You’re Still Not Here. Song.

You’re Still Not Here.


(Verse 1)

No matter how long I wait,

The question today is can I hang on to these days?

I would go crazy again just to hallucinate your face,

Reach in this photograph just to be back in that place,

So many stories have turned to sorry,

Don’t throw the time that we had right back in my face,

It wasn’t me it was you,

I know my acting cliché,

You’re forcing me to find a new you,

I have to stop my heart beating this way,

Because I’m feeling ashamed,

But still your memory of betrayal returns to me,

If haunting is the way then I’m keeping that safe,

Your burn upon me was a one in a million flame.



I will keep this little secret,

I swear, I will never speak it,

Cause I know if I do….

I’m in deep-shit



You’re not here,

To question this awful truth,

And you’re not here, baby,

For me to tell you I love you,

You’re still not here,

So I’m yelling out your name

You’re still not here,

You’re still not here.


(Verse 2)

You double cross and scheme,

Those are your ways,

You won and lost me,

By the choices that you made,

Thanks for the wake up call,

To this feeling of betrayed,

I’m not here to take your calls,

I’m still hitting all these parties,

I will find a new you,

By the end of this night,

This wasn’t me its all on you,

And its way passed my bedtime,

If I ever see you, I ain’t talking back,

This is me leaving you,

Watch me as I wash my hands,

I just hope they were worth it,

Now watch me as I dance.


(Verse 3)

I’m celebrating our death,

With so much liquor,

Lay my heart back in my chest,

Better cancel the vicar,

Now I’m back on the club patrol,

Like an animal to its prey,

Believe me I’m taking someone home,

For what you have done to me,

There’s more fish in the sea,

More beautiful than you,

You were the biggest mistake to me,

Don’t worry; I think I’ll pull through.


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9 responses to “You’re Still Not Here. Song.

  1. I like it, introspective and a bit dark


  2. Love it! When are you going to sing it for us Alex? 😉
    Love & Hugz


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