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My Evil Pen Told Me to Write This – 3


My Evil Pen Told Me to Write This – 3

I am a mere scab upon this world as the whole planet wants to pick on me. Beware world, this is my turn! When I straddle this pen, I can kill you with my mind. I would scribble this world as an ignited cherry-bomb to have revenge upon you and you alone. Why individually miss a target when I can wipe clean the table in one sitting? I have eaten a dictionary. Each page thrashes out and rustles with a shiver with the knowledge of what my pen is about to carve upon its skin. Get them, boy!

if i fall asleep

I am wearing my madness as a medal; this world will not allow me to forget what I am, so neither should I. Bring forth your scrolls of paper and your flickering quills, condemn me, crush me and quarter my limbs; for I will write myself a new destiny, one where you are all alone in the darkness where I have lived, let us see how the monsters shall treat you in time.

michael phelps

I am running on the fumes of past fears, my memory sticks out from my brain as a protruding cocktail sticks. Lobotomize these thoughts forever Alex! There is madness in my method of writing, yes, but my method in which I use helps tame the madness into a constructive horror show for you all. I am a master sculptor with a pen, chipping away at my mental illness so you can see revulsion from my perspective. Behold a masterpiece from my membrane pieces. Doctor, open me up and fish these voices from me; Priest, open my soul and take this ghost that is haunting the hallways of this body!

ernest hemingway

Fear is only a choice – A brain tidal wave! I choose to grant it, as it is the only thing to ever stay consent within my life and thinking. These words are actually flesh-eating ants, that when you inhale with your eyes, they feast upon your brains. Yummy!

If you think reading is boring

I am cold towards this world, hence the shoulder barge; I am marvellously a marvel with a heroic heart which has stopped beating; I am burning words along with my cape to keep mildly warm from your frozen breathes.

rained upon

I am running naked in the rain for revenge, pointed fingers and tuts ensue. I have made a deal with the devil; if I use him to write and give him a purpose, he would return the favour. My words are jumbled and my blog is a jungle book; can you hear me roar in pain on my pages? My apple has fallen light-years from my family tree; my DNA is not even human, let alone the same as my mothers.


I’m living in your walls; I know all of your dirty little secrets. What you do when no one is looking and what you think to yourselves when no one is around. You’re all damaged, just like me. I was brewed in the chaos of humans malfunctions, now I have doctors telling me I’m the one that needs fixing?

edgar allen poe

“You have me confused with all of them, wait! Please don’t lock me up, I was happy before they came into my life and broke all of my windows.”

Now I am smashing each of their windows in revenge, well, I do need a breakthrough. Haha! I’m not aiming for the stars, the sky is far enough, this where I will explode into smithereens and my ashes will twinkle downwards upon the clouds and wreak havoc with acid rain. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope; it’s only blindness for looking for me. Haha!

65 ad

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Writing a Novel


Writing (Photo credit: jjpacres)


 Writing a Novel

Hey there, my Sane Friends.

I am writing this post to let everyone know I am taking on a new challenge to writing a new novel. Yeah, I have written a couple in the past, but I feel the time is right now. I have been prolifically written mass amounts of flash-fiction for this blog and I feel it’s time I expand my wings and jump right back in to the cycle of long nights, coffee, re-writes and yelling at my own stupidity (Sometimes, Haha!)

So I will not be writing on this blog as much as I am now. But I have some rather great ideas; 15 ideas but 3 outstanding ideas in fact. So for me it is just a matter of picking one and rolling with it. Writing this blog has taught me a lot about writing, sometimes it is hit-and-miss and other times, the timing of when you publish just isn’t right, it’s not your work, it’s just not your time.

But I want to be a writer and if a Literary agent does come my way, I would like to be prepared when that battle commences. Don’t feel to glum, kid. I’m still here, I will still be reading your comments and searching for new writing talent to follow and read. But if you get bored when I am not around, just re-read my old work.

Oh… I almost forgot. Before I go I will having a competition for you all. Exciting isn’t it!

So here we go again. For a writer it is hard but sometimes we have to transform ourselves before our words!

So here I go, jumping back into the ring with blank pages for a novel to be born.

I won’t let you guys down and will post updates.

Keep those pens busy….

Alexander Kennedy


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The Dark Night Writer

ff_darknight_fYo! Yo! Yo! I’m back, baby!

I got this question the other day from a dude (No specifics) From America his name is Dale Booth.

“Alex, what’s it like to be a hungry writer and juggling your mental illness in the other hand that you don’t write with? Your blog is legendary and I hope the best for you and your words in the future.” (That’s sweet! Thanks dude.)

Well my friends this is question I have trekked into and bypassed because of fear but I shall answer it the best I can because I am a fearless bastard!

First off can I just say to writers who give advice like “The first rule of writing anything is…. (Wait for it!) To write.” Okay, first off I know what you are trying to say but if you do not dive into detail of HOW TO WRITE people will look elsewhere. So to all looking for advice of how to write all you must know when you are looking for writing advice is…. Don’t go looking for mediocre writers advice, they have no idea what they are talking about or don’t go into detail, these people will not help you publish your work.

Sorry about the rant, back on with the question.

To be both, a writer and psycho is quite a challenge at times. I’m on meds so sometimes I am too spaced out to write and others my brain goes haywire and wants to write in my own blood, so I quit before I start.

