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For The First Time

i love us

So I was contacted by a friend online, naming no names (Jessica Barley) who has read most of my work and suggested that I put my talent to the test and write a short erotic story. Well I don’t read erotic stories so I’m not sure how well I have done. 50 Shades of Grey: Eat your heart out! Tell me what you guys think.


Let us get lost now, lost in each other. He draws his index finger from her upper knee to the tip of her hazel skirt. She stares into the infinite possibility of bliss which may or may not overcome her as she holds in a bottom-jawed quiver which could let him know her thirst for just a little more. They both echo is each other’s peepers hoping the other would eventually set the fire for them to huddle around.

There were no games, no peer-pressure and no influence here in these moments, only the expression for want and animalistic behaviour. The whole world is empty as the young man drives slowly in for a kiss of life he has been searching for. The young lady’s eyelids close gradually as her plucked eyebrows rise to the occasion of love. The creature in her ravishes out from her as she wraps one of her hands around his upper back and other clutched to his hair on the back of his head. The love game has begun folks.

They fall for not quite forever, neither one backing down to the others advancements. Slight whimpers of cherishment dissolve away into the dim corners of the bedroom. The sun beams in through a crack in the curtains and basks a warm subtle glow over the couple. They part ways for a brief moment where the young man undoes his black jeans and removes his cardinal coloured shirt and the young lady unlatches her bra and the button on the back of her skirt. They were making sure this was no clandestine act.

He scoops her head up with one hand with such a force both their faces very nearly merge together, as she has become something the young man needs for the first time. The twosome begins to refulgent over the world as the rest of their clothes fall away into the twilight of nothingness matter, because nothing matter now; no dreams, words or situations… It’s the only time where time does not exist.

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Define: Writer

If you think reading is boring

Define: Writer

  1. noun

Noun: writer; plural noun: writers

  1. A person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.

“The writer of the letter”

  • A person who writes books, stories, or articles as a job or occupation.

“Dickens was a prolific writer”

synonyms: author,   wordsmith,   man/woman of letters, penman,   creative writer; Moreinformalscribbler,   scribe,   pen-pusher,   hack,   potboiler

To look at what a writer does from this perspective doesn’t hit the bone; this only shows you the skin. Writing for me and many other worldwide is pure magic. It is the belief in oneself when words are all we have; and now the whole world has some sort of writing device in front of them. We can all be writers.

But what this doesn’t tell you, from of all of the “Writers” out there; there are scribblers who are “True Writers”

These creators of stories and other articles do not give up. If they blog like myself, no matter how many people are viewing their work or if they would ever get noticed but a publishing house or literary agency, they will keep writing because it is all we have at the end of the day.

But I have to hand it to people; some do try at their writing and give up after a certain period of time because they find out that it is harder than it looks. But you have it in you to make a difference within your life.

Keep at it and show the world what is within you.

Have a look around my blog and see the different types of writing styles and stories you could possibly write or go on to write when you are ready.

Practice makes perfects and re-writes make a great story writer.

Sorry this was a short post, I will make sure you have something great to read later. 🙂

Keep your pens busy!


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Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy


Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy

QUESTION TIME! This was an interview I did for Writers-Ways online Magazine about blogging online. They said to me “You have to answer truthfully.” So I did. But I am posting this on my blog so you guys can get an inside look of me.

1: What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Well I have a few; my fear doesn’t erupt from one thing. I am scared of spiders, you have no idea how I turn into a teenage girl when I see one. I am also afraid of being alone; the thought of everyone disappearing on me is way up there. And lastly, being forgotten, this is probably the reason behind me writing, I would like to leave a legacy.

2: What are your hopes for the future?

Answer: Well I always imagined doing something great with my life and having that white-picket fence, happily ever after. But I would be glad to star in a movie or even have a piece of my work made into one. But the way things are going now with the world climate and not finding a literary agent I would be happy just having enough money to eat.

3: How do you cope being a mental patient?

Answer: I write. I write all of the things that need to be pulled out because I bottle up my problems, it used to be where I never had the words, I bottled up my problems and I got angry a lot but once I found words and writing stories it was a way to vent all that I kept inside.

4: How are you finding blogging?

Answer: I love blogging! It’s a great chance to pass out my work to people who love to read and see what they like. I mean I do get stuck on the “Category and Tags” I mess them up sometimes, but it’s all trial and error. But Blogging really helps perfecting my passion. Thanks to all my followers.

5: Are you any closer to finding representation?

Answer: No. I mean I was getting e-mails from people asking to read my work with a promise of a literary agent’s representation without even meeting, but I checked them out, fraudsters. And I also received some messages from people who were telling me they knew Stephen King and if I were to pay them money, they would get my work to him. I was thinking, scam-alert! I mean how is sending my work to another writer going to benefit me in the long run? So the answer is no, but if I dream it, it can be achieved.

6: How many stories have you got?

Answer: Well, I have well over fifty stories from every genre; I love to write little bits of everything, it keeps me on my toes. Sometime I write two-three stories at a time because I have a lot locked inside me. But I have movie ideas I would love to write and also TV series ideas. But I am just focusing on my writing until I am at that level then I can let everything out.

7: What’s the worst thing about blogging?

Answer: It’s weird, you know, sometimes I write a great piece of material and I spend hours and hours on it and when I publish it, nothing. And that gets me thinking maybe it wasn’t that good. I mean I look at my stats and it say “You have one view” But over fifteen people have liked it, I mean what’s up with that? But maybe I am being weird, I love blogging and the people who follow me, they have taught me a lot about myself and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Yeah you get the odd few who only follow you so they get a follow back.

