A Muddle of Poems – Written by Alexander Kennedy

A Muddle of Poems – Reblog! READ & LIKE!!!

Adult & Teen Fiction

We have had a lot of requests from readers to see if Alex can write poems. So last night he took out his pad and this morning he handed them in to us. We have written them out and here are his poems. He would also like to remind his readers that he has three new stories that will be published within the next week. Enjoy! Like, Comment, Subscribe.

Alex’s Poetic side.

Please let these stars guide me home,
The debt in which I claim, was paid in full,
I crossed that line far from the road,
Lost my mind, I’ve had prison bars of my own,
What do I wish on? When my vision is gone,
A two course collision, with a coping mechanism,
And brute force…
No cross road junctions,
To make me run from these onions,
My function is dysfunction,
Another one bites the dust so I write…

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