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Guest Post From Writer Paul Smith – The Most Popular Blog Topics

This Guest Post is Fantastic, with you all the way Paul. – Thank you!

The Most Popular Blog Topics

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The laurels of successful bloggers become more and more attractive to the average man. Hundreds and thousand blogs are created, but so few of them become popular and interesting for readers. The advisors usually say that the key thing is to get determined with the blog topic and keep it. It’s also widely known that people prefer the blogs of the experts in various spheres. But what are you going to do if you’re far from being an expert and still are not determined what to write about? I can propose you several topics which are considered to be readers-friendly and proved their vitality:

  1. Celebrities. Looks like people will never stop being interested in celebrity gossip. Celebrities embody the unrealizable dreams of an average man, the dreams of being filthy rich and popular. That’s why if you keep your hand on the pulse of what is going on in your idol’s life, and present it in an interesting manner, you soon will find the readers.
  2. Self development. We are no longer surprised by the vitality of positive thinking and constant professional and personal development. For these purposes, we need someone to deliver us a new portion of inspiration or useful everyday tips that are said to make us better. This is why such blogs are popular. And if you keen on this topic and have something to say, don’t stop yourself any longer!
  3. Personal finance. Everybody can earn money. But when it comes to spending, we sometimes do the awful mistakes about managing what we earned. That’s why the topic of finance is timely as never – how to save money, how to invest, and lots of such ‘how to’s’ are always in demand.
  4. Technology. In the constantly developing world of the gadgets and new apps we look for a guide to help us to get oriented in such a huge diversity. If you feel that all these reviews and technical tips are your cup of tea, then get to it. Your hobby will be interesting for many if you’ve got something to share!
  5. Online shopping. Trade constantly moves to the internet and will continue to do so. That’s why the audience of such blogs is supposed to grow accordingly.
  6. Health. There’s a huge disproportion between the improvement of life conditions of people and growth of the number of sick people and serious illnesses. The reaction for that has become the appearance of a trend of healthier living, that becomes more and more popular. Big city dwellers are interested in knowledge how to keep fit and healthy until the long age. Maybe you can advise them something?
  7. Educational blogs. Students are always looking for an information on getting a grant, participating in exchange programs or other student activities. If you ever tried something like this, then share your knowledge.

A lot of other topics can be suggested here. But there’s one main thing about one of them – whatever you pick, write about this in your own and original way, share not only the facts, but your opinion as well. Such bloggers are always interesting for people.

About the author: Paul Smith devotes a great part of his time to the writing for http://cleverpaperwritingservices.com. You may see it by the numerous articles he creates. Any topic may be discussed by him, no matter how difficult it may be. In order to get acquainted with his works, you are welcome to visit the site he works for. Also, you may join his personal page Google+. http://plus.google.com/u/0/109013041940492187102?rel=author


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The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

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The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

My world is falling apart. You look upon this small sentence and see five words, but you do not feel my heart racing or the anxiety shaking my limbs out of sheer horror, when I live these words.  I know you writers, you write because you have had the perfect life and pristine upbringing (Having an awesome life is never enough, is it?)  and someone has taught you all you need to know about the words you write; You have never felt them, you have never been stabbed by them, you have never falling in love with the word love and watch it crumble because it has found something better.

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You may have words: You may have a writing contract: You may have a literary agent, selling your work to Hollywood: You may have all the money in the world: But a true writer you will never be because you have never lived within a writer’s world.

You do not look for the fundamental rules for writing.

  • All that you imagine must have some form of truth.

For example: If you have a dragon character and the dragon gives birth to a cow. You are going to lose a reader. Stick to the rules of the character and also the rules of the world your characters live in. If you are writing about Earth, you must follow the rules of Earth. Gravity, no magic, different species animal. Yes, we have these rules, they are never supposed to be broken completely, only bent that so much tension starts to erupt in the bend. And you have a story!

  • Secondly, do not ask someone to pick-up your book only for them to pick-up another book to know what you are trying to get across.

Now I know a lot of writers do this, I even do this from time to time. Bestowing a great scene to the reader within a piece of work and then you go ahead a ruin it by inserting something.

Jimmy was rather rhathymia.

I mean yeah, it looks good, it’s a different way to show that Jimmy was in a good mood and cheerful, but there are other way for you to write it. And this applies to non-fiction writers and fiction writers worldwide. Yes, you can scour Google and other search engines to ensure you have great words, but just know; we don’t all have dictionaries as brains. So unless you give the reader a rough outline of what the tone of the word is, they will have no idea what it is and throw your writing across the room.

  • Lastly, become great!

Now I know some writers stick to reading other writers works, but this is a major – NO! NO! – As it has been found out if you only read one type of writer, you begin to write like them and take on their genre too. So knock it off!


If you are a writer, look at what writers haven’t done (Which is never-ending) and do that, make up your own way of writing that dazzles and makes sure you have your strength genres; there is nothing worse than a horror-writer who gives themselves a challenge to write children’s fiction. Stick to what you know best. And when no doors are opening for you; keep going, someone must have left a door ajar or a window open somewhere for you to get through.

Alexander Kennedy – The Creative Writer

Happily here to help.

Keep those pens busy!


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Hundreds Of Followers On WordPress.com But Only A Few Likes. Why?


Is anyone out there?

Who knows? Who cares?

Follow my blog?

All of you don’t like so don’t share.

Alex to the rescue, again!

Sarah King E-mails. – “Hi Alex, I love your writing. (Thanks, Sarah.) I have been blogging about a year longer than most bloggers on WordPress.com but why are they getting the followers and likes? Thanks. And when are you going to post another story online, I need my fantasy fix. Sarah King – New York”

Hi Sarah and everyone, I am going to explain WordPress.com blogging quickly from my P.O.V. (Point-Of-View)

I have hundreds of followers on my blog, yes. – But why? You ask, am I getting perhaps 10 to 20 likes on each post. The reason behind this, WordPress.com is like a stream of information; once you throw your rock in, it gets a few glistens before it is washed away.

The same principle work on your behalf but what you have to remember, if you live in New York, the time difference from all your followers elsewhere are going to be. And let’s just say that most of your followers live in Great Britain (I do! I do!) By the time you have thrown you post onto your blog and left it; other posts would have taken over; so when the tired-eyed Brits wake up and log-on to WordPress.com they completely miss your post.

I mean yes, you can wade through the information-stream, but it takes time, so if you would like to reach a larger market make sure you tag and categorise your posts properly.

Don’t be one of those quitter-type-people-the-ones-who-quit! Because blogging is not as easy as everyone thinks, go make paper-planes. And I see blogs all over with 35,677 Hits or thousands-upon-thousands of followers. But this is a craptastic world we live in because we love crap! But these blogs have been web-steroid with geek-power and a butt-load of money, so obviously they are going to get all the followers, subscribers, first page on Google and Bing searches and all the post likes.

Hey, I am happy in my corner with my 10 likes every time I blog, it may not mean a lot to you, but it does to me. I sleep better knowing this, I mean I would still sleep if it were 15,000 hits on one post, but sadly that reality is just not meant for some of us just yet, bide your time on the blogging scene, you may find all you are looking for.

Oh… And can I just say to some of my followers, yes, I will be posting some more stories online, perhaps Sunday about Midnight GMT.



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