Poetry: I am calling for you

Gosh I love this poem! YOU ROCK PATTY!!


I am calling for you

I am calling for you

I love you with an immortal love

Buried deep inside my darkened heart

Resonating through my soul until the end of days

Certain that nothing can ever drive us apart


I protect you with a undefeatable force

Giving everything without hesitation

Careless for any unknown consequences

Defending you with an infinite devotion


I am here for you with undying patience

Making you my everlasting priority

No matter the circumstances, I will be there

Because I thought you would do the same for me


I stand by you with unfaltering trust

Believing in you was an unquestionable choice

You promised to be there and now I’m calling for you

But all I hear are the echoes of my own broken voice…

– Just Patty –

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