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Goodbye – Duet by Just Patty and Alex Kennedy

Worldwide readers & writers, tonight we have a treat for you, myself and the legendary Just Patty shall be teaming back up to entertain you once more. With our poem “Goodbye” some of the best poetic writing within this post. I hope you enjoy reading just as much as I & just Patty enjoyed writing. LIKE & FOLLOW!

I highly recommend you check out her blog, if you haven’t already because Patty is an awesome writer!–> http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/

Enjoy this final part of our insanely long duet!

Patty, keep your pen busy!

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Alex –> https://youngadultfictionblog.com/

Just Patty–>http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/


Duet by Just Patty and Alex Kennedy

I fall by my will and one day I know I will fall,

Caught by my cold-hearted chills,

I’m holding up a window to my soul.

Insomnia mixed with paper-cuts,

Is a formula drink unsafe to gulp,

Calm your nerves you save to cut,

Harm the world, you’ve gave enough,

My target is held and their grave is dug,

I’ve married in hell now we lay in blood,

The amount of times tragedy spellbinds,

My face has turned numb.

Demons in my heart,

Monsters in my eyes,

Feed them your body parts,

Until you’re lying there cross-eyed,

Write about your life,

It teaches you not to fall apart,

We know you don’t force these cries,

They’ve carted you a forestry of lies,

Penny for my thoughts means penny for my rhymes,

Plenty more from this entity with empty empathy,

Pointing the finger and death sentencing me,

If I pick up this pencil no one can eventually end me.

This is payback,

As if I owe you money,

I’m way past irony, it isn’t even funny.

Weather calls for extreme conditions,

The Heavens fall whilst we sit back and listen.

I’m holding my heart over you,

This is the moment of truth,

You’ve stolen my youth,

Now I’m too broken to view,

This picture of me,

I’m holding to you,

A splendid entry in dead-end eternity,

Suicide has in its hooks.



I fall against my will, but with broken wings

Deceived by my darkened heart

I’m holding up a barricade

No one gets in, no one gets out

Nightmares mixed with flashbacks

A poisonous gift from the past

Scream it out, I have had enough!

Sick of Life calling my bluff

I lived in Hell, it’s a peaceful place

Sometimes I can’t even remember my own name

My soul has turned numb

Darkness in my heart

Shadows in my eyes

Dreaming when I’m wide awake

Until you’re lying there all bleed out

Sing about your life

It teaches you not to give up

We know you force these goodbyes

And yet another loved one dies

A look inside my mind will destroy you

Devastating demons crawling through my brain

I can’t even remember the time I was sane

Don’t look at me, I will consume your soul

If Life is just a play, what’s your role?

You can keep all

Owe me nothing

Can you see the irony, don’t you think it’s funny?

Surviving calls for extreme measures

Hell will swallow all whilst we lay down and listen

I have nothing left to give you

Gave it my all

Now I am broken beyond repair

This picture of me

Is not even real

Delusional, optional, I think I will heal

But life was always in vain


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An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic – Part 3

Part 3 of the duet poem I wrote with my friend Just Patty! This is probably going to break the record of longest duet poem on WordPress lol! So brace yourself my friends! 😉

So here we are at PART 3 of An Epic Duet: The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic. There’s plenty more where this came from, all myself and Just Patty have is time and words and we use them both to our advantage. So please like this post and then jump over to her page and like it that as well and while you’re there have a browse around because we love to know we’re loved. http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/

New mePatty



Alex –> https://youngadultfictionblog.com/

Just Patty–>http://petitemagique.wordpress.com/

The Beautiful, the Bad and the Psychotic

Part 3

Alex & Just Patty

It’s the end of the world,

Bring out your dead,

Pick your weapon of choice,

Mine will be this pen.

Suffocate in the clouds,

Misery loves company,

Come with me, sail away,

Take away the mountains which live under me