Finding Your Blogger/Writer Voice

Finding Your Blogger/Writer Voice – Reblog! READ & LIKE!!!

Adult & Teen Fiction


I think a turn of my word-fire is intended; think of it as literacy evolution. I few people ask me how to gain a huge audience of blogging followers. Well the trick is Make Some Noise!

If you think of Stephen King or Shakespeare as the tip of the mountain and you do not try to conquer where they have reached, your writing will be none other than “Expectation” But if you are someone like me then you have a knack for breaking rules and not backing down, making me a predatory writer that this world has never read.

Break free from all you know, all you have been taught and if you are good enough for greatness, people will follow. What is a writer’s nature? Now when you answer this make sure it is answered in a simplistic fashion.

  • To entertain
  • To show life from a different perspective
  • To…

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