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What Did I Just Write? What Was I Thinking?

2014 Alex kennedy

What did I just write? What was I thinking?

The jags from their stares wrench and echo beyond my eyes, their eyes are now chock-a-block with a monster. I invert my own look towards a daydream away from this pit of despair I helped dig for them. Hands clenched within my pockets, they will never know how close they had come to a detrimental dental demise. I tell myself, they lie through their teeth, smash through those pearly whites and find self-satisfaction within the truth.

Raise Hell!

They’re coming to take me away to the funny-farm; I’m up-in-arms, hooray! The dark clouds are forming above; Hells-mouth is foaming for a taste of me beneath, especially when I drive my evil pen through these skinned sheets. They call me bad names, they call me ugly, that’s okay, because so are you! How I sleep well with my disfigurement? I dream of killing you! I’m prising open hell; you’re all men of God, have faith in me when I say, I’m a man of my words. Now the world of words should have begged my momma to boil this baby at birth.


I’m the writer the good book looked-upon and shook fear from their every praying nook. I see words differently; they could be definitively disastrous definitely, defacing dimensions infinity infamously from the dragon inside me, diminishing dabblers dripping ink trying to deign diamonds. (That rhymes…. Fools.) YOU’RE IN MY WORKSHOP!!! I cycle down the path of a serial killing psychopath; reading recycled crap, redial that, RECYCLED CRAP!

pics of me for my blog 3

I’m done being the nice guy, time to write or time to die, lost my fights and ran for my life. This is the return of Alexander Kennedy, the evil pen strikes back. Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream, make it the most gruesome that these people have ever seen. What am I thinking? What am I writing? Alex, there is a method to your madness, can’t you see? I’m starting a war against humanity, sanity is the culprit and it must be smudged clean from this spirally flushed floating toilet.

there is evil within us

Bring you picket signs, pitchforks and lit torch, gather round, gather round the monster writer of the century. Sane people fear what they don’t understand and cannot control; I don’t play well with others, why do you think since I grow teeth they kept me caged up? I can out-write you all with my left arm tied behind my back. I cannot rub out these words, like when the world tried to rub out this mistake. I auto-corrected myself and picked up a dictionary for meaning for the word, Pain.

I learned a few more bad words along my way; I don’t need swear words to curse at you. I write you into my world and let the ground swallow you whole. An emptied soul and a mind full of poetic words help formulate a plan beyond insane proportions. I peel my skin and try to fit in, but sooner or later they find new ways to get to me, further under my skin. So I put my faith and collective insanity and create a fictional world, where human rules do not apply, only the evilness that seeps from me. So I will slog my way through the slutty, semi-silent but slithering away siren ridden streets for some sort of success. I will figure out a way to pull your eyeballs out to my blog; and once I am in your minds, I will manipulate my way to the top of the food chain and then start to munch my way down the pyramid.


So you can blame Eminem for giving me a second chance at life; Or you can blame my mother for giving birth to me. But it is society in a whole that failed me, pushed and pulled me to my own extinction, this is not an attitude problem, this is manmade evil. I’m your Frankenstein monster, you do not wish to confront. But just know I will take everything from you. This is all I know. This is my design.


I scrape my nails across my face,

Self-hate has set sail for that new place,

A doomed fate,

The world is clueless to this,

It’s as easy as tying my shoelace.

One thousand screams,

Confounded dreams,

Come huddle round my murder scenes,

Doctors try to de-feather me,

But they looked further in me,

And heard him climbing.

Now I’m breaking free,

They took everything from me,

Here’s their severance pay,

For all eternity.

Living in this glass cage,

Stopping me from a rampage,

But this is my bat-cave,

I’m planning your last days,

While you’re in the fast lane,

On this world as a bad stain,

The world will have a bad day,

Now watch as I make the glass break

And come around your way.



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The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

being a writer pic

The Right-Way Towards The Writers-Way!

My world is falling apart. You look upon this small sentence and see five words, but you do not feel my heart racing or the anxiety shaking my limbs out of sheer horror, when I live these words.  I know you writers, you write because you have had the perfect life and pristine upbringing (Having an awesome life is never enough, is it?)  and someone has taught you all you need to know about the words you write; You have never felt them, you have never been stabbed by them, you have never falling in love with the word love and watch it crumble because it has found something better.

new for blog

You may have words: You may have a writing contract: You may have a literary agent, selling your work to Hollywood: You may have all the money in the world: But a true writer you will never be because you have never lived within a writer’s world.

You do not look for the fundamental rules for writing.

  • All that you imagine must have some form of truth.

For example: If you have a dragon character and the dragon gives birth to a cow. You are going to lose a reader. Stick to the rules of the character and also the rules of the world your characters live in. If you are writing about Earth, you must follow the rules of Earth. Gravity, no magic, different species animal. Yes, we have these rules, they are never supposed to be broken completely, only bent that so much tension starts to erupt in the bend. And you have a story!

  • Secondly, do not ask someone to pick-up your book only for them to pick-up another book to know what you are trying to get across.

Now I know a lot of writers do this, I even do this from time to time. Bestowing a great scene to the reader within a piece of work and then you go ahead a ruin it by inserting something.

Jimmy was rather rhathymia.

I mean yeah, it looks good, it’s a different way to show that Jimmy was in a good mood and cheerful, but there are other way for you to write it. And this applies to non-fiction writers and fiction writers worldwide. Yes, you can scour Google and other search engines to ensure you have great words, but just know; we don’t all have dictionaries as brains. So unless you give the reader a rough outline of what the tone of the word is, they will have no idea what it is and throw your writing across the room.

  • Lastly, become great!

Now I know some writers stick to reading other writers works, but this is a major – NO! NO! – As it has been found out if you only read one type of writer, you begin to write like them and take on their genre too. So knock it off!


If you are a writer, look at what writers haven’t done (Which is never-ending) and do that, make up your own way of writing that dazzles and makes sure you have your strength genres; there is nothing worse than a horror-writer who gives themselves a challenge to write children’s fiction. Stick to what you know best. And when no doors are opening for you; keep going, someone must have left a door ajar or a window open somewhere for you to get through.

Alexander Kennedy – The Creative Writer

Happily here to help.

Keep those pens busy!


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