I know I want to be a writer so I try my hardest every day. I look at what I write as I job I must complete, if I look at it as fun my words will not come across as serious I want them to. If you look at prior posts I have publish on WordPress you know within a matter of months I have out written most “run of the mill” writers, so already I know I can keep up.

But I know as a writer and a blogger that people on the internet do not want to sit and read a 5,000 word piece of fiction when they can go elsewhere and find other forms of entertainment. So what I tend to do is write very short flash fiction, this not only give the reader what they want is a smaller form but also gives me a challenge to write a huge story and squash it into perhaps 1,000+ words.

Also I think of some weird things which will make you think “Where does he get his ideas!” What can I say, man, I’m awesome that way!

But my angle of writing is darkness! And I make sure my thought of becoming a better writer is more that what you can produce which in essence makes me PROLIFIC! Observe…

Darken your pen and nightmares will come to life. I am a God that creates the evils of beauty and sometime with a flick of my wrist I show distorted images I see when I look into my mirror, I am an artist that works with ink and jagged-edges for your pleasure.

The pain I have lived will echo a smile upon your face, my job is done. I am my own worst enemy; shoot to kill and write in blood. I write the word flower and my petals will cut through your very soul, you will know me as a writer.

Have faith my pen using friends.

P.s. to the motherf*cker who keeps on sending me emails saying “Hey, I know Stephen King, he wants to read your fiction, for a small fee, I can help.” Can it!

So this is me signing off as The Dark Night Writer!

Keep your pens busy!


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The Nice People Writing Blog!

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I would never claim to be in the “Nice People” Categories for blog writing, and that’s fine with me. I love all words especially the swear ones and really love you use my middle finger too. I am a reality Bullsh*tter, I make up stories, it’s my passion.But as a writer of blogs, I can take the pain from reality or hell I live in and go off on one against my keyboard. I can do things that you can only dream of and I never get writers-block because the voices are always talking to me to give me dialogue and the illusions are always pulling their covers over my eyes to show me an alternative reality, the true life of a writer.

Stick to your guns! You want your stories to be published in literacy magazines or perhaps you have your fingers-crossed for The New Yorker, I promise you, your road to becoming a full-fledged writer can only come about if you do not stop. You can write anything; Stories, poems, ides, inspiration. Any type of writing is still writing from you, from your point of view.

Try your hand at it. Write as much as possible in one day, could be two pieces of writing or ten flash fiction stories. But make sure they are they are all have different content and set up you “WordPress Tags” So they are completely versatile so that you bring in new readers to your work.

Also make sure that you Headlines to your blogs are eye-catchy this will give the “Browsers” a chance to possibly click on your blog and bring the traffic in.

And lastly, writing the things that people would want to read, there is nothing worse for me than to click on a misleading title and it brings up something so boring, that I want to jam cocktail-sticks into my eyes.

Make your work compelling, and while you are not writing your niche, write information about your profession. It will all become apparent soon.

So stand up. Be unique and F*CK what people say, because I couldn’t give a SH*T what people think unless it’s awesome compliments. But you follow the rules, even if you do not fit the uniform for the job, the applause will come.

Be true to the pen and keep it busy…..


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I Need Help To Write! – Alex Kennedy To The Rescue

Chairs, Reading

Chairs, Reading (Photo credit: moogiemedia)

I have just been sent an E-mail from a writer from America in the state of North Carolina – Dwayne Wilson. He said. “Hi Alex. I love your blog. I am getting in touch to ask you how you write so well and keep your audience without getting Trolls destroying your work. It will help a heap if you write back.” So I went from there to here. There was more to the message but this is Alex-Ville and dirty laundry in public is awful bad. (Very articulate, I know. Haha!)

If you are just like me, your own worst critic with piercing eyes over all your words and characters. STOP IT! This is what is stopping you from truly writing something great and forget what actually matters. Have you done your best? If so, no one else can judge you or say anything negative. Whether it’s a blog with your short stories, novel, songs, screenplays or poems (Any type of creative writing.) If you do your best you can sleep sound and not let the “Trollers” tear down your characters from the balcony when he needs to get up to his beautiful girlfriend. That’s a metaphor right there, re-read it.

But these people’s views do not count, they do not understand your art, you are passionate about, only you and yours come into the category of kill-joy or great feedback. But you will ultimately know deep down if your story in which ever form is ready for eyes to scan.

Do Not! I repeat… Do Not Take back-steps when writing. You’ve came this far; why back track on your newfound style, flow or form. If people are not looking, give them something to look at. Same when it comes to reading. In time they will come with their beady-eyes and start off at the mouth, that’s where you want to stay. Remember that.

I write so fast and flash to give people what they want. In short stories and flash fiction you should never use suspense, it’s too long. Make sure every line is a major part of the story and all be moving and have something happening. If you get boring for one line, you may as well tell your reader “Read me later… After your bath…. Well maybe when you wake up…. How does next week sound?” Don’t give them the chance to let their eyes blink.

And if I don’t like what someone writes about my writing, I always acknowledge what they are saying, if it’s constructive criticism. If not I brush the dirt off my shoulder and tell em’ to fuck off or suck something or put something somewhere, very – very – politely. Haha!

All you have to remember is even if one person likes it, Your job is done. You have connected to someone else and they like it. Job done, case closed. SUKKA’S!

This has been a hyperactive psychotic announcement from Creative Writer, Alexander Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy….

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