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I am Wild Boy – Part 1


Forest (Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn DeLight (back again))

I am Wild Boy – Part 1

My mother’s face was a blurry smudge within my memory; luckily I don’t remember her; Dad spoke in his sleep and what he did to that poor woman… He didn’t leave her with much of one when we fled from her murder scene. I do remember the car trip though; I sat in the back seat swaying side to side while he drank bourbon driving away into a permanent foggy madness. I sat clutching a half eaten cookie in my toddler Parker jacket next to a duffel bag of Pistols, Rifles and enough ammo to put shame on any small war faction.

We were on the run from our old life to build a new-one off the grid, way to the backend of vast frozen nothingness which was our destination and where we were to begin our survival training. He told me he built this cabin for me and mom to come to when the world had gotten too much for us. It was tacky and crooked but it kept the rain and snow at bay and held warmth when the cold-rolled in. Dad evolved into a bedraggled ragamuffin, me, I transformed into a wild boy. Our own filth and stench was covered by rotten animal carcasses.

There was only so much I could do as a child but he took me hand in hand on hunts, sometimes he even allowed me to deliver the killer-blow to our prey. As the years shredded the photo memories of me and my dad, I grew into a routine machine; he called me his ‘special weapon’. Up before dawn crept upon the valley of forestry shadows, the aim was to kill, train, hydrate, train, eat and rest. I know nothing else.

We agreed to put off the childish treatment, so when hand to hand combat was the training for our afternoon, he laid into face until I bled and swelled. But he was getting on in life so when my muscle formed harder, I made sure I put him on his ass. Knife throwing, dismantling and assembling Guns and Rifles, martial arts, body and mind endurance, hunting, tracking; I became a black-belt in it all. In all honesty, I forgot about the world which scurried along beyond our tree line, when I hit my mid-teens I did think and wonder if there was anything else within my world as I sat on the edge of a mountainside or stood at the top of the trees gazing at the sunset.

One winter my father fell down with a bout with what he called pneumonia, he stopped his training, sleeping and eating; his breathing became erratic and body shifted to weakness. He couldn’t do much, so I trained by myself, hunted by myself, ate by myself, he died and then I started talking to myself.

I left his body within his room, I never stepped foot beyond the nail jagged door frame. I was now the King of this vast plant and animal life; the routine was I had and knew, so I pushed on further into the year of kill or be killed by the unknown.

Several Years Later

If I knew what depression was I would find it happily. Before ever daybreak I would sit in a couch position at the edge of my father’s bedroom door, perhaps he will wake up today. I wait until the sun’s ritual breath edged over the window ledge before I would do my daily bidding until the eyes of the dark skies blinked at me. Fearless to the predators and elements, they must sense something dark within me. The morning was skin nipping from the cold but the idea of victorious kill kept my blood steamy. I head towards the feet of the humongous wet-white hill, the deer huddle and graze within this area. A family a nestled nicely next to small stream which lines through my land. I would never think of harming something scrawny or motherly, I have my sights set on the papa-deer. I clutch my hunter’s blade in my hand; my eyes do not stray, before I move a muscle I think of the kill in every way, good or bad. Small rocks which collect at my feet, I pick one up and I subtly throw it away from the deer, so their attention would be towards the possible predator.

At the last few seconds before I sliced into my prey, a thunderous roar echoes throughout my valley. There are no storm clouds wandering above the trees. The deer scamper far into the tree line. A gargantuan wheeled hog type creature hurtles into my view at the other side of the trickling stream. Is this a new animal I have never seen?

Four men heavily armed with shotguns exit the hog. They are each dressed like greenery, perhaps to blend in. I scurry on my belly closer to get a better look. Dad always said people may be after him, could this be them? Could they be here for me? Are have they come to disrupt my kingdom and steal my food? One thing is certain, if they have, no four shotguns will stop be defending what I know.

I will recon for now and make a decision when the time is right. Keep your knife to your side Nick, it’s all you have.

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Part 2 of ‘I am Wild Boy’ Coming soon to

Young Adult Fiction

Keep your pens busy,

Regards Alex.

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My Insane Scribbling


My Insane Scribbling

Stones spread well through-out the land, as the temperature has dropped with the weight of a brick. Tears will freeze on your face for all time to laugh and point at; within your graveyard museum, I am waiting forever. Left on my knees, you took my ability to move on, shuffle or walk. My screams work willingly; this pen will make me lose my mind, again, you were my teacher.

An indestructible idea is moulded from the clay of skin that you have left cracked with the bubbles of beneath. Everyone is nobody and I am an alien sent to Earth to take on the pain people prick onto me. My heart is an endless cave, footsteps beat with the dance of escape.

You look upon me as someone who is shipping nowhere but even an unknown voyage arrives at a destination.

Committed to this addiction now, something so beautiful turns quickly into death. Kaleidoscopes of vibrant pills turn the viewer into a handful of pills, which transforms into a mouthful; the results are in as a pill problem.

