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Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7...

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards English actor Robert Pattinson at the Twilight premiere. November 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Can I start off by saying a big warm Thank You! To Alex Kennedy for allowing me post on http://www.youngadultfictionblog.com (I’m keeping my pen busy, Alex.)

Now I deal with a lot of people within relationships, to their first meets, to their sorrowful break-ups. Now we look at the Hollywood stars and believe they have it all, the big mansions, the fast shiny cars, the beautiful partner and a bank account that is topped to the brim. But at the end of the day, they are only people, with urges and impulses.

Kristen Stewart, (Bella – Twilight Saga) is a young attractive woman, to look at her you wouldn’t believe she had any problems within this world and to top it all off she has her hubby Rob (R-Patz)

Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" fame p...

Kristen Stewart of “Twilight” fame plays on the vampire mystique at the 82nd Academy Awards, March 7, in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But ladies we all know if we get everything we ever wanted the only thing we would fear is ‘How long will it last?’ for most of us we would go with the flow and see where our chips falls. But when the whole K-Stew/R-Patz frenzy began, I started to see the toll it had on Miss Stewart.

We all had to have seen it… The screaming girls shouting for Rob, telling him they loved him, hurtling pure abuse at his hand-held girlfriend for even being close to him. The female superstars telling him they are jealous of Kristen. And some of these women are attractive and that gets to us girls.

I believe dark thoughts started to cloud her judgement, thinking Rob will one day leave her for someone who is more a Hollywood icon starlet than a co-star and friend.


Her mistake was not talking to her loving boyfriend. – FIRST RULE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP!

No one just wakes up one day from a dream life they acquired and say “Hey, I’m going to do the dirty on the one thing I love most in this world.” …Events arise and miscommunication always has a finger in there. At the end of the day, this is just speculation.

And also, we know Hollywood like its publicity-stunts, this could be one… Who knows?

But if it isn’t, we all make mistakes in our lives, it’s how we cope when the storms arrives at our feet, which shows who we truly are. But if she wants him back, I say….. YOU GO GIRL!! You deserve him, you two work well together and I see the chemistry between you both.

And on a small note before I finish, I was not team Jacob, I was never team Edward… I am and always have been Team Bella Swan!

I have been Tracy Emery and you have been reading what I think.


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My Lost Movie Poetry

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So as you guys know I have been writing with the wonderful Just Patty on some poetry. In this post lies the lost poetry which never made the final-cut. Oh and look out for the movie poem I wrote in here too, I hope you enjoy!

My Lost Poetry

You tremble like you’ve seen a ghost,

Strangle this pencil until you’ve seen it broke,

Angle this metal around my throat,

Angry heckles cheer me and goad,

The blood floods as a tap-dancing spectacle,

Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum; here I come,

Trampling on all of you speckles,

Top gear, can’t stop here,

Forgotten voice and a lost ear,


Broken toys and stolen tears,


Frozen poise with lonely years,


I’m a chocking noise, coughing clear,


I’m faced with a frightening facial facelift which leaves me faceless, let’s face it,

A fascist facade merely frames him.

You fondle my trigger,

You eat this blast,

Gobbled up forever,

Re-tweet your last gasps,

I’m what you call a wonder weapon,

A wandering apex predator, Dexter,

I love safe sex, I always bring protection,

Loving face kisses then I bring upon the reckoning.

From 8 Mile to the Green Mile,

Tonight is Date Night,

Upon the Jewel of the Nile,

Superman, take flight,

It’s a Dark Knight,

That’s right, Pitch Black,

We’re on a Star Trek towards a Star Wars,

Resistance is Futile,

The time is Twilight,

I have A History of violence,

I’ve got my Goal set in my sights,

My Event Horizon,

Cannibals in space,

An Animal Rat Race,

Mallrats in the Bat-cave,

Battleships on a rampage,

Misery hates a blank page,

A Mammoth heading for an Ice Age,


Indiana Jones on a bad day,

Godfather kissing me on the hand,

Jot in my Vampire Diary,

Jurassic Park theme park rides all day,

Are we there yet?

I will never be Grown-up,

I can’t stop laughing.

Out of Sight,

Out of Mind,

Good Will Hunting with words,

Well, I’m out of mine,

So you can’t see me, right?



