My Evil Pen Told Me To Write This


Crumple up the skies and erase out the white clouds, a slight breeze will press against my skin, watch how it bubbles with the burn of righteousness. Stomp on their homes and the photo family portraits; keep their blissful memories beneath your feet, Alex.

I was born to cause havoc between the bars of these pages, does that make me a prison baby? Time to turn this pen around within my fingers, shoot for the stars in my eyes and jab because I have seen the horror of their entertainment they rub upon me. Alex, squish your dreams, blood tears will fathom under the fathoms forever, so you can shake that idea out of your pretty little head.

I am about to destroy whole civilizations with thunder and lightning with one of my brain storms; on my hands and knees I am repeatedly stabbing the ground with my pen and watching it seep ink. The pen is mightier than the sword, but its okay, I was born with two hands to carry both; Insert my evil guffaw laugh here!


I have come along way from being a hobbledehoy but like every black caterpillar I transformed in a beautiful poisonous-psychotic-writer-fly. I am no longer aberrant because this is my bailiwick. I will bereave for my lost soul which rests in pieces, twitching with semi-life haunted by the decay of heebie-jeebies. My pens duty now is to immolate all that is wonderful and tranquil, where would this world be without a little anarchy?

You are no writer because you do not write for yourselves; you think of the small minded and only catch the small eyes, one day when I die, my legend will live on within my works, to slink out from the basket when the flute of darkness is played. Serpent? Yes I am.

If you would like to clash swords, I was forged in the fires of family and cuddled by the cold wind of the rough sleep of the street, pelted with pills by doctors as I sit naked in the corner holding on to dear life to the bad memories. So tell me, how would I not fit into fame? They will call me eccentric but we will hold on to the truth.

This is my quest, my journey to love hate. My curse, my job, my destiny and no one not even the almighty himself can prise me away from this. You may know words, but I see words in all, this is where the line is drawn and if you ever think to cross the line, I will take my pen from its holster and create a masterpiece that could inevitably murder your career.

I love wordplay; the play on words is my job title, I may not be entitled to make money from my writing but I know one day I will receive that knock upon my door. My eyes will darken and my soul will tweak with excitement, all alone staring at the sun, I will get closer to it than Icarus. Through any kind of darkness comes some sort of light. Bring forth my pen, Alex, it’s time to keep your pen busy.

stop-writingRemember this!

The Guardian also wrote an amazing article about creative writing, I suggest you take a look and get an insight if you are interested.

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20 responses to “My Evil Pen Told Me To Write This

  1. An intense post, to be sure. Many thanks for finding my blog and reading the story. Come back anytime, lol.


  2. Amazing writing. Keep up the great stuff.
    I look forward to reading more.


  3. poetinjena

    Hey, that’s some meteor shower you’ve got going here – Hail that!
    And thanks for the like 🙂


  4. Fantastic piece! Somewhere between poetry and literature. There’s something about writing that makes you love it, because it lifts you up so much and also hate it because, well, you’re not an author with 400 billions sales and screw those guys anyways, I wish.

    But every time you write a piece, that you don’t think is crap, and show it to someone , especially someone you don’t know, and they like it, or love it… I don’t think there’s a better feeling.

    Not sure that quite went along with your thoughts above but there you go. Again, great piece.


    • Thanks for the like.
      I really do know what you mean, I have written about having a blog that doesn’t receive 100,000 views a day but hey-ho! All we can do is write until we have reached something, at least. If you scroll down my blog you will see some of the titles “Should I write” “The Pleading Writer” And “How to Write” It should shed some light on your subject, from my POV.
      Hey, by the way, awesome blog!

      Keep your pen busy!


  5. Heartafire

    fine writing, enjoyed it very much! awesome blog here.


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  7. Reblogged this on Adult & Teen Fiction and commented:



  8. This is wow…The words just kept my heart thumping. Can you lend me your evil pen, please?


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