Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy


Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy

QUESTION TIME! This was an interview I did for Writers-Ways online Magazine about blogging online. They said to me “You have to answer truthfully.” So I did. But I am posting this on my blog so you guys can get an inside look of me.

1: What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Well I have a few; my fear doesn’t erupt from one thing. I am scared of spiders, you have no idea how I turn into a teenage girl when I see one. I am also afraid of being alone; the thought of everyone disappearing on me is way up there. And lastly, being forgotten, this is probably the reason behind me writing, I would like to leave a legacy.

2: What are your hopes for the future?

Answer: Well I always imagined doing something great with my life and having that white-picket fence, happily ever after. But I would be glad to star in a movie or even have a piece of my work made into one. But the way things are going now with the world climate and not finding a literary agent I would be happy just having enough money to eat.

3: How do you cope being a mental patient?

Answer: I write. I write all of the things that need to be pulled out because I bottle up my problems, it used to be where I never had the words, I bottled up my problems and I got angry a lot but once I found words and writing stories it was a way to vent all that I kept inside.

4: How are you finding blogging?

Answer: I love blogging! It’s a great chance to pass out my work to people who love to read and see what they like. I mean I do get stuck on the “Category and Tags” I mess them up sometimes, but it’s all trial and error. But Blogging really helps perfecting my passion. Thanks to all my followers.

5: Are you any closer to finding representation?

Answer: No. I mean I was getting e-mails from people asking to read my work with a promise of a literary agent’s representation without even meeting, but I checked them out, fraudsters. And I also received some messages from people who were telling me they knew Stephen King and if I were to pay them money, they would get my work to him. I was thinking, scam-alert! I mean how is sending my work to another writer going to benefit me in the long run? So the answer is no, but if I dream it, it can be achieved.

6: How many stories have you got?

Answer: Well, I have well over fifty stories from every genre; I love to write little bits of everything, it keeps me on my toes. Sometime I write two-three stories at a time because I have a lot locked inside me. But I have movie ideas I would love to write and also TV series ideas. But I am just focusing on my writing until I am at that level then I can let everything out.

7: What’s the worst thing about blogging?

Answer: It’s weird, you know, sometimes I write a great piece of material and I spend hours and hours on it and when I publish it, nothing. And that gets me thinking maybe it wasn’t that good. I mean I look at my stats and it say “You have one view” But over fifteen people have liked it, I mean what’s up with that? But maybe I am being weird, I love blogging and the people who follow me, they have taught me a lot about myself and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Yeah you get the odd few who only follow you so they get a follow back.

8: How does it feel to have one of the best writing blogs online?

Answer: Well it’s awesome! I get messages all the time from people who love my work, which just blows me away. I have always known I had the words but to have people call me a “prolific writer” or a “Powerful word-smith” It kind of makes my heart flicker. But without those guys I wouldn’t even do this. I mean I was a  no one four months ago and my blog has grown so much in such a short time because people have started to believe in my writing and that gives me hope for the future.

9: If you became famous would you still blog?

Answer: Hell-Yeah! I have always been taught; never forget where you come from. If blogging makes me then while I still write my Novels – screenplays – songs and whatever else, I will still blog to make sure the people who helped make are never forgotten. I love em’!

10: What can we expect from you in the future on your blog?

Answer: Well, more. I have stories online I still have to finish like “The Experiment” – “The Serial Killer” – “Saved by an Angel” and “Teen Hero” People really loved these and I will also be uploading some more flash-fiction and shorts. But I have a few more stories that will capture your eyes. I will keep my pen busy for you guys. I won’t stop ever. But I am writing a lot of romance at the minute, I love to read how someone can love someone else. I’m at a weird stage of reading. But I have a lot more stories and writing information for my blog. So come stop by again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Keep your pens busy! I know I will.


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  2. Great interview! Glad to hear your blog following is growing — you pour so much heart and soul into it, you deserve to get some recognition for it!


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    A very exceptional writer and inspiration, Alexander Kennedy.


  4. Nice! 🙂
    I really enjoyed reading this interview Alex. It’s great to get to know you a bit.
    Lots of love
    Just Patty


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