Finding Your Blogger/Writer Voice


I think a turn of my word-fire is intended; think of it as literacy evolution. I few people ask me how to gain a huge audience of blogging followers. Well the trick is Make Some Noise!

If you think of Stephen King or Shakespeare as the tip of the mountain and you do not try to conquer where they have reached, your writing will be none other than “Expectation” But if you are someone like me then you have a knack for breaking rules and not backing down, making me a predatory writer that this world has never read.

Break free from all you know, all you have been taught and if you are good enough for greatness, people will follow. What is a writer’s nature? Now when you answer this make sure it is answered in a simplistic fashion.

  • To entertain
  • To show life from a different perspective
  • To invoke Fear/Romance/Comedy (So on and so forth)
  • To shine a light on darkness

There are many more but if you think about the simple reasons of a writer you will become one, most people tend to over complicate things. Hey, you’re only sane, that’s kind of what you do.

Okay now let’s get on to making some literacy noise for those followers and whoever else may be out there in the big bad world.

Now to make noise you have to be able to see and write different from everyone else, you see most writers have their own voice when writing, let us take Stephen King (Again) Now Stephen has a tendency to story-tell like he is around a campfire and it is a story you cannot walk away from. Now His writing voice is far different from J.K.Rowling. Now I guarantee you if Stephen has a blast at writing Harry Potter it would be far most intense and more gruesome (Hey, sounds like my kind of book.) Now your voice is up to you but make sure your audience understands it well.

Now you are on the way to finding your voice now you must write; trial and error is always a factor when blogging plus it is a great way to perfect your writing profession. Now don’t think just because you have written a few stories or uploaded a few poem that Fame and Fortune should be located in your back pocket, people who write blogs put in major amounts of work onto their blog this is the reasoning behind them gaining a Literary Agent, now I am not giving you false hope, this life is not intended for all.

But what you have to remember is what the industry does. IT SELLS! Whore yourself to your work and soon your words will ejaculate over the world, how about that for disgusting inspiration. Haha! (Yeah, I have a vile-view on how I look at things; you see this is my voice.)

Now if you have something these agents can sell, I mean within your work, you are more than likely going to be snapped up. So remember that when you and your work are ready to be noticed.

But I will leave you with a glimmer of the hopeless-writers, Literary agents within this day and age are scouring blogging platforms for new writers to take a hold on this world. They find it more worthy to find a diamond than try to shape one from the rough.

So there you have it my sane 2D friends.

Keep those pens busy!


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