direction holding hands with a naked wet, blonde bombshell of a lady as they skip down the corridor.

“Thank you, Ant. Are you going back to your mom’s house?” I sputter and dribble.

Angelina Jolie comes over dragging a chair; she sits on it back to front, lights up a cigarette and prolongs her piercing eyes into mine. She inhales and exhales smoke over me.

“You were never a pussy before these drugs, Al. You gave us hope. What happened to our plan of escape? This plan is our control, we need out.”

“Angie, I don’t feel like myself right now, I can barely walk.”

“SNAP OUT OF IT! Me, Little Miss Ryder, Brad and Norton need out, we need our silver linings, you are our saviour. You promised. Get your priorities in check.”

Brad Pitt shouts over. “C’mon let’s start a fight. Start with me, start with me. Hit me, Hit me, Hit Me!”

Edward Norton Pats him on the back to calm him down, looks him over and shakes his head. Brad sits himself down.

“Sorry about him; I am Edwards’s inner thought; I plan to take over the planet before I take over myself. First rule of the Asylum, we are not mental patients, Second rule of the asylum is sane people are worse than us.”

“I must really be out of it; I can’t remember making a plan to escape this asylum. How will we do it?”

Christian bale walks through naked with a chainsaw, covered in blood, “Well maybe we should start killing nurses until the taste of blood makes us throw up.”

“Forget about him, kid. He’s lost his mind. Me and the chief live a great life here, why leave?” Jack Nicholson looks up from his colouring book, the chief waves at me.

“Don’t worry, Al, one day we will figure it out.” Winona quietly steps forward. The all-star cast to my mind stand in line as a I am hauled off back to my room.

“We will make it out of here soon, just you watch, guys. We will not die in here!” I pipe up.

I am placed on my bed by Jackson, a huge medical orderly.

“There’s no one there, Alex, it’s only the meds, mate.” He tries to convince.

“I know… I know…” I quaver.

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