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Hollywood Under New Management! The Sequel…


Hollywood Sign

Hollywood under New Management! The Sequel

Enough is enough!

I would like to tell you a story which happened this morning, I woke as usual, came down the stairs – straight into the kitchen to make myself a brew. Once made I carried it into my living-room, sat down and turned on my Californication TV Show, I was happy before I had to go to work.

Californication (TV series)

Californication (TV series) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“The Clucking Baskets!“ (Not his actual works) A scream chants from up the stairs, the echo came from my little brother’s room.

I jumped up and hurtled halfway up the stairs until Drew shows his disgraced face beaming down at me.

“What happened, dude? Are you okay?” I pant with my hand on my heart.

“Yeah, you never guess what they are doing… the talentless pencil breakers.” He grinds his teeth.

“What? Who? …Drew you’re not making any sense. Speak to me.” I reach out for his misery.

“They’ve remade Robocop, dude.” Is that all? I thought it was something life threatening. “Alex, you have to do something about it when you get to Hollywood. I swear if you ever reach Los Angeles and you write a remake or reboot, I will never speak to you again. One of my favourite movies of all time and they have destroyed it, you have to watch the trailers, dude.”

“Well, Drew, there’s probably a lot more to it that just remaking a movie, dude. They may only want to finance a movie project which has already been made, the fans of the idea is where they can make money. There’s a lot more to it than just picking an old great movie and rebooting the franchise.”

He cocks his head with squints of questions in his eyes.

“But you’re a writer and I know you have got some way better ideas than some of the stuff that is being mustered up nowadays. Alex, you have to try harder, be a writer that this world has ever seen, entertainment needs someone like you. You’ve just bought your own blog tell them all that I am sick of all of these sequels and I guarantee most of them will feel the exact same. Pick up your pen, Alex.”

Hi there, my sane friends.

Now I see that the film industry thinks they are only making movies, but these are movies that have help create people, which the people who could re-watch the same movie every day and never get tired of it, so in theory they are crushing dreams and starting afresh.

Now I am a huge fan of the big screen and an epic movie, just like you I imagine. But we as writers rule all entertainment let me say that again, WE AS WRITERS RULE ENTERTAINMENT! We are the ones who concoct new ideas and write our movies, novels, stories and some of these become Hollywood blockbusters worldwide which help actors/actresses gain household names and jackpot payments or how about a book deal that will go down in history for centuries, we all have the ability to be great.

Some of us even write new songs or something which jumps in the club and we help young boys and girls (Who can’t even sing.) Make fools of themselves after reading and miming our lyrics.

Like I said, we rule the entertainment industry and we are happy just staying back in the shadows with our pennies in our pockets thinking of our next masterpiece for this world.

I would like the entertainment industry to know, you may be Goliath and think of us as David, but you know how that story ends. We are the ones that are in control, behind the control panel, we are the ones that could further your careers, we are the ones that are not afraid to sit in hell for this world to see something different, we are the writers, remember that. We write your movies, novels, songs and so on and so forth, we make sure your past times or dreams can flourish.

We need more Hank Moody’s in this world, now I have had a rant that may mean nothing to you, I am going to sit back on my chair and start watching Californication, again.

One day I will change it all, hey, anarchy is the greatest angle in life. And I am not afraid of the possible backlash I get from this, I have my views and I am a writer and no one will tell me different or get inbetween that.

Keep your pens busy! Don’t stop because I am here for you and you better be there for me.

This has been a psychotic creative writer’s announcement.


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Should I Write?

"Writing", 22 November 2008

“Writing”, 22 November 2008 (Photo credit: ed_needs_a_bicycle)

You can’t beat someone who never gives up. – Babe Ruth

Sorry for the hiatus on the blog, Saners. I was having an awful couple of weeks when my brain wanted to relapse on me and want to give birth to all the evil thoughts stored up there all at once, but that’s neither here or there now. I’m all better, once again.

But you try living in this body that wants to take control and plan for world domination, it’s not fun. But hey, I am writing again. Still no nibbles from Hollywood or Literary agent for that matter; Hey, I’m still alive, what more could I want…. More. Haha!

But my friend Eddy, who messages me from Los Angeles; he’s a Screenwriter. He was telling me I might be Tagging, Categorising or changing my slug-line wrong. I’m not sure.

But even if I don’t change any of that, I wonder if in time if I will get to the position I would like to rest and write in peace in? Hopefully is the expectation but the nibbles are not there.

Worry, it’s such a sane feeling, I hate it!

But my racing thoughts do get the better of me sometimes, I worry when I write, will I still be writing for 20 views a time when I have written over 200 posts? Maybe I should be focusing on getting my writing into the right hands, go find myself a literary agent? You and I both know, they wouldn’t even consider us if we do not have a name so in essence, I am Scr*wed. So in theory we must create a name for ourselves, gain a huge following of readers or subscribers and become the greatest writer of all time. – Still nothing!

I have hope; I hope you do in you!

Maybe the drugs are wearing down my thoughts or perhaps they are wearing my skin and it’s the medication that is writing this. – Awkward!

I guess all I am saying is “Am I wasting my time doing this?” Should I be keeping my work for my dream job as a creative writer or the hope for literary agent to scope me out and sell my work to a TV network? Is that what I want? Probably… But as a human, I don’t really know what I want.

All I know is what I must do; keep writing, Alex!

So I cannot be writing for anyone if I’m not writing for myself first. I guess I will have to wait and see, I mean I know I will never run out of ideas so I think I will be here for a while, just like you.

Lost on the internet, trying to be someone in a place where no one cares. This feels like life!

Hang in there, don’t quit on yourself and your dreams shall chase you!

Keep those pens busy….


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