My life: In The Form Of Poetry.

E (video)

E (video) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a weird request from an UNKNOWN messenger the other day asking how well I can rhyme now that Eminem has released his new single from his 2013 album “Survival”

My Life: In The Form Of Poetry.

I’m heat-seeking for peace,

But before you’re all seated,

Please hear my proposed proceedings.

I have a dream,

Where I leave aside of me in poetry called poverty,

In a dust cloud,

My eyes open with a creek towards reality,

I’m F*cked now,

I’m all fingers and feats when it should be tongue in cheek,

Time to make my feet run now.

Maybe I should stop,

Maybe I should quit,

Maybe I should stop taking this all out on my wrists.

Words – Words are my life,

More than yours, my passion burns thrice,

I need to pull this cord,

Before I’m pulled under this ice,

Maybe I should use force, brute or otherwise,

To get my point into the right hands, right?

Maybe I’m a dreamer, dreaming too big,

You lot are disbelievers,

Believing I’m the nuisance,

Stabbing the paper with pens, crayons and toothpicks,

With all that my skin grew thick.

Nothing you can show me, nothing in this world,

The words only matter,

Front row seats in this hell,

Trapped within this shell,

Within a link to my homepage,

I’m going places, only the remedial,

I’ll hold all your vicious faces,

At events, showcases so I’ll be seeing you!

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  1. Hello, thank you for visiting, and the like on my blog. You have an interesting blog. I will revisit.


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