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Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy


Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy

QUESTION TIME! This was an interview I did for Writers-Ways online Magazine about blogging online. They said to me “You have to answer truthfully.” So I did. But I am posting this on my blog so you guys can get an inside look of me.

1: What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Well I have a few; my fear doesn’t erupt from one thing. I am scared of spiders, you have no idea how I turn into a teenage girl when I see one. I am also afraid of being alone; the thought of everyone disappearing on me is way up there. And lastly, being forgotten, this is probably the reason behind me writing, I would like to leave a legacy.

2: What are your hopes for the future?

Answer: Well I always imagined doing something great with my life and having that white-picket fence, happily ever after. But I would be glad to star in a movie or even have a piece of my work made into one. But the way things are going now with the world climate and not finding a literary agent I would be happy just having enough money to eat.

3: How do you cope being a mental patient?

Answer: I write. I write all of the things that need to be pulled out because I bottle up my problems, it used to be where I never had the words, I bottled up my problems and I got angry a lot but once I found words and writing stories it was a way to vent all that I kept inside.

4: How are you finding blogging?

Answer: I love blogging! It’s a great chance to pass out my work to people who love to read and see what they like. I mean I do get stuck on the “Category and Tags” I mess them up sometimes, but it’s all trial and error. But Blogging really helps perfecting my passion. Thanks to all my followers.

5: Are you any closer to finding representation?

Answer: No. I mean I was getting e-mails from people asking to read my work with a promise of a literary agent’s representation without even meeting, but I checked them out, fraudsters. And I also received some messages from people who were telling me they knew Stephen King and if I were to pay them money, they would get my work to him. I was thinking, scam-alert! I mean how is sending my work to another writer going to benefit me in the long run? So the answer is no, but if I dream it, it can be achieved.

6: How many stories have you got?

Answer: Well, I have well over fifty stories from every genre; I love to write little bits of everything, it keeps me on my toes. Sometime I write two-three stories at a time because I have a lot locked inside me. But I have movie ideas I would love to write and also TV series ideas. But I am just focusing on my writing until I am at that level then I can let everything out.

7: What’s the worst thing about blogging?

Answer: It’s weird, you know, sometimes I write a great piece of material and I spend hours and hours on it and when I publish it, nothing. And that gets me thinking maybe it wasn’t that good. I mean I look at my stats and it say “You have one view” But over fifteen people have liked it, I mean what’s up with that? But maybe I am being weird, I love blogging and the people who follow me, they have taught me a lot about myself and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Yeah you get the odd few who only follow you so they get a follow back.

8: How does it feel to have one of the best writing blogs online?

Answer: Well it’s awesome! I get messages all the time from people who love my work, which just blows me away. I have always known I had the words but to have people call me a “prolific writer” or a “Powerful word-smith” It kind of makes my heart flicker. But without those guys I wouldn’t even do this. I mean I was a  no one four months ago and my blog has grown so much in such a short time because people have started to believe in my writing and that gives me hope for the future.

9: If you became famous would you still blog?

Answer: Hell-Yeah! I have always been taught; never forget where you come from. If blogging makes me then while I still write my Novels – screenplays – songs and whatever else, I will still blog to make sure the people who helped make are never forgotten. I love em’!

10: What can we expect from you in the future on your blog?

Answer: Well, more. I have stories online I still have to finish like “The Experiment” – “The Serial Killer” – “Saved by an Angel” and “Teen Hero” People really loved these and I will also be uploading some more flash-fiction and shorts. But I have a few more stories that will capture your eyes. I will keep my pen busy for you guys. I won’t stop ever. But I am writing a lot of romance at the minute, I love to read how someone can love someone else. I’m at a weird stage of reading. But I have a lot more stories and writing information for my blog. So come stop by again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Keep your pens busy! I know I will.


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My True Love – Story By Alex Kennedy

car accident

My True Love

There was an accident; I just got the phone call. I run and I run and run past my lungs threshold, she is all I care about. Bypassing people’s thoughts as I sprint to her in the middle of the road, stopping traffic in its footsteps. The rain is against me, stings and pinpricks on my skin, the raindrops cover my tears as it washes away my hurt. Unnoticed to the beeps, finger gestures and vulgar language, none of that matters, only her. I live for her and I said I would die for her, will it come to either? Please, Lord, do not take her… She has saved me over and over again. I can hear the sirens; they are like gunshots to my ears, my heartbeats circulates my body unknowing in which way to turn, I can feel it in every limb that moves towards her, each step is one more closer.

