How to be a Writer?

Be a writerHow to be a writer?

Here we go…

Okay, I know as a writer that we all want the same thing when writing our blogs; now that blogs have become a prime target for literary agencies looking for new writing talent. We either want thousands of views, advertisement or a “Blook” Blog to book Writing Contract.

But here is the kicker; ninety-five percent of the writing blogs out there are awful. People expect after putting their first few chapters of a novel they have written onto their blog to be notice, but just like J.K Rowling and Stephen Kings readers, they read their work because they know of the writer and they enjoy their stories.

If you want all of the above what you must do is gain an audience and they only way you are going to do that is by working hard…. Wait, triple your workload and through it all onto your blog and make people find you. This in turn will bring all your dreams come true.

And the only way you will be noticed is by writing something that has never been written and even then it is hit-and-miss. Think of your blog as a star in the night sky and you want one important persons view. Now that is a huge sky with much brighter stars, so you will have to shine more than anyone else out there just to get one important view on your blog.

Now I know there is real talent out there on the internet, with no views. It’s like that saying “There is always someone better.” This is true and you should always be aware of the fact when entertaining in any field. You could be living next-door to the next Shakespeare; the person on your bus could be the next Jim Carrey. But they are still living a normal life because no one has seen their star shine yet.

Now I am not promising anything, I am not saying when you have taken all the information I have given you that you will be the best or the tools to become one of them. Because some people just don’t make it.

But I know of a story I heard while I was stacking shelves; it was about a man who wrote a novel when he was around twenty-three years old and he tried his hardest to get it publish for the rest of his life, no literary agent would take on his words to publish as he was unknown, it wasn’t until his granddaughter or actual daughter started her own mission to make sure his book was published after he died. She did it…. And his book was published.

The story scared me; the man tried his whole life to become a writer and no one would take on his work. And then my mind really started to overwork, I started to think, maybe he could have been one of the best writer to ever grace this world but no one gave him the chance as he had no brightness. Still gives me shivers.

I think am I good enough to be a writer?

Is writing the career for me?

Am I writing well?

So on and so forth…. The answer, we will have to wait and see.

I will keep my pen busy….


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6 responses to “How to be a Writer?

  1. Thanks Alex, it feels like you were talking to me.
    My post tomorrow is on a similar mission, to persuade people to try the Titchfield Shakespeare Festival Poetry contest. Hope you like Shakespeare enough to have a go!
    Looks like you’re doing well, as your talent and hard work deserves, but of course we worry. Along with all the hard work and hitting the spots approved by your target market, I believe that the very best writing comes from the pen of a person who is sorted in themselves, and so has something truly worth expressing. Perhaps I’m being too naive or pretentious, and have fallen short of such lofty aims myself.
    Still, we try, and it’s a pleasure to be on the road with you.


  2. craft fear

    That story you told sounds a bit like the story of John Kennedy Toole, author of A Confederacy of Dunces. He actually killed himself because nobody would publish his book and his mom was the one who ended up getting it published for him. It got a posthumous Pulitzer.

    I don’t want that to be me either, but it seems like the only real control we have over this whole thing is writing our hearts out while guarding them from depression and hopelessness at the same time.


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  4. “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” -Albert Einstein

    I think what really makes a great writer shine is not writing one good book and sticking to it your whole life. It’s to take that book and use it to improve yourself.


  5. I enjoyed reading this. Is it important to blog regularly do you think? Because I just work in silence. Currently on my first draft and I write alongside a full time job so I have to Prioritise!


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