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Hollywood Under New Management! The Sequel…


Hollywood Sign

Hollywood under New Management! The Sequel

Enough is enough!

I would like to tell you a story which happened this morning, I woke as usual, came down the stairs – straight into the kitchen to make myself a brew. Once made I carried it into my living-room, sat down and turned on my Californication TV Show, I was happy before I had to go to work.

Californication (TV series)

Californication (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Clucking Baskets!“ (Not his actual works) A scream chants from up the stairs, the echo came from my little brother’s room.

I jumped up and hurtled halfway up the stairs until Drew shows his disgraced face beaming down at me.

“What happened, dude? Are you okay?” I pant with my hand on my heart.

“Yeah, you never guess what they are doing… the talentless pencil breakers.” He grinds his teeth.

“What? Who? …Drew you’re not making any sense. Speak to me.” I reach out for his misery.

“They’ve remade Robocop, dude.” Is that all? I thought it was something life threatening. “Alex, you have to do something about it when you get to Hollywood. I swear if you ever reach Los Angeles and you write a remake or reboot, I will never speak to you again. One of my favourite movies of all time and they have destroyed it, you have to watch the trailers, dude.”

“Well, Drew, there’s probably a lot more to it that just remaking a movie, dude. They may only want to finance a movie project which has already been made, the fans of the idea is where they can make money. There’s a lot more to it than just picking an old great movie and rebooting the franchise.”

He cocks his head with squints of questions in his eyes.

“But you’re a writer and I know you have got some way better ideas than some of the stuff that is being mustered up nowadays. Alex, you have to try harder, be a writer that this world has ever seen, entertainment needs someone like you. You’ve just bought your own blog tell them all that I am sick of all of these sequels and I guarantee most of them will feel the exact same. Pick up your pen, Alex.”

Hi there, my sane friends.

Now I see that the film industry thinks they are only making movies, but these are movies that have help create people, which the people who could re-watch the same movie every day and never get tired of it, so in theory they are crushing dreams and starting afresh.

Now I am a huge fan of the big screen and an epic movie, just like you I imagine. But we as writers rule all entertainment let me say that again, WE AS WRITERS RULE ENTERTAINMENT! We are the ones who concoct new ideas and write our movies, novels, stories and some of these become Hollywood blockbusters worldwide which help actors/actresses gain household names and jackpot payments or how about a book deal that will go down in history for centuries, we all have the ability to be great.

Some of us even write new songs or something which jumps in the club and we help young boys and girls (Who can’t even sing.) Make fools of themselves after reading and miming our lyrics.

Like I said, we rule the entertainment industry and we are happy just staying back in the shadows with our pennies in our pockets thinking of our next masterpiece for this world.

I would like the entertainment industry to know, you may be Goliath and think of us as David, but you know how that story ends. We are the ones that are in control, behind the control panel, we are the ones that could further your careers, we are the ones that are not afraid to sit in hell for this world to see something different, we are the writers, remember that. We write your movies, novels, songs and so on and so forth, we make sure your past times or dreams can flourish.

We need more Hank Moody’s in this world, now I have had a rant that may mean nothing to you, I am going to sit back on my chair and start watching Californication, again.

One day I will change it all, hey, anarchy is the greatest angle in life. And I am not afraid of the possible backlash I get from this, I have my views and I am a writer and no one will tell me different or get inbetween that.

Keep your pens busy! Don’t stop because I am here for you and you better be there for me.

This has been a psychotic creative writer’s announcement.


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This Blog is Finally Mine!

It’s alive! IT’S ALIVE!!!!

This blog finally belongs to me.

That means, my precious little sane followers, the psychotic creative writer has set up shop in your neighbourhood and he ain’t leaving.

Sorry for taking such a long hiatus, had to pull myself together and had some domain and mapping troubles, but I am here now, thanks to our “happiness-engineers” so chill.

Got some great new material flying your way very soon, so your reading taste buds won’t go amiss, I know your are probably sick of all the craptastic writers who claim their fame, the only thing I want from you is your ability to read and your imaginations, you can keep all what others have come to shake you for.

So without further-ado, have a look into what I am thinking.

I know we all have “THAT DREAM!” You know the one where everything is perfect. So here is my version of what my dream consists of. Yes, I shall be dropping names and what I shall be buying. Enjoy!

The Writer

I am walked into the MTV Movie Awards by the black-suits of off duty police-officers, moonlighting as bodyguards. The paparazzi are lined up and controlled by red-tape and railings. Each flash from their cameras reflects the twinkle of this superstar.  I am the writer Spielberg calls when he is looking for his next masterpiece, now. I am the scribbler Lady Gaga texts when she needs a giggle and a catchy new tune; Business is good. The first main floor seats is where I park my behind. The lust-lucked ladies wink my position to forward their careers or sexual desires; I don’t even write X-rates.