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The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

being a writer pic

The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

My world is falling apart. You look upon this small sentence and see five words, but you do not feel my heart racing or the anxiety shaking my limbs out of sheer horror, when I live these words.  I know you writers, you write because you have had the perfect life and pristine upbringing (Having an awesome life is never enough, is it?)  and someone has taught you all you need to know about the words you write; You have never felt them, you have never been stabbed by them, you have never falling in love with the word love and watch it crumble because it has found something better.

new for blog

You may have words: You may have a writing contract: You may have a literary agent, selling your work to Hollywood: You may have all the money in the world: But a true writer you will never be because you have never lived within a writer’s world.

You do not look for the fundamental rules for writing.

  • All that you imagine must have some form of truth.

For example: If you have a dragon character and the dragon gives birth to a cow. You are going to lose a reader. Stick to the rules of the character and also the rules of the world your characters live in. If you are writing about Earth, you must follow the rules of Earth. Gravity, no magic, different species animal. Yes, we have these rules, they are never supposed to be broken completely, only bent that so much tension starts to erupt in the bend. And you have a story!

  • Secondly, do not ask someone to pick-up your book only for them to pick-up another book to know what you are trying to get across.

Now I know a lot of writers do this, I even do this from time to time. Bestowing a great scene to the reader within a piece of work and then you go ahead a ruin it by inserting something.

Jimmy was rather rhathymia.

I mean yeah, it looks good, it’s a different way to show that Jimmy was in a good mood and cheerful, but there are other way for you to write it. And this applies to non-fiction writers and fiction writers worldwide. Yes, you can scour Google and other search engines to ensure you have great words, but just know; we don’t all have dictionaries as brains. So unless you give the reader a rough outline of what the tone of the word is, they will have no idea what it is and throw your writing across the room.

  • Lastly, become great!

Now I know some writers stick to reading other writers works, but this is a major – NO! NO! – As it has been found out if you only read one type of writer, you begin to write like them and take on their genre too. So knock it off!


If you are a writer, look at what writers haven’t done (Which is never-ending) and do that, make up your own way of writing that dazzles and makes sure you have your strength genres; there is nothing worse than a horror-writer who gives themselves a challenge to write children’s fiction. Stick to what you know best. And when no doors are opening for you; keep going, someone must have left a door ajar or a window open somewhere for you to get through.

Alexander Kennedy – The Creative Writer

Happily here to help.

Keep those pens busy!


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Hollywood Under New Management! The Sequel…


Hollywood Sign

Hollywood under New Management! The Sequel

Enough is enough!

I would like to tell you a story which happened this morning, I woke as usual, came down the stairs – straight into the kitchen to make myself a brew. Once made I carried it into my living-room, sat down and turned on my Californication TV Show, I was happy before I had to go to work.

Californication (TV series)

Californication (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Clucking Baskets!“ (Not his actual works) A scream chants from up the stairs, the echo came from my little brother’s room.

I jumped up and hurtled halfway up the stairs until Drew shows his disgraced face beaming down at me.

“What happened, dude? Are you okay?” I pant with my hand on my heart.

“Yeah, you never guess what they are doing… the talentless pencil breakers.” He grinds his teeth.

“What? Who? …Drew you’re not making any sense. Speak to me.” I reach out for his misery.

“They’ve remade Robocop, dude.” Is that all? I thought it was something life threatening. “Alex, you have to do something about it when you get to Hollywood. I swear if you ever reach Los Angeles and you write a remake or reboot, I will never speak to you again. One of my favourite movies of all time and they have destroyed it, you have to watch the trailers, dude.”

“Well, Drew, there’s probably a lot more to it that just remaking a movie, dude. They may only want to finance a movie project which has already been made, the fans of the idea is where they can make money. There’s a lot more to it than just picking an old great movie and rebooting the franchise.”

He cocks his head with squints of questions in his eyes.

“But you’re a writer and I know you have got some way better ideas than some of the stuff that is being mustered up nowadays. Alex, you have to try harder, be a writer that this world has ever seen, entertainment needs someone like you. You’ve just bought your own blog tell them all that I am sick of all of these sequels and I guarantee most of them will feel the exact same. Pick up your pen, Alex.”

Hi there, my sane friends.

Now I see that the film industry thinks they are only making movies, but these are movies that have help create people, which the people who could re-watch the same movie every day and never get tired of it, so in theory they are crushing dreams and starting afresh.

Now I am a huge fan of the big screen and an epic movie, just like you I imagine. But we as writers rule all entertainment let me say that again, WE AS WRITERS RULE ENTERTAINMENT! We are the ones who concoct new ideas and write our movies, novels, stories and some of these become Hollywood blockbusters worldwide which help actors/actresses gain household names and jackpot payments or how about a book deal that will go down in history for centuries, we all have the ability to be great.