Everything is falling apart, I can see the bones of reality; eyes – flay all that is real to me. A problem is born again. I am lost within this mind, found within the madness of my words. I pelt my way from rejection letter to relationship rejection, hope to hopelessness, literary to literary agents, the night and its loneliness is what I am left with. I will hide above these murky clouds one day. I used to believe as a child that when it rained someone died, now even my beliefs are all lies. I am so resilient today; I make up my own stories to destroy your beliefs, lots of laughs.

My mother speaks on behalf of my subconscious to make sure my choices are no longer wrong. When will I put this knife down? Trying to put an end to this endless life. Drunk spits at my mirror reflections. Alex; pick-up your whiskey bottle, write your life-out and toast to death. Congratulations, you are now evil.  You can now let your soul fall from your mouth and lock it within a jar with no air; shake it and threaten it with fire.

I need a sharper knife. You have opened your armour, dumb-wittingly, within the moonlight show this world a beast along with your love with the same mouth. Howl at the sun so there is no more night-time. Spiral your fingers around your throat like a suicidal snake, keep hold of that dream. Lash another wrist, lash another. What came first within my life, time or death? Cannot have one without the other, I guess they come from the same cut. We shall see soon.

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Essentials of Writing. Part 1


The Essentials of Writing. Part 1

In this segment I will be stating the essentials of writing the best way possible.

Where to start? Well I have been writing since I was around eight years old and now I have reached quarter of a century (For all those that are no good at math, that’s 25 years old.)

I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes writing is not easy. There’s going to be times where you cannot write, your brain just switches off and gives the pen and paper the finger. But there are other times when you have so much circling around in your egg-head that it’s hard to jot down everything at once, welcome to stress.

What I am going to give all of my viewers, which is around twenty of you give or take two; is my fundamental list of The Fundamentals of Writing.

  • Strive for a better story. We all know that nowadays some of the best stories are rehashed versions of someone else’s work. Twilight V’s Romeo & Juliet – “I can’t be with you because I’m part of this family and you can’t be with me because you’re part of that family. Hey, I have an idea where we can be together, it’s called death.” With a twist of words, characters and genre you can create greatness too. But you want to be a different type of writer; you want to become a great writer.
  1. Write from your own experiences to produce something new.
  2. Don’t just read – Study! If you want to become a writer then you must eat, sleep and poop books.
  • I stumbled upon a writer a while ago who got inspired by one of my stories and he wanted to start-up a free blog and begin his writing endeavour. He only wrote around 200 words, it was about a hit & run accident. The overall story was great BUT there was no real vocabulary or details within his story.  Writers breaking into writing often tend to do this; luckily I was young when I went through this stage. For example he wrote.

‘The cars wheels spun really fast and he took off in a chase like form; no one could ever catch him. Not the police or army or god. Make way on this road because a bad man is behind a steering wheel.’

I mean the story is there but there was so much more he could have done to ensure he had a gem on his fingertips.

Each to their own, I gave him a few pointers on how to write and what he must to make sure he doesn’t get trolled online and now his blog is flourishing ever so nicely. Most writers just need to find their niche.

  • No one wants to pick up another book (The Dictionary) when they have no idea the meanings of the words within your book. I mean, live the words, love them, but know your bounds. I’m not saying cancel out all great words, but tone it down and be cautious when and where you put them. If it writes well, keep it! For example, could you imagine if Stephanie Meyers called it Crepuscule instead of Twilight, yeah, it means the same thing, but Twilight has a certain ring to it. Don’t ask me why I am dancing around Twilight tonight, probably because I was made to watch it by my Girlfriend and it’s inhabiting and taking over all my rational thought… Team Jacob 4 lyf!

Thanks for reading. Now hit that like button! Part 2 coming soon.

Keep those pens busy!



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Writing Competition

Writing Competition

Hello my word-loving friends.

I am giving one lucky reader with an idea to have their outlined-story written by me.

All you have to do to enter is, within the comment section below just write the basics of the story.

For Example…

“A cop is on the hunt for serial killer who only kills college-students.” A logline.


What will you get when you win?

  • Your name all over the story itself
  • Also a link to your page within the post to direct more traffic to your blog
  • The chance to work with me again in the future on other stories
  • And just being my fave-looked after blogger on the web

So just put your comments below and I will see them every day.


And don’t worry if you don’t win this time, we will be hosting these from time to time, so keep entering.

Keep those pens busy!


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Thank You: Over 500 Followers & 500 Likes on my Blog

Thank you!


This is so much better than any award I could ever achieve. I have reached way over the 650 Follower mark and well over the 500 Like mark on my pages, I am only at 250 comments, but we’re getting there.

I never thought my writing blog would ever gain this much interest and attention. I know it may not be in the thousands but I have gained over 500 followers in 3 months and on a new writing blog, for many that is an achievement all on its own.

But thank you. You guys make my work what it is. You put in the time to read and follow my creative writing blog on and to me that makes you awesome. It may not be 22,476 followers, but hey! I have over 650! ….YES!!!!!!

I’d like to also thank, little baby jesus. And my mommy and daddy…. Haha! I’m just playing.

But honestly all of the comments, likes and followers are appreciated at this side, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t even try.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeah, you…. Yes, the person reading this right now, you!

Keep reading and if you haven’t before, have a trek to see what I have written before, you might find something.

Keep being awesome and keep those pens busy!

I love you.


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