8: How does it feel to have one of the best writing blogs online?

Answer: Well it’s awesome! I get messages all the time from people who love my work, which just blows me away. I have always known I had the words but to have people call me a “prolific writer” or a “Powerful word-smith” It kind of makes my heart flicker. But without those guys I wouldn’t even do this. I mean I was a  no one four months ago and my blog has grown so much in such a short time because people have started to believe in my writing and that gives me hope for the future.

9: If you became famous would you still blog?

Answer: Hell-Yeah! I have always been taught; never forget where you come from. If blogging makes me then while I still write my Novels – screenplays – songs and whatever else, I will still blog to make sure the people who helped make are never forgotten. I love em’!

10: What can we expect from you in the future on your blog?

Answer: Well, more. I have stories online I still have to finish like “The Experiment” – “The Serial Killer” – “Saved by an Angel” and “Teen Hero” People really loved these and I will also be uploading some more flash-fiction and shorts. But I have a few more stories that will capture your eyes. I will keep my pen busy for you guys. I won’t stop ever. But I am writing a lot of romance at the minute, I love to read how someone can love someone else. I’m at a weird stage of reading. But I have a lot more stories and writing information for my blog. So come stop by again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Keep your pens busy! I know I will.


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A Letter To a Literary Agent

My writing 3

My letter to a literary agent!

I remember when I was just like you. A struggling writer who wanted the whole world at his/hers fingertips, trying so desperately to make these gatekeepers (Literary Agents) read – enjoy and publish their works.

There was a time when I wrote a piece of material which I loved so much, it was a screenplay, one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever written and to this day I hold so close to my heart as child I gave birth to an ultimate idea of pure delight.

Well, I finished it; made sure I rechecked and rewrote the story until it was a machine that did its job well. So I tried my hardest to send it to Literary Agents from London to New York, most of them didn’t even reply, so did with…

“We’re really sorry at this time but we are not taking on new clients at this time, thank you for writing to us.” In other words… PASS!

I even received a reply from a literary agency in London; first I have to explain that my writing in this certain piece of fiction was rather violent and detailed within the gory. But this certain agency sent me a reply stating “We love the overall idea but we do not take on non-fiction stories.”

I had written a piece of fiction so well they believed that it was non-fiction. For a long time I had a chip on my shoulder because I believed that the main rule of writing fiction was to make it believable, I thought I did my job, I thought this was the name of the game. But no other nibbles after that.

I was destroyed by their overstepping; I cried and had trouble sleeping. Yes, I continued to write but I lost faith in the whole writing industry. This was at a time when I was coming out of my mental illness the first time so my disappointment from the rejection letters didn’t help me stay stable for long.

I broke, again.

It was only when I came back to reality for a third time I had finished writing my first novel The Diary of an Immortal (Which I have right here on my blog.) I let my demons take over but for a price to use my mind for this purpose, to write material that has never been seen before.

But I also learned that Literary Agents will not publish works from a writer that has no real following to their work, publishing cost money and if no one knows who you are, no one will buy it, making your work pointless.

So I came up with another idea which might make my work get to the Gatekeepers much easier than writing to them individually and bothering them. I know of certain blogs success so perhaps one day one of them may stumble upon my presence and make my dreams come true.

So for now I will keep writing until I have all the followers I can lead into fantasy.

So please just click on the follow button, if you do it now, you will get rid of all of my blog posts and you can take my place as the best writer online. (Jokes.)

Keep your pens busy!


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Should I Write?

"Writing", 22 November 2008

“Writing”, 22 November 2008 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)

You can’t beat someone who never gives up. – Babe Ruth

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog, Saners. I was having an awful couple of weeks when my brain wanted to relapse on me and want to give birth to all the evil thoughts stored up there all at once, but that’s neither here or there now. I’m all better, once again.

But you try living in this body that wants to take control and plan for world domination, it’s not fun. But hey, I am writing again. Still no nibbles from Hollywood or Literary agent for that matter; Hey, I’m still alive, what more could I want…. More. Haha!

But my friend Eddy, who messages me from Los Angeles; he’s a Screenwriter. He was telling me I might be Tagging, Categorising or changing my slug-line wrong. I’m not sure.

But even if I don’t change any of that, I wonder if in time if I will get to the position I would like to rest and write in peace in? Hopefully is the expectation but the nibbles are not there.

Worry, it’s such a sane feeling, I hate it!

But my racing thoughts do get the better of me sometimes, I worry when I write, will I still be writing for 20 views a time when I have written over 200 posts? Maybe I should be focusing on getting my writing into the right hands, go find myself a literary agent? You and I both know, they wouldn’t even consider us if we do not have a name so in essence, I am Scr*wed. So in theory we must create a name for ourselves, gain a huge following of readers or subscribers and become the greatest writer of all time. – Still nothing!

I have hope; I hope you do in you!

Maybe the drugs are wearing down my thoughts or perhaps they are wearing my skin and it’s the medication that is writing this. – Awkward!

I guess all I am saying is “Am I wasting my time doing this?” Should I be keeping my work for my dream job as a creative writer or the hope for literary agent to scope me out and sell my work to a TV network? Is that what I want? Probably… But as a human, I don’t really know what I want.

All I know is what I must do; keep writing, Alex!

So I cannot be writing for anyone if I’m not writing for myself first. I guess I will have to wait and see, I mean I know I will never run out of ideas so I think I will be here for a while, just like you.

Lost on the internet, trying to be someone in a place where no one cares. This feels like life!

Hang in there, don’t quit on yourself and your dreams shall chase you!

Keep those pens busy….


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