My Letter To Eminem


My letter to Eminem

Dear Eminem/Marshall Bruce Mathers III/Slim Shady/My hero,

As people have known from my previous post that it was your music that saved me from committing suicide. (Eminem Saved My Life! Now I Write Everything. – Link is below) I am writing you this letter today, think of it as a follow-up letter than you never received when I wrote to you as a mental patient.

I love your music, man. You sifting through all of your pain and deconstructing it into rhyming form for our entertainment has captured imaginations and listener worldwide. But it has come to my attention that in the following years (Within your drug addiction.) Since Encore and Relapse that people have started to doubt not only your ability to write but also to keep up with the success from your previous albums of The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. All I hear is…

“He doesn’t have faith within himself anymore!” Or…

“All his rhymes have become stagnant!” Or…

“Can the Real Slim Shady please sit down!” Or…

I mean I am a die-hard fan and I’m always fighting your corner because I have faith in you.

Now I have followed you since the start and as a listener and watcher (Not stalker-like) I know your technique and how you rhyme and to tell you the truth I like some of the songs from the albums you have turned your back on. I am going to tell you something that people in power forget, especially when the hit Hollywood when they come from the street. Now it is kind of innuendo so you will have to find its own meaning. (It is also pessimistic but here it is.)

When the world has hero, what do people want more than to see the hero fly? They want the hero to plummet from the sky.

Now I know firsthand about addiction to drugs (Mine were medically given.) and the struggle you must face to climb out of the abyss. And as a writer I know of the black-hole that is left within you when you no longer need those drugs and you must fill that void with words or you will relapse. I understand. But I have also studied a little psychology and because I am an avid listener to your words and beats. Now forget what people are saying they are looking for past Eminem; they have the old Eminem they are just blinded by their own hate for things.

Now as someone who is within the shade over here in this corner, bobbing his head and doing his own thing. It looks to me you are looking in all the wrong places to find what you had before.

And before I give you my “Medical opinion” I would just like to say to the persons whispering all that is wrong with you and their failing procedures to bring down a king…. Back up or you’re going to get knocked down!

My opinion!

Em! Don’t you remember that fire within your belly, huh? When you sat at home with no money, no fame and only the dream to keep you going. That was your ammo. That was your ability to dazzle all of us because you related to us and we all came together and started to realize that the pain of poverty can only be temporary if we tried and worked like you.

Now let me also add what made you different from all other rappers. All other rappers are talking about the street and big chain and getting paid but you not only rapped about the street or funny side of life, but you took on a side of rap which I like to call “Dark-rap” Where most rappers were talking about the street corner you were talking about behind closed doors and the suffering you endured. That was your niche; because we all suffer and we had someone in our corner. It was your ability to write pain from in the household that made us re-listen.

Whatever happened to that guy? That’s the part of yourself you need to re-find because rap needs you back, your fans need you and so do I!

P.S. Please DO NOT dye your hair back blonde, I like the fact you changed yourself and showed you had left all that was wrong with you behind.

Now I know I am going to get flack for writing this but someone needed to. And I also know you will never read this but hey, fame shelters you from all the crazy people and crazy writers. (People like me.)

But just remember you are a leader, you are a writer; you have conquered it all and came out fighting.

Good luck with the new album MMLP2 on November 5th 2013 …Remember – Remember the Fifth of November!

So hit me back, just to chat, sincerely yours, your biggest fan this is Stan… No wait, Alex.

Keep your pen busy, Eminem, my hero!


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