I Received another Rejection Letter

Writer Wordart

Writer Wordart (Photo credit: MarkGregory007)

I received another rejection letter again from a literary agency… Hey, we all go through it as writers, at one point or another.

Their exact (Key) Words they sent were:

  1. We are sorry to inform you…

(Always a no-brainer where this is going)

  1. Not currently seeking out new clients at this time…

(Erm… Okay)

  1. We enjoyed your stories but…

(…no words…)

  1. All the best in your future representation…

(Worth a shot…)

We can’t always hit a bull’s-eye on the first shot. I was told by another writer when I first started writing “You will get nowhere in this industry if you don’t have a name people remember.”

I guess he was right; without exposure I will not get anywhere in this writers life.

So I came up with a plan, a plan that would boggle the minds of most… I shall write and lie in wait.

What more can I do?

If I am to write all that overcomes my pretty-little head and share it upon my blog, sooner than later the readers and views will come, which in turn could eventually bring forth the right eyes for my work. (That’s innuendo for an agent.)

So instead of writing and passing out your work to Lit-Agencies who will NOT cloak you within their name, write all you can through a blogging portal and bring the agents to you.

You have waited this long to be a great writer; why not wait a little longer?

Look at my blog;

  • One year ago I was a no one. Now I am less than that…
  • Today my blogs views have increased almost 400% within the last 3 months.
  • With the ten new wordpress followers a day, comes ten new readers.

We as writers will always find a way to satisfy our urges to scribble.

Find your own and be comfortable with it and I bet my soul, respect, a name and your dreams will soon venture your way.


Keep your pens busy!

I will be posting another post for you all tomorra’

Alexander Kennedy – Creative Writer.

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17 responses to “I Received another Rejection Letter

  1. Let’s hope it works! I hate rejections. Still, at least we are trying, not people just talking about maybe writing a bestseller one day.


  2. Keep going, the right agency is waiting for you 🙂


  3. Don’t try too hard dear Alex, YOU ARE A GOOD WRITER! And yes eventually they will come to you if you have faith in the words that come out of your “pen” right? Never give up on the things that make you smile. And yes keep your pen busy too!



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  5. I’m currently writing to agents as well and have felt the sting of rejection on a previous work on which I subsequently gave up. It’s hard to work on something so long and come up against a wall. The last time, I just took it as a learning experience. If I wasn’t good enough to get published then, maybe I will this time. Or maybe it will take two more books, but I’ll get there. 🙂 Good luck on your journey!


    • Hey, Michelle.
      I am going to call you “Shell or Shelly” from now on. I hear what you’re saying but between you and me there is something we could do to bring the agents to us… Write one of the best blogs on the internet and show the world our skills and within the future, they will come knocking at our doors.

      You’re an awesome writer, keep going!

      Keep me posted,
      Keep your pen busy!



  6. O yes, the rejection letters….
    Gotta love those huh? So constructive for your writing 😉
    A famous writer (forgot his name, so I guess names aren’t that important lol)
    once said: As a writer, develop a thick skin first and then become a writer.
    I think he’s right, rejection is part of our lives and it can be harsh because you pour your very soul into your work. Don’t give up though!
    I received a lot of rejections, but now my first novel is being published this April! Never give up!
    And I like your writing btw! 🙂
    Lots of love


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