“And the award goes to, Alexander Kennedy. Best Screenplay.” Who would have thought LL Cool J could make my ears perk-up without rapping. I don’t act to bashful or overzealous but I ooze my mature nature with my uncaring eyes and slow walk to give off the essence of cool, don’t want to overdo it, which most do.

A firm hand shake for the rap legend and I step into my tale to marvel at what I have created for myself. Right now in front of this podium I am making my own history, my own path and not anyone can stop me. It was never about my education nor my background or even people’s expectations, but comes from what drives me; what drives this pen also.

So I bring forth to you, your writer. I may not have the biggest of vocabularies or the Oxford education but by God, no one will beat me. That is how you become a somebody on this planet; that is how you become a star; that is how you become a writer.

Don’t I wish? Haha! (One Day at a Time.)

This has been a psychotic creative writer’s announcement.


Keep those pens busy.


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My Top 5 Movies from the Past Few Years.

Here we are; I have written my top 5 movies of the past few years. In no particular order here they of steel Booya!

Man of Steel (Rating. *****) Cast. Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon. Dir. Zack Snyder. Writer. David S. Goyer

You have no idea how much of a Superman/Man of Steel fan I am. Don’t get me wrong originals and the remake a few years ago are down in people’s opinions, but I have always been a die-hard fan, I don’t mind. I even have all the corny black and white episodes starring George Reeves. AWESOME! Now I am noting going to tell you about my  cuttings out and pyjamas. But I went to see this movie in the cinema, a thug can dress up as geek for once in his life and this was the time. From start to finish my mouth was opened, not only to throw popcorn in but I was put in a shock of pure amazement. I recommend this movie and everyone I tell to watch it, haven’t came back to me and said “Tried to watch it, had to leave.” So this is an ultimate film, I suggest you watch and do your research if you love the movie, it goes way back decades.

Evil Dead (Rating. ***) Cast. Jane Levy, Shiloh Fernandez, Lou Taylor Pucci. Dir/Writer. Fede Alvarez

Okay, this is a remake. I am rather sceptical about horror remakes now that Hollywood has got a grudge against the horror industry and want to tear it apart with their SGI and airbrushing talent. IT’S GRITTY, ITS SUPPOSE TO BE THAT WAY, LEAVE IT ALONE, DICKS! Where would we be if Ash from the original didn’t have that out-of-this-world attitude, Groovy! Then load up a shotgun. But here we are, I sat there getting drunk at my friend’s house and I was silently making notes when this movie came on. And…. I was rather shocked… They did a good job. It is its own movie, but I am pretty sure that is Ash’s old run down car sitting out front the cabin, near the start. The blood and storyline were rather good. A few things could have been better. More Comedy: The face on book of the dead: Nakedness (Always get a thumbs up for that): But was a good remake, I can’t believe I just said that.

English: Joss Whedon at the 2010 Comic Con in ...

English: Joss Whedon at the 2010 Comic Con in San Diego (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Avengers Assemble (Rating. *****) Cast. Robert Downey Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Samuel L. Jackson. Dir/Writer. Joss Whedon

Yes, I know, I know. But you and I know both know I had to have this movie in here. Not because I a complete nerd. But I loved the characters and the introduction to some others. The Black Widow: Hawkeye: The Hulk: Ironman: Captain America: Thor: Director Fury… Can’t forget, Phil. Our heroes take on Loki and his borrow army. But as huge characters have bigger egos, you know some conflicts will erupt. And just in time for an ultimate battle for all mankind with some laughs and some sacrifice. Ultimately be able to watch this again.

Fast & Furious 6 (Rating. *****) Cast. Vin Diesel, Paul Walker, Dwayne Johnson. Dir. Justin Lin. Writers. Chris Morgan, Gary Scott Thompson

Another one to the Fast and furious franchise. Yeah, 2 Fast 2 Furious and Tokyo Drift were branches from the original. But When Vin Diesel and the original cast signed back up for follow on movies. The buzz everywhere for these movies was epic. Now you are either a car lover, bad boy over, bad girl lover or just an overall lover of all things Ass-kickery. You will love these, GO OUT AND BY THEM! I promise you will love the soundtracks and high octane that is injected through your speakers. Cannot wait for Fast And Furious 7 with The Transporter driver himself, Jason Statham.

Warm Bodies (Rating. ****) Cast. Nicholas Hoult, Teresa Palmer, Analeigh Tipton. Dir/Writer. Jonathan Levine. Novel by Isaac Marion

Now I know this is a corny movie. But I am a secret night-time fan of the Rom-Com. This is a movie where zombies have taking over the world and there is only a band of humans left only trying to live. When R and Julie (Romeo and Juliette, Yes, I found that funny.) Find each other R slowly finds his humanity again. It is a great movie for the girlfriend or just for a couple of giggles. But I have always loved the idea of love conquering all.

