The Ramblings of an Unsuccessful Writer

The Ramblings of an Unsuccessful Writer

Being published is terrifying

Please read it all, it will make sense at the end – Thank you.

Writing is my religion, paper is my temple; now kneel before my God, pen! Your words are senseless, copy – copy – copy – copy. The rules of this writing game, is to take what others have done and rewrite it; what idea is your own though?

Now I am one of those writers, afraid to approach a Publishing House or a Literary Agency because I am fearful of what others will think about my work. I have thoughts pressing against my brow most days, so this blog is a lifeline to the writing world for me. I don’t consider my writing to be good, great or phenomenal, but how I see it is my words do their job, there are thousands of writers out there, with fancy educations and warped minds better than mine who deserve it more than me, so I don’t mind waiting a couple of decades.

I have read so much and in doing so have character built myself; I know who I am now. Yes, I am a little fuzzy on the details and road journey, but I am here with a pen or keyboard, whatever writing tool is available. But I know one thing, I have my own mind!! I do not see Vampires falling in love with humans and thinking, I can have a better take on this story; I MUST WRITE IT AND IT SHALL BE BETTER!! That’s a Stephanie Myers thing, she made that bigger than most orgy stories and it has gone down in history. A clever lady she is, tapping into a market and going for gold. Well done, little Miss!

See for me, I like The Minds Narrative, for example…

“Should I write now? Not too sure Alex, I mean you haven’t slept in thirty-six hours, dawg. Get some shut-eye and blast back on that page, dude. I care about you man, don’t want to see you wander off away back onto the darkland. Write it and they shall come!! You’re a good guy; show them later what’s really inside of your heart. Now get to bed, you ugly fool.”

Yes, I talk to myself in my head and it is very therapeutic to know I am on my own wave length. But I am getting off topic. Let’s get back to the writing aspect.

If you want to be taken serious, you are going to have to amaze the world. Show them something different. But it has to RELATE to people’s lives.


Whether it is dark and emo = Twilight

Sassy and sexy = Any Jackie Collins novel

And so on and so forth. You need your niche! Find it and utilize it to the fullest extent of you.

See mine is dark humour wrapped in a cocoon of pain with a silver lining showing it face every once in a while. My niche.

But I am not saying everyone who types or write is a terrible writer; know where your writing wants to go. If you want the big writing contract (Like most of us do.) Write for it. If you just want to write for general purpose, to ease stress or bare a little piece of your soul, then show it. But know where you want to go.



Some days I don’t even know what I am doing, should I be giving up this pursuit of a lit agent? I mean I have the tools and ideas, but I have the urging feeling when I think about doing it, yelling DON’T DO IT, STEP AWAY FROM THE SEND BUTTON!!!! And I don’t, I scurry back off into my corner to scribble all the while people could be taking my dreams.


I won’t even follow my own writing advice.

I am lost, lost in a world full of everyone else. But to be honest, I can write a good game, but some days I am not even playing; hence the blog a broken writer.

I’m not sure what I am doing here, I write and people tell me my work is wonderful or awful, I don’t mind but I am just think about my end game, the final trick I will magically reveal.

I’m just babbling now!

I think my blog is broken, I do wish for more views on my wordpress blog but I get I can’t have it all. I can have the skill but no eyes to read it. And if that is my niche in the writing industry for me, I guess I will have to take it.

And another thing, I am getting weird emails from people who are being really abusive; friends just say is jealousy. But these online bullies might be right; I might be a poop sack or deserves theirs pens jamming in my breathing tube. (It’s called a windpipe, my friend; if you had picked up a book you would have known that.) And some other emails are people saying I have stolen their thunder or some S*&t like that. If I have I am sorry!!!

I’m not a bad guy, only confused about this whole writing life and I would like to strive for more, but that slapped hand keeps brushing on by. I did have a dream the other night, where I did get a Literary Agent and she was so fine. Hey, maybe I could write about that???

But I would like to state that my blog has almost reached that glorious number of 100TH POST!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!! (Man, there are a lot of exclamation marks in this blog post!)

And I couldn’t have done it without you peeps. Some of you have read my work; THANKS GUYS! And some have just clicked the like button, thanks, I think!


So today I am going to Watch season 1 and 2 of New Girl, because this show is fantastic and I am kind of addicted to it. I know I am a guy, I have girly TV fetish, get over yourselves.

If you have read this, I usually know; because you comment about my work and all my goofy wording. So have a nice day!

Keep that pen busy or just work towards your goals in life.

Smell the roses too. It’s good to just stop from the hustle of life.

I’ve been your rambling writer.

Alexander Kennedy


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21 responses to “The Ramblings of an Unsuccessful Writer

  1. shawcastle

    I totally relate to this. I wish I could stop being distracted but oooh, biscuits!


  2. Wow, send some stuff out. It’s soul-killing, fear-facing, crazy-making, but ya gotta just do it. Find a contest that appeals, an online zine, join a writer’s group and go to a conference and make it your goal to chat up three people. Something, even if it’s small steps. I wish you luck, my friend.


  3. Haha this made me laugh. I can relate too!


  4. A good place to get over your jitters (and learn a lot from fellow-writers) is It’s been my literary workout and testing ground for years, and I’ve made great writer friends and mentors. Check it out, and good luck!


  5. Heather Spraga

    Hey Alex,
    Do you write books or just short stories? I wrote a book that I am planning to sell on-line. If you have a bunch of short stories, you can make a book out of them. I decided to go the self-publishing route because I’ve seen people do it and make money, plus you won’t have to pay a publishing agent. Yes, I know, getting traditionally published is the way to be recognized as a ‘real writer,’ but you know what? We are real writers because we write! You have a talent that people should know about. Just something to think about.


    • Thank you Heather, your words are so nice. Everyone has always said that to me, I am terrified to go through with the whole publishing aspect of writing. But in time I know I will reach that point. But until then I am using my blog as a portfolio so when the lit agents or publishing houses come’a’knocking I will be ready for the big boy league of writing.

      But thank you for the idea, I will consider it. I would love to read some more of your work.

      Keep your pen busy!


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