Hundreds Of Followers On But Only A Few Likes. Why?


Is anyone out there?

Who knows? Who cares?

Follow my blog?

All of you don’t like so don’t share.

Alex to the rescue, again!

Sarah King E-mails. – “Hi Alex, I love your writing. (Thanks, Sarah.) I have been blogging about a year longer than most bloggers on but why are they getting the followers and likes? Thanks. And when are you going to post another story online, I need my fantasy fix. Sarah King – New York”

Hi Sarah and everyone, I am going to explain blogging quickly from my P.O.V. (Point-Of-View)

I have hundreds of followers on my blog, yes. – But why? You ask, am I getting perhaps 10 to 20 likes on each post. The reason behind this, is like a stream of information; once you throw your rock in, it gets a few glistens before it is washed away.

The same principle work on your behalf but what you have to remember, if you live in New York, the time difference from all your followers elsewhere are going to be. And let’s just say that most of your followers live in Great Britain (I do! I do!) By the time you have thrown you post onto your blog and left it; other posts would have taken over; so when the tired-eyed Brits wake up and log-on to they completely miss your post.

I mean yes, you can wade through the information-stream, but it takes time, so if you would like to reach a larger market make sure you tag and categorise your posts properly.

Don’t be one of those quitter-type-people-the-ones-who-quit! Because blogging is not as easy as everyone thinks, go make paper-planes. And I see blogs all over with 35,677 Hits or thousands-upon-thousands of followers. But this is a craptastic world we live in because we love crap! But these blogs have been web-steroid with geek-power and a butt-load of money, so obviously they are going to get all the followers, subscribers, first page on Google and Bing searches and all the post likes.

Hey, I am happy in my corner with my 10 likes every time I blog, it may not mean a lot to you, but it does to me. I sleep better knowing this, I mean I would still sleep if it were 15,000 hits on one post, but sadly that reality is just not meant for some of us just yet, bide your time on the blogging scene, you may find all you are looking for.

Oh… And can I just say to some of my followers, yes, I will be posting some more stories online, perhaps Sunday about Midnight GMT.



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10 responses to “Hundreds Of Followers On But Only A Few Likes. Why?

  1. I, too, am content with my ‘likes’ hovering between 5 and 10 per post. Yesterday I spotted a spike that peaked at 16. ‘Where the hell did THAT come from?’ I wondered.
    To pull in 15k likes is a falsehood. People can’t be reading these unless it is trashy gossip – and where’s the value in that?
    Quality trumps quantity every time.
    Andy (also from Team GB)


    • I am with you all the way Andy! Hey, I got 15 likes today on this blog, I have over 600 followers on wordpress. So today is a good day! Dude, we know one day we will gain those views we want. You’re awesome!

      Keep your pen busy!


  2. Good attitude Alex, but we have to eat!
    For the time difference, I tweet my posts roughly 12 hours after they’re posted.
    Like others I follow, you’re so prolific I can’t keep up, but will catch up with your work when I can.


  3. I personally don’t care much about how many Likes I receive. I’m more of a “comment lover” who wants to see what other people are thinking about the post they just read. Unfortunately, I receive more likes then comment. Granted, people are busy. Pressing that button is easier and faster than typing a few words to either appreciate a post or leave a comment that works like inspiration for the author. But most people don’t do it. It doesn’t matter whether the author of that post writes his next post or not.

    The world is so rude.


    • Yeah, I do see where you are coming from. Certain followers only seem to add a connection because most of us follow back, thinking they will get more views and comments. But in my case I will try my hardest to like and comment on the people who re-like all my posts. I also only follow people with similar interest and also blogs I really like.
      Hence the likes.

      Keep your pen busy….


  4. Suzanne

    Well – I like this post. I get a number of likes every time I blog too but I much prefer to get comments. That way it feels more like a dialogue with the world rather than me sitting in a corner muttering to myself. I agree with you about the WordPress Reader – it is really hard to keep up.


  5. Hi,

    I totally agree. It’s all about posting stuff that interests you. If only a couple of people like it who cares. It’s those people who are interested in the same stuff as you are. I think that’s the main thing that matters.

    All the best,


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