An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic – Part 5

Part 5 of the duet poem I wrote with my friend Just Patty! This is probably going to break the record of longest duet poem on WordPress lol! So brace yourself my reading friends! 😉

So here we are, Part 5 of An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic. I really hope you enjoy this poem; we used different writing techniques to achieve such an authentic flow. So once you have read this one, jump over to Just Patty’s page and like a bunch of her stuff too, she is a really awesome woman and all around writer. LIKE!


New me

Alex –>

Just Patty–>



The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic

Part 5

Alex & Just Patty

I’ve learnt from my wrongs, no teaching me,

I could be wonderful sun-god,

I’m living on a different frequency,

I’ve come from the skies,

Insane knowledge lives deep in me,

Tear from my eyes my indecency,

Primal instincts run free within the streets,

Disrupting the cosmos,

Falling deep-deep in love,

Corrupted from the loss,

Let my hope-star fall from above,

So I can pick up the cost.

I’m an animal, just like you,

I can close my eyes and time-travel,

The minds baffled as a bouncing ball,

I climb and grapple over my nightmares shows,

Time to pick up my pride and fight alone,

We don’t need words where we’re going!

So strip yourself of your clothes and fears,

And join me in planet bowling,

Manic self-loathing and frantic words woven,

I’m jamming up traffic when I magically etch my soul’s sins.

Either on land or water,

I force my own lamb to the slaughter,

The damage won’t stop here,

This is my penance,

A few more days,

A couple more lies,

And I can have my vengeance,

Upon the world, including family and friends.

I shall teach you, right from wrong

Like a goddess on her knees

Singing in tones of harmony

I’ve come from the mountains

Natures force lies within me

Coming out with brutal honesty

Running wild through woods of serendipity

Being one with the universe

Head over heels

Writing another verse

Breaking all of the seals

That are protecting my iron heart

I am human, just like you

I can close my eyes and still see

Everything that lays behind me

I fight the past with a razor sharp blade

Time to take your hand and fight together

Bare naked written words are all we need

So let your nightmares behind and run free

The universe is ours to conquer

With words as our armor and pens as our swords

Use the rampaging thoughts within

Either air or fire

Breathing in the flames, exhale the smoke

The damage will stop here

This is my quest

A few more days

A couple of more nights

And we can have our victory

Upon the world, including our enemies


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5 responses to “An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic – Part 5

  1. Look who’s finally done working! 🙂
    Love this one, I think it flows very nicely.
    Can’t wait till tomorrow though! Part 6 is my favorite!
    Hugz & Lots of love ❤


  2. Amazing smooth flow and emotive 😉 another star piece by you both love it . I am loving the way you compliment and intertwine each others style 😉 l9ve and h7gs 😉


  3. Patty & Alex, Your poetry is like a good tennis match, hitting back & forth in words, but winning together in the end. So good. Phil


  4. Can’t find Part 6 here
    Patty & Alex, Congratulations on Part 6 of “The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic.” You saved the Darkest of the Dark for last! And I still read Alex section one & Patty section two here. Phil


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