A Flare-up Story – Mental Patient & Proud

The shadowy mother figure from the infamous sh...

The shadowy mother figure from the infamous shower scene. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There once lived a boy named Alex. Alex was a mentally challenged young lad…

One day…

“Alex, did you know you contradict yourself and say you’re a psycho, instead of your actual words you have used, saying you were a schizophrenic?” I did not know that; please tell me how else I can describe my emotional detachment or how I am feeling at that exact moment I write?

But I would like all of you sane people to know, you use words such as Crazy – Psycho – Out-of-my-mind – Mental – Lunatic on a daily basis and you have no problem with reality detachment or have even seen the inside of a mental health hospital… Most of you only need a good nights sleep, stop watching horror movies and step away from the pen.

I HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH THIS SINCE BEFORE I STARTED WRITING!!! I have more of a right to use these terms than you… You textbook quote back to me what mentally ill terminologies I should use – I have lived this…

No matter how hard I run, it will find me. It doesn’t matter how much I write, it will find a way to my forethought. You play and prey on words to make yourselves out to something you’re not as long as your sane voice is thrown across the internet, well here’s mine – I AM A MENTAL PATIENT AND I AM PROUD OF IT!!

I don’t really live, the people closest to my heart may know this about me, but I shall never go into detail and I will never let them see me on a bad day. It’s called keep people you trust most on the planet at arm’s length and it’s no way to live. And the people who pop in & out of my life believe I am a normal funny, happy everyday person, just like you.

Now I know my words I bring to the wordpress classroom for show & tell are perceived as Angry and Out-of-control, but it helps me deal. Now I am not averse to kicking some ass when needed, but if another SANE person strolls along into my blog, browsing only a few of my words and jumps straight in with pointless words and psychology to point stuff out. (I get enough looking after behind the screen BTW) If I am having a bad-day, I am not going to miss you and hit the computer screen.

Now I write to keep my demons at bay, it does help when you try to exorcise me over the internet.

I am broken, leave the mess be, read my blog and have a nice fricken’ day.

And remember… I am awesome.

Thanks for reading. My outburst has exhausted, now don’t we all feel better.

If you have a problem with anything within this post please comment and I am sure I will get straight back to you with some wonderful butterfly and rainbow words of wisdom and where the hell you can go.


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6 responses to “A Flare-up Story – Mental Patient & Proud

  1. Thanks for this wonderful insight:)


  2. Hmmm, I would say that you have every right to call yourself whatever you want. And yes, many people may not know how it is, but you can’t blame them for being sane. 😉
    O! I know what we should do! We should catch you a unicorn that would cheer you up! 🙂 Although I actually prefer dragons to be honest… Unicorns get on my nerves for some reason. Lol.
    Just be you Alex.
    Hope you feel better soon.


    • A dragon or a unicorn…. Hmmmmm! How about me and you kidnap the devil? Awesome plan right, eveytime I see him around he always run like a little girl away from me. What a loser. haha!



      • We should totally do that! We could even throw in a couple of those demons who like to visit me at night.
        But…what if we do catch them? What should we do with them? Hmmm, we have to think this through because last time I carried out a impulsive plan, it didn’t end that well…. Did you know you are not suppose to let a couple of demons lose when you have friends over? Trust me, you don’t want to do that. 😉
        Just me


      • I have seen the movie The Entity and to this day is scares the bejesus out of me… I think some payback is needed. Hell, allow me to introduce the kickass team. Alex and Patty!! Haha! And I’m not sure how we will do it… We can always call up Sam & Dean, they do fine in catching demons. Haha!



      • Well that works! I love Sam and Dean! (especially Dean lol) They sure would have a job to do if they would ever take the time to visit me! 😉
        I have never seen that movie, but I shall look it up because I love scary movies. It’s always better than what my mind can come up with.
        And we will kick ass for sure! I mean, who could ever stand up to all of us right? 😉
        We have a army! Whooha! 😉


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