The Pleading Writer

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The pleading writer

I utterly hate the term “I write therefore I am writer.” It just seems tacky and overused. Why not choose a different line like… “I am writer because I have a drink problem.” Or “I’ve had a crappy life therefore I can write crappy.” Or how about my personal favourite. “I’m damage beyond repair so I try to fix myself by writing all my evil demons.”

Yeah, I am a writer. I’m not sure if I am any good, but you know what? I like it like that (For now) because I have no one on my back telling me what I can and can’t be. But I think life-problems, plus writing come hand in hand; like a pen in one and a whiskey in the other.

I’m damaged but guess what? So are you! I have the nuts to say it… Hooray! We’re Doomed! (Insert smiley face here.)

You cannot see your damage, yet, but you know it’s there. I see my damage wherever I am.

I lied in bed last night and for around one hour I had to watch faces protrude from my walls. TRUE STORY!

My inspiration for some of my (weirder) stories comes for what I am. It’s all experience if we have lived it. They say “If you want to be noticed, you have to stand out from the crowd.” I’m standing right here, I’m not going anywhere.

But I write for me, something some of you guys don’t do. When I think of an idea I make sure that it hasn’t been touched before, I hate finger-prints; and if it’s a catchy idea like ‘The Vampire’ then I make sure I give it my own twist.

I don’t know what I’m saying, stop reading, I’ve been drinking a wee bit.

I guess all I am saying for us both, have faith within yourself because right here right now you’re the only person who does. That’s the stuff legends are made of when you finally figure it out.

One day at a time.

Keep your pen busy!



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7 responses to “The Pleading Writer

  1. agirlwhowrites

    How about… I am a writer therefore I have a drinking problem… and caffeine problem… and mild chocolate habit…? Huh? See what I did there? mwahaha.

    And yes, there is a difference between a “problem” and “habit”. SHUT UP LEAVE ME ALONE DON’T JUDGE ME.


    • No No – I have the best one. “I write because society has only left me with my evil words and a craptastic job.” Or “I stare at my blank page for several hours, write nothing and then turn off my computer.”

      And I would never judge you, dude. You cannot have whiskey without having caffine the morning after. So no judgement here, I promise. But as it is like 10:20am here I have to get super-naked in the shower and get ready for work, yes they allow psycho’s to work here… Tee-hee…. Stupid humans.

      But I really like your blog, you will have to let me read a short story so I can really get to know you. A really dark and grimey one… RAWR!!!



      • agirlwhowrites

        Wow. I just had a repressed-memory flashback wherein people still said “RAWR” circa 2005.

        Thank you for that. Excuse me while I go wipe a tear from my eye…

        … Why are you in a place where it is 10:20 in the morning? It’s 4:30 am here, and I’m just ending my day. I am a vampire by trade (i.e. I work nights… 12 hours nights… staring at a computer screen… with lots of downtime…*smiles wickedly*)

        I have a short story that legitimately means a lot to me that I would LOVE someone other than my mother to read. So… I would be happy to send it ova!


      • Well I live in Britain, in a place called Yorkshire. (In a city close to where they filmed the start of An American Werewolf in London.) So I have only been up for an hour or so, caffine in hand still. But I’d be happy to read any story, if I am not writing I am read-ing or watch-ing or do-ing or noth-ing. Hee-hee!

        So send it over, I’m not sure how I am going to receive this work?? Time to put my thinking cap on…



      • agirlwhowrites

        I’d be glad to email it to you, if you’d like.


      • Hey Hey! I have been checking my email, dude, waiting for this story, looking forward to it actually. My email is on my ‘Abouts Page’ Hurry Hurry!


      • agirlwhowrites

        I actually literally… like, 30 seconds ago, was just finishing the story I’m sending you.

        I’m a little creeped out that you sent this at almost the exact moment I got out of bed (4:30 AM where I am… thanks a lot. :P) to write this damn thing!

        Let me do a quick edit sweep and it will be on it’s way!!


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