Simple Mindset that will Change Your Life – Guest Blog by Melisa Marzett

Everything comes from our mind, we all know that now. And in order to make our lives really outstand, we should change the way we think and the way we act. Everybody has probably read ‘The Secret’ or watched the movie. It says that you should be positive and grateful.

Yes, actually, you should, as then your life becomes brighter and fuller. But there are some more points about managing your thoughts and your life I’d like to highlight. These things are commonly known, and I’m sure you know them too. But try not only know them – make them an initial part of yourself, and they will work for you.

  • Start with being thankful for where you already are. Many simply skip this step as they focus on the desire of owing better things in the nearest future. But if you’re not satisfied with what you have, will you be satisfied with those things you want? Gladness, thankfulness and satisfaction are the state of mind, first of all. So, be thankful now for your small apartment, average paid job and non ideal partner. Love what you have- and you will have what you love.
  • Find the passion in your life, but make this choice yourself. There’s no stupider thing in life than spending 8 hours a day on the job just to make your living. Living without passion, doing not what you were meant to do devastates you and leads to numerous frustrations. So if you know what you enjoy doing – do it! If you don’t, then look for it, but make sure that you make the final choice yourself. A man with a passion in life is attractive, he lives a full life and enjoys it. Can the same be said about you?


  • Grasp every life opportunity. Use each chance to learn a new hobby, see a new place or meet new people. If you ask what to do if your life seems boring and has no sense, I’d advise you to start with this. We don’t even realize how many doors we close for ourselves by saying no, ignoring life opportunities or when we are scared to try something new. Don’t get locked in your shell, if you have questions or problems, just talk to other people, ask them and they probably will help. Our life is an interactive, remember that.
  •  Grow by doing the things you are particularly afraid of. We all are afraid of something, it’s natural. But the key difference between ordinary and successful people is that the latter have overcome the fears that held them back on the way to success. So, when you do several things you were always afraid of, your self-esteem will increase and you’ll realize that our life obstacles are not so difficult as they seemed to be.
  • Surround yourself by purposeful, positive thinking people. It’s proven that our surroundings influence our lifestyle, hobbies, way of thinking and even financial state! So, if you want to develop some qualities you feel the lack of, then communicate with the people who have these qualities. Socialize with those who love you and believe in your success, and you’ll find it easier to cope with life obstacles.

About the author: Melisa Marzett enjoys writing blog posts on the wide variety of topics. In her spare time she does freelance work at

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