Writing a Novel


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 Writing a Novel

Hey there, my Sane Friends.

I am writing this post to let everyone know I am taking on a new challenge to writing a new novel. Yeah, I have written a couple in the past, but I feel the time is right now. I have been prolifically written mass amounts of flash-fiction for this blog and I feel it’s time I expand my wings and jump right back in to the cycle of long nights, coffee, re-writes and yelling at my own stupidity (Sometimes, Haha!)

So I will not be writing on this blog as much as I am now. But I have some rather great ideas; 15 ideas but 3 outstanding ideas in fact. So for me it is just a matter of picking one and rolling with it. Writing this blog has taught me a lot about writing, sometimes it is hit-and-miss and other times, the timing of when you publish just isn’t right, it’s not your work, it’s just not your time.

But I want to be a writer and if a Literary agent does come my way, I would like to be prepared when that battle commences. Don’t feel to glum, kid. I’m still here, I will still be reading your comments and searching for new writing talent to follow and read. But if you get bored when I am not around, just re-read my old work.

Oh… I almost forgot. Before I go I will having a competition for you all. Exciting isn’t it!

So here we go again. For a writer it is hard but sometimes we have to transform ourselves before our words!

So here I go, jumping back into the ring with blank pages for a novel to be born.

I won’t let you guys down and will post updates.

Keep those pens busy….

Alexander Kennedy


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8 responses to “Writing a Novel

  1. Kev

    Best of luck with your new novel.


  2. Daniel E. Devine

    Good luck!


  3. Good Luck with the novel. Keep us posted as to how it’s coming along!!


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