I’m Losing Touch with Reality – Random Photos of me

pics of me for my blog 3

I tear into this page with terror,

I penetrate my fate with a diabolical pen,

Dip into my thoughts of blood-ink forever with this feather.

I go to work and put on an act,

I hold a girl only to get her in the sack,

I hold my tongue when people talk about me behind my back,

And I’m still crazy inside.

The horror scenes from my street cornered of crimes follow me to sleep,

Will I one day wake up dead?

Steal my pen!

Trouble has a way of stalking me,

Rocking me rapidly, attacking me, grabbing me, flooring me, throwing me, burrow below me,

My writing takes over to cause a supernova,

I’m taking no more of the same boring rota,

So get ready to see what I have become so far…

pics of me for my blog 4

I’m living forever, I will die as a blogging dead writer; the haze of pipedreams will eat my illumining soul and corrupt naturally my calm nature nastily. I’m flying off the walls as this is coming off my chest, as a child I ate crayons now as an adult I am chewing on the end of my pen, not much has changed. Maybe this writing business is for me, the page is laid out before me, puke. This website is my last stand and my words are my last resort, I catch-a-phrase and head back the way. Fill these pages with shock value to fill those pockets with evil money to enrich that soul full of peace, I need a piece please. I’m losing touch with reality because I’m thinking thoughts; won’t you step into my fantasy world?

Pics of me for my blog 2

I’m done praying for archaic change,

I’m changing lanes faster than I can age in the face,

Where I’ll be in five years?

A writer if it’s my fate, if only I don’t die here.

I only have a glimmer of hope,

A pencil sharpener to butcher words as I go,

I’m simply the best character I have every wrote,

Break my soul apart and turn my words into stone.

Tribal Tattoo

Standing in front of this mirror mimicking lip-syncing death-threats to myself, I’m living in a living hell. These pages give me the key to leave hells grip on me, now I will never fail now. This blog is my playground, if you push me, I am swinging! See these words through the world of a wonder. That’s why they call me Alex Kennedy, I write venomously but if you extract the remedy, you will live to see another day. True evil has no gender, so I think I shall wear the crown.

Pics of me for my blog 1

And to all who are down here reading this, yes, all of these pictures are me. I thought it was about time I showed my face. Haha! Alex

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4 responses to “I’m Losing Touch with Reality – Random Photos of me

  1. Hey Alex!
    Nice to see your face! 🙂 And I love your tattoo!
    Great writing my friend. Hopelessness put down with strong words.
    And I adore the rapping part as well!
    Don’t forget, as long as your heart beats, there is hope. (yes, yes, even for crazy people like us) 😉
    Stay strong my friend.
    Lots of love and hugz
    Just Patty


    • Patty, you always have a way of making my craptastic days turn beautiful. And thanks for having a peek at me, I’m such a pretty-boy haha! And to tell you a story I always wanted to be a rapper when I was a young teen after watching 8 mile and growing up in a ghetto community, but then I found my calling… story writing. And that tattoo cost me twenty-pounds and a bottle of JD – True story!



      • Well, I am sure glad if I can make you smile a little bit Alex. 🙂
        I know how you can get sucked into darkness just like THAT! Sucks doesn’t it?
        And yes, you should definitely try to smile on a couple of those pics, but you are a handsome guy!
        A rapper huh? That’s cool! I adore Eminem. His lyrics are epic. 20 pounds! Wow! Well, mine sure cost a lot more lol! It sucks that they are so expensive, otherwise I would have a lot more lol 😉



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