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The Psycho Writer

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English: Animated atomic bomb explosion. Polski: Grzybek atomowy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you know about fear? “Gee-whizz! That bully won’t leave me alone…” Or “In the joint, me and my home-boys have got each other’s backs, cause you never know when an attack will happen.”

How about this?  I was sitting each my dinner in the asylum the other day, next to a guy named James; he was a schizophrenic, this was one of his better days, he was rather quiet. From out of nowhere a guy named Christian, whose conditions escapes me, lunges across the table and ploughs his teeth into James face. Oh yeah, I am really afraid of any of you when this is my life.

I just want to give you a perspective of what I go through and my outcome when I finish a story. All I have is hope; yes I am out now, but for how long before I am dragged back?

My imagination is my only escape; people like you escape with drugs or booze, but I escape within my words. One day I can only hope I will have escaped it all through my stories.

I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day; my weekly hourly meeting. And from out of nowhere the wall beside us fell away, which was filled with psycho-books and plaques to tell me how much work this dude has done. It revealed a vast deserted desert, humongous icy mountains and a mushroom cloud which licks the background with it reds and orange aftermath.

“What are you thinking about, Alex?” He gentle puts it.

“Nothing, doc’.” I confide in my day-dream.

“You’re thinking of nothing? I really do doubt it.” He tries to slink into my brain.

“Next question…”

I marvel back into my mind, Superman begins to do battle from the sky on hundreds of Aliens; he swoops down and blasts them with his heat-vision.

A slight smirk on my face.

I wanted to give you guys a day in the life of an actual mental patient and creative writer. You see I am not just a run-of-the-mill writer, who has no money and wants fame to rest his soul. I cannot stop this, I never will. I am a mental patient living and sometimes working as a sane person, who wants to be a writer, no biggie’.

But I do admire some of you sane people; you inspire me so much when this world needs you. And to the rest of you, eat me! And always remember there is someone else out there with a life worse than you, I know I do, I know I am not the only one. But you also have no idea of the why I am the way I am. That is a story I take to my grave.

But I would like you to know I have a few more stories I will be passing your way. Someday it will make a great screenplay for a movie but until then I shall take my medication and keep on pretending to be just like you.

Even for reading this, I thank you; you are the eyes I need when mine steer away and bring forth the darkness I never want.

This has been a psychotic announcement.

The creative writer, Alexander Kennedy.

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