Honourable mentions.


Django unchained

Total Recall

Seven Psychopaths

Rise of the Guardians.


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Celebrities In The Asylum. The First Pill.

Angelina jolie

Angelina jolie (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is a story or hallucination I had when I was on meds in the asylum, about the celebrities who have been in mentally ill movies and their characters come to life within my mind. Yes, I am weird. Haha! I know this is not my best material but I have a job interview in the morning and I can’t spend hours on this; So here it is. I know it’s short but I didn’t want to bore you with everything in my mind; I have a blog I’ve all the time in the world for the other stories of my new friends.

Here I sit, perched on the window ledge looking through the metal mesh to see the little wilderness there is. The world is shaking slightly; new drugs, better drugs, bye-bye world. I look around; Harold is prancing around, slippers and  white boxer-shorts pretending to an aeroplane. David is playing chess with Dustin Hoffman who is rocking back and forth for a few seconds before he takes his move.

“Fourteen moves, fourteen moves, that’s until checkmate; checkmate is fourteen.” He twinges to the side and stares back into dreamland.

“Hey, it’s raining man. You must be on new drugs, Alex. No worries, son. We all go a little crazy sometimes.”

Anthony Perkins nods over in my direction holding hands with a naked wet, blonde bombshell of a lady as they skip down the corridor.

“Thank you, Ant. Are you going back to your mom’s house?” I sputter and dribble.

Angelina Jolie comes over dragging a chair; she sits on it back to front, lights up a cigarette and prolongs her piercing eyes into mine. She inhales and exhales smoke over me.

“You were never a pussy before these drugs, Al. You gave us hope. What happened to our plan of escape? This plan is our control, we need out.”

“Angie, I don’t feel like myself right now, I can barely walk.”

“SNAP OUT OF IT! Me, Little Miss Ryder, Brad and Norton need out, we need our silver linings, you are our saviour. You promised. Get your priorities in check.”

Brad Pitt shouts over. “C’mon let’s start a fight. Start with me, start with me. Hit me, Hit me, Hit Me!”

Edward Norton Pats him on the back to calm him down, looks him over and shakes his head. Brad sits himself down.

“Sorry about him; I am Edwards’s inner thought; I plan to take over the planet before I take over myself. First rule of the Asylum, we are not mental patients, Second rule of the asylum is sane people are worse than us.”

“I must really be out of it; I can’t remember making a plan to escape this asylum. How will we do it?”

Christian bale walks through naked with a chainsaw, covered in blood, “Well maybe we should start killing nurses until the taste of blood makes us throw up.”

“Forget about him, kid. He’s lost his mind. Me and the chief live a great life here, why leave?” Jack Nicholson looks up from his colouring book, the chief waves at me.

“Don’t worry, Al, one day we will figure it out.” Winona quietly steps forward. The all-star cast to my mind stand in line as a I am hauled off back to my room.

“We will make it out of here soon, just you watch, guys. We will not die in here!” I pipe up.

I am placed on my bed by Jackson, a huge medical orderly.

“There’s no one there, Alex, it’s only the meds, mate.” He tries to convince.

“I know… I know…” I quaver.

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Cover of "Serenity (Widescreen Edition)"

Cover of Serenity (Widescreen Edition)

Now everyone who knows me, knows I love movies, I watch everything and anything because I love the beauty of any story even if it is cheesy, Girly, Tragic, memorable, action packed, mystic ect. But I am one to give critique when my opinion is due, I can be harsh but I give everything I watch my full attention. And to all who hate every movie and every song and every act and every piece of work. BUT GRATEFUL YOU ARE GETTING ENTERTAINED BECAUSE I DON’T SEE YOU DOING ANYTHING WITH YOUR LIFE, KNOW IT ALL.
But I am writing this today to give my opinion on my top five UNDERRATED movies (Within my collection) so here they are in no particular order. Enjoy.