I try not to think into what has happened, but my heart is tangled up within my imagination. Laid crippled and knotted, faceless and memory-less of us or vehicle impaled, taken by someone’s concentration. I can finally see the flashing lights and emergency personnel. I stop my raging feet and bring myself to the walk of concern, my fingers keep grip to the phone that had imprinted this thought upon me.

The police are not letting anyone have their eyes nightmare clenched; I cannot see anything as an ambulance is blocking mine and her fate. I climb over a police cars bonnet, vigilant to their sight, just to gain a look. I do not want to miss you, it took me years to find and keep what we have. A car lies on its side, broken and no longer road worthy; its underneath faces my way, paramedics kneel around the roof, running back and forth from the ambulance to get supplies. I walk into the unknown with a heavy tears and heart with a quivering lip. She is pinned under the car, the pain emulates from her in screams.

I stand unmoved, what do I do? She sees me finally, within that first second no time passed.

She raises her shaking arm, holding out her hand for me. I rush over and take hold of her invitation. It is hard for her to breathe, taking big gulps of whatever air she can take in. I brush her hair to the side, just so I can get to see my love. We both share in the moment a smile, no words, unable to speak; the shock must have hit us both. Just hold on to me. She turns her head away from me; she does not want to look at me… Have I done something wrong? Is she mad at herself because of this situation? I take my wet index finger and place it around her chin and turn her back to me to let her know I am here forever with her. She gives me that look, the one I wake to every morning. I bow down and kiss her for aslong as possible. A hand on my shoulder, a police officer picks me up and tries to usher me away from my destiny. I rip and thrash, all I want is to be with her.

She screams I can feel it in the pit of my stomach; this is not a scream for me but a personal one. The pain must be gnawing its way through her. No one is doing anything, no one. The police stop their job, the paramedics take over my position. I see through a slight opening between two medics her face, she needs me, more now than ever. If she is mine, this is my test. I slip away from the policeman’s hold to the car, one final glance; I squat down and reach my fingers under the car. It will not take her from me; I begin to pull up with all my strength, bear my teeth. I want to see her again, raise our children together, kiss her before I go to work, spend another valentines day with her, put a padlock on her finger, not visit a grave stone every year, stare out my window for days, cry myself to sleep, have to move on to second best, No… never.

I let out an almighty roar that would bring a battlefield full of one hundred thousand solders to pain I will feel if I lose her. I will stand up, I will and I will take this pain from her, even if that means cursing it upon me. I exhale all of my air, the car begins to lift. I must take this throbbing within my arms for her sake. I straighten my legs and back, she is my one, keep elevating, the car is off the ground leveled with my chest. I turn my head, my neck is stiff. The medics pull her from the wreckage and are able to attach and inject the proper equipment and medicines.

Your love makes me stronger, the man I am, more than I was, this is for you. I jump back from the death-dealing machine; it falls with more of its shell being broken.

I turn with a smile, her eyes have closed, no movement. They put her on a stretcher and load her onto another bed and head for the closed ambulance, the doors are wide opened they are trying to make her breath, pressing down on her chest five at a time then breathing the air back into her.

They stop, unable to do more. No… I will not have that, you cannot just give up on her because she is unresponsive, she usually acts that way it is a trick she likes to play. The world has stopped completely, I run over to the ambulance and climb in, they try to fight me off, but I am not that easy to stop in my tracks for something I want, ask her. I push them out of my way and bend down and pick up her head and lay my lips to hers.

The ambulance begins to quake, medical objects falls from their place, the doors begins to throw open and close again, there is a light that could outshine the suns rays. Her eyes shoot open as she takes her first gasp of air and another until she is settled and coherent. She smile at me that way again, I mirror her back as she pulls me into another kiss, this must be a thank you but in true fact it is me who should be thanking you, my love.

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