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I would never claim to be in the “Nice People” Categories for blog writing, and that’s fine with me. I love all words especially the swear ones and really love you use my middle finger too. I am a reality Bullsh*tter, I make up stories, it’s my passion.But as a writer of blogs, I can take the pain from reality or hell I live in and go off on one against my keyboard. I can do things that you can only dream of and I never get writers-block because the voices are always talking to me to give me dialogue and the illusions are always pulling their covers over my eyes to show me an alternative reality, the true life of a writer.

Stick to your guns! You want your stories to be published in literacy magazines or perhaps you have your fingers-crossed for The New Yorker, I promise you, your road to becoming a full-fledged writer can only come about if you do not stop. You can write anything; Stories, poems, ides, inspiration. Any type of writing is still writing from you, from your point of view.

Try your hand at it. Write as much as possible in one day, could be two pieces of writing or ten flash fiction stories. But make sure they are they are all have different content and set up you “WordPress Tags” So they are completely versatile so that you bring in new readers to your work.

Also make sure that you Headlines to your blogs are eye-catchy this will give the “Browsers” a chance to possibly click on your blog and bring the traffic in.

And lastly, writing the things that people would want to read, there is nothing worse for me than to click on a misleading title and it brings up something so boring, that I want to jam cocktail-sticks into my eyes.

Make your work compelling, and while you are not writing your niche, write information about your profession. It will all become apparent soon.

So stand up. Be unique and F*CK what people say, because I couldn’t give a SH*T what people think unless it’s awesome compliments. But you follow the rules, even if you do not fit the uniform for the job, the applause will come.

Be true to the pen and keep it busy…..


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9 responses to “The Nice People Writing Blog!

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  2. But you follow the rules, even if you do not fit the uniform for the job, the applause will come.
    What a wonderful post. I could feel the passion in your words. Good job:)


  3. That’s the spirit Alex! 🙂
    How is your novel going btw?
    Lots of love and hugz
    Just me


    • I believe page one is the best page to start on, so I shall tell you, I have written one page. I keep meaning to go back to it, I will in time. Because time is all I have and it takes time to write a novel. (Lost my train of thought somewhere in there lol)



  4. Well, at least you started! 🙂
    And I can wait, although I am a very impatient person
    I will make an exaptation for you. 😉
    Love & Hugz


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