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My life: In The Form Of Poetry.

E (video)

E (video) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a weird request from an UNKNOWN messenger the other day asking how well I can rhyme now that Eminem has released his new single from his 2013 album “Survival”

My Life: In The Form Of Poetry.

I’m heat-seeking for peace,

But before you’re all seated,

Please hear my proposed proceedings.

I have a dream,

Where I leave aside of me in poetry called poverty,

In a dust cloud,

My eyes open with a creek towards reality,

I’m F*cked now,

I’m all fingers and feats when it should be tongue in cheek,

Time to make my feet run now.

Maybe I should stop,

Maybe I should quit,

Maybe I should stop taking this all out on my wrists.

Words – Words are my life,

More than yours, my passion burns thrice,

I need to pull this cord,

Before I’m pulled under this ice,

Maybe I should use force, brute or otherwise,

To get my point into the right hands, right?

Maybe I’m a dreamer, dreaming too big,

You lot are disbelievers,

Believing I’m the nuisance,

Stabbing the paper with pens, crayons and toothpicks,

With all that my skin grew thick.

Nothing you can show me, nothing in this world,

The words only matter,

Front row seats in this hell,

Trapped within this shell,

Within a link to my homepage,

I’m going places, only the remedial,

I’ll hold all your vicious faces,

At events, showcases so I’ll be seeing you!

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I Need Help To Write! – Alex Kennedy To The Rescue

Chairs, Reading

Chairs, Reading (Photo credit: moogiemedia)

I have just been sent an E-mail from a writer from America in the state of North Carolina – Dwayne Wilson. He said. “Hi Alex. I love your blog. I am getting in touch to ask you how you write so well and keep your audience without getting Trolls destroying your work. It will help a heap if you write back.” So I went from there to here. There was more to the message but this is Alex-Ville and dirty laundry in public is awful bad. (Very articulate, I know. Haha!)

If you are just like me, your own worst critic with piercing eyes over all your words and characters. STOP IT! This is what is stopping you from truly writing something great and forget what actually matters. Have you done your best? If so, no one else can judge you or say anything negative. Whether it’s a blog with your short stories, novel, songs, screenplays or poems (Any type of creative writing.) If you do your best you can sleep sound and not let the “Trollers” tear down your characters from the balcony when he needs to get up to his beautiful girlfriend. That’s a metaphor right there, re-read it.

But these people’s views do not count, they do not understand your art, you are passionate about, only you and yours come into the category of kill-joy or great feedback. But you will ultimately know deep down if your story in which ever form is ready for eyes to scan.

Do Not! I repeat… Do Not Take back-steps when writing. You’ve came this far; why back track on your newfound style, flow or form. If people are not looking, give them something to look at. Same when it comes to reading. In time they will come with their beady-eyes and start off at the mouth, that’s where you want to stay. Remember that.

I write so fast and flash to give people what they want. In short stories and flash fiction you should never use suspense, it’s too long. Make sure every line is a major part of the story and all be moving and have something happening. If you get boring for one line, you may as well tell your reader “Read me later… After your bath…. Well maybe when you wake up…. How does next week sound?” Don’t give them the chance to let their eyes blink.

And if I don’t like what someone writes about my writing, I always acknowledge what they are saying, if it’s constructive criticism. If not I brush the dirt off my shoulder and tell em’ to fuck off or suck something or put something somewhere, very – very – politely. Haha!

All you have to remember is even if one person likes it, Your job is done. You have connected to someone else and they like it. Job done, case closed. SUKKA’S!

This has been a hyperactive psychotic announcement from Creative Writer, Alexander Kennedy.

Keep those pens busy….

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