Some of us even write new songs or something which jumps in the club and we help young boys and girls (Who can’t even sing.) Make fools of themselves after reading and miming our lyrics.

Like I said, we rule the entertainment industry and we are happy just staying back in the shadows with our pennies in our pockets thinking of our next masterpiece for this world.

I would like the entertainment industry to know, you may be Goliath and think of us as David, but you know how that story ends. We are the ones that are in control, behind the control panel, we are the ones that could further your careers, we are the ones that are not afraid to sit in hell for this world to see something different, we are the writers, remember that. We write your movies, novels, songs and so on and so forth, we make sure your past times or dreams can flourish.

We need more Hank Moody’s in this world, now I have had a rant that may mean nothing to you, I am going to sit back on my chair and start watching Californication, again.

One day I will change it all, hey, anarchy is the greatest angle in life. And I am not afraid of the possible backlash I get from this, I have my views and I am a writer and no one will tell me different or get inbetween that.

Keep your pens busy! Don’t stop because I am here for you and you better be there for me.

This has been a psychotic creative writer’s announcement.


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My Letter To Eminem


My letter to Eminem

Dear Eminem/Marshall Bruce Mathers III/Slim Shady/My hero,

As people have known from my previous post that it was your music that saved me from committing suicide. (Eminem Saved My Life! Now I Write Everything. – Link is below) I am writing you this letter today, think of it as a follow-up letter than you never received when I wrote to you as a mental patient.

I love your music, man. You sifting through all of your pain and deconstructing it into rhyming form for our entertainment has captured imaginations and listener worldwide. But it has come to my attention that in the following years (Within your drug addiction.) Since Encore and Relapse that people have started to doubt not only your ability to write but also to keep up with the success from your previous albums of The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show. All I hear is…

“He doesn’t have faith within himself anymore!” Or…

“All his rhymes have become stagnant!” Or…

“Can the Real Slim Shady please sit down!” Or…

I mean I am a die-hard fan and I’m always fighting your corner because I have faith in you.

Now I have followed you since the start and as a listener and watcher (Not stalker-like) I know your technique and how you rhyme and to tell you the truth I like some of the songs from the albums you have turned your back on. I am going to tell you something that people in power forget, especially when the hit Hollywood when they come from the street. Now it is kind of innuendo so you will have to find its own meaning. (It is also pessimistic but here it is.)

When the world has hero, what do people want more than to see the hero fly? They want the hero to plummet from the sky.

Now I know firsthand about addiction to drugs (Mine were medically given.) and the struggle you must face to climb out of the abyss. And as a writer I know of the black-hole that is left within you when you no longer need those drugs and you must fill that void with words or you will relapse. I understand. But I have also studied a little psychology and because I am an avid listener to your words and beats. Now forget what people are saying they are looking for past Eminem; they have the old Eminem they are just blinded by their own hate for things.

Now as someone who is within the shade over here in this corner, bobbing his head and doing his own thing. It looks to me you are looking in all the wrong places to find what you had before.

And before I give you my “Medical opinion” I would just like to say to the persons whispering all that is wrong with you and their failing procedures to bring down a king…. Back up or you’re going to get knocked down!

My opinion!

Em! Don’t you remember that fire within your belly, huh? When you sat at home with no money, no fame and only the dream to keep you going. That was your ammo. That was your ability to dazzle all of us because you related to us and we all came together and started to realize that the pain of poverty can only be temporary if we tried and worked like you.

Now let me also add what made you different from all other rappers. All other rappers are talking about the street and big chain and getting paid but you not only rapped about the street or funny side of life, but you took on a side of rap which I like to call “Dark-rap” Where most rappers were talking about the street corner you were talking about behind closed doors and the suffering you endured. That was your niche; because we all suffer and we had someone in our corner. It was your ability to write pain from in the household that made us re-listen.

Whatever happened to that guy? That’s the part of yourself you need to re-find because rap needs you back, your fans need you and so do I!

P.S. Please DO NOT dye your hair back blonde, I like the fact you changed yourself and showed you had left all that was wrong with you behind.

Now I know I am going to get flack for writing this but someone needed to. And I also know you will never read this but hey, fame shelters you from all the crazy people and crazy writers. (People like me.)

But just remember you are a leader, you are a writer; you have conquered it all and came out fighting.

Good luck with the new album MMLP2 on November 5th 2013 …Remember – Remember the Fifth of November!

So hit me back, just to chat, sincerely yours, your biggest fan this is Stan… No wait, Alex.

Keep your pen busy, Eminem, my hero!


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