At number FIVE, we have HIGH FIDELITY.
(John Cusack, Jack Black, Catherine Zeta Jones and Todd Louiso)(Dir. Stephen Frears) *****
Ultimately one of my favorites because the plot is simple but effective, a guy who is surrounded by so many problems and dreams, he prioritizes them by makes lists upon his everyday life, the focus of the movie is the listings of his past relationships to find out where he goes wrong and ends up single. It is non-stop laughing and with Jack Black within the cast doing what he does best you know you are in for a giggle. The cast is small but they give it their all, I believe in the states the book and movie did do well but here in Britain I am not sure, I have introduced this movie to most people I know. Also it is not for the dumb-watcher, the articulated use of words and reasoning behind some of their action may baffle some who are of the lower IQ (Sorry, but I know there is people out there who spoil movies like these by pretending to yawn and fidget.) If you would like and intellectual movie that is closer to real life than any other, this would be at the top of my list.
I haven’t managed to get a copy of the book but I know it is out there and I know it did extremely well, I just love the whole aura around the story it could even match any blockbuster movie that is thrown in its direction. (FIVE STARS)

Now for number FOUR and we haveSERENITY. (Nathan Fillion, Summer Glau, Adam Baldwin, Alan Tudyk and Chiwetel Ejiofor) (Dir. Josh Whedon) *****
From the maker of Buffy and Angel, Mr. Josh Whedon delivers to us Serenity one of my best watched DVD’s and shows us a low class salvage ship and its crew along with passengers, bark on a mission to reveal the evil side of the Alliance (The Government) to the people but when one of the Serenity’s passengers turns hostile the government is soon on their trails as the rouge passenger is of bigger need to the government but must hurry before the cannibalistic Reavers catch up with them.
Serenity is named after the intergalactic civil war in Serenity Valley. Before this was a movie it was a TV show named Firefly, I have manage to obtain such a box-set and it was not disappointing, I still have no clue why it was taken off the air, but I suggest both as they are very entertaining. The way you should look at this movie is SPACE-COWBOYS who swear in Japanese who have proceeded in the technological advanced stages (But still act like Cowboys) and are spread throughout the galaxy. Kids and grown-up will love this movie, funny, action-packed and you will love at least one or all the characters. (FIVE STARS)

At number THREE we have V FOR VENDETTA. (Natalie Portman, Hugo Weaving, Stephen Rea, John Hurt) (Dir.James McTeigue) ****
V for Vendetta was a comic book before a movie the reason I think that it did not do that well was it came out around the same time as the London bombing and companies thought it may be in bad taste to release and plaster everywhere a movie about a terrorist (With good intension) But killing is still killing. The movie itself is great; it is futuristic based not too far. Set in London itself, when the government begins to scare and take indecisive action to bring fear to the people, so the people look to their government for help, a government experiment who goes by the name of V, takes charge and wages war against the government, along with the help of Evey (Portman) a working class girl, they stand to bring down the system that has brought the country to its knees in quivering fear.
The movie comes from the makers of The Matrix a movie that was not underrated, but this one has great effects and memorable lines and scene, you get your money’s worth if you buy this movie. (FOUR STARS)

At number TWO we have ADVENTURELAND. (Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Bill Hader and Ryan Reynolds) (Written and Dir/ by. Greg Mottola) ****
This is teen movie that pulls you in from the first fifteen minutes, the plot of the movie is about a young teen named James who has to go and get a summer job at Adventureland, a run down, cheating and lacking-in-work theme park. But when James meets the people who work there he feels more at home there than any college, the love interest for James is Em (Stewart) a young woman who does not know what she wants.
The one liner’s are hilarious, I do believe in time this movie will become a cult classic (Fingers-crossed for that) I think this movie deserves to gets the respect that it should. The acting is that of A-listed actors. (FOUR STARS)

My next movie is watched by me at least twice a month (That is good) NICK AND NORAHS INFINITE PLAYLIST. (Michael Cera, Kat Dennings, Alexis Dziena, Ari Graynor, Aaron Yoo and Jay Baruchel) (Dir. Peter Sollett) *****
This movie is in my top-ten best movies of all time (Along with High Fidelity) Nick is a love lost teen in a band who go through band name changes like governments with laws (A lot of times) But Nick meets Norah by chance as Norah tries to make Nick’s Ex Triss Jealous unknowingly asking to be his boyfriend. But as the night starts they hear on the radio about the best band ever WHERE’S FLUFFY is playing somewhere in the city (But it is in a secret location) they go on an adventure to find the band but also have to find Norah’s drunken friend who is running around the city.
This is a great lovable movie with plenty of burst-out laughs and unbelievable moments and outstanding characters. Greatly written and shot. I will not spoil this plot anymore just trust me, GO OUT AND BUY IT! (FIVE STARS)
So there it is, the top five, I do have a tone more but I would be here forever, so I will just name a few of them here.

The Wash (Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg and Eminem)
Cradle 2 the Grave (DMX & Jet li)
Ginger Snaps (Katherine Isabelle & Emily Perkins)
The Happening (Mark Wahlberg & Zooey Deschanel)
Home of the Brave (Samuel L. Jackson, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, Jessica Biel and Brian Presley)

I will be continue to write some of more of my TOP-TEN and TOP-FIVE things here like BEST MOVIES and BEST SONGS.

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