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Success is the Best Revenge

success is the best revengeWe were partners in crime, who would have thought you would ever steal from me. We laughed at this world, thinking we were two of a kind and the cotton we pulled over their eyes was practically playground game to us. They had no idea of our ideas or schemes, but I didn’t think you were planning further into the future. I am a wolf in sheep clothing; your costume was that of an actual wolf; you’re a sheep, just like the rest!


“I think we should just be friend’s xxx.”

Sent in a text message, six hours before midnight on New Year’s Eve, when I was relapsing and a day after my grandmother died. Friends you say? I think not! That smile you portray tells more of the darkness towards men you have. I should have read the signs, should have listened to the voices. I was love drunk on you so I thought I could gain a free pass into normality forever with you by my side. You were not a nice person when I needed someone the most; you were heartless and found yourself someone to share a beat of life with. I hope you choke on your new love!


But I seen you walking around town with your new man and new smile, I hide when I see your face. My success will be my revenge! You left me for something better, a new family along with a new smile and the price you had to pay was my happiness! Without a second thought you took that from me. But I will have the last laugh!

When you sit at home and pick up a bestselling novel, I will be there!

When you switch on the TV and in the interviewers seat, I will be there!

When you buy a new DVD, on the start and end credits, I will be there!

When you pick up one of your girly magazines, I will be there!

When your favourite musician or band plays out on the music channels or radio, I will be there too!

This is my design – This is my revenge!

You made this; I will forever be you Frankenstein lover. I will haunt your thoughts – home and job. I want you to know how crazy you made me. But to have you to second-guess for one second within your happy new life is all I am asking; because then you will know it was all for nothing and I was the right choice. But here is the kicker!



I am happy now. I have found someone who loves me more, I have tamed my madness (a little more) and my writing is gaining substantial views and followers.

And when my life is complete and I am laying out in the sun without a worry in the world and the life you chose is re-falling apart, I want you to think of me and what you put me through.

Do not write, do not get in touch. Our relationship was a farce, falsified love!

I will become great in life and you will be great at opening your legs! Some life you chose…

So bring forth these pages, I have some revenge to dish out!

I love you!


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The 5 Reasons Of Your Being!


Evil (Photo credit: Jordan W)

MONEY: Notes, coins or personal possessions.

RELIGION: Belief, Gods, Bibles, a certain following.

POWER: Staying in power, or overpower people or a country.

LOVE: Sex, Family love, benevolence, Fake love, emotional manipulation.

RECOGNITION: Wanting more, being recognized for you being you, so they will be remembered.

Remember these titles have roots stemming to other reasons.

These five reasons are the 5 main reasons we get out of bed at the start of the day, these are the reasons we put on our socks and shoes and head off to work and throughout our days make decisions, at least one or all of them.


These are also the main reason people get murdered or hurt. People get mugged for their money, phones, shoes so on and so on. Religion is a good thing but bad people behind it use it as a shield to do evil. People’s ideals for power can be used as weapons, so be careful. Love is a powerful feeling, but mix with other emotions can turn deadly. And lastly, fame; this can the reason or want for becoming greater.

So next time you are putting on your socks, remember these five thing and try not to kill people while going about your day. Try it now; think of the reason behind getting up or doing something and I guarantee it will soon eventually be linked back to these 5 things.

I could have made this broader, but I am kind of pushed for time.

This has been a psychotic announcement from the fiction writer, Alexander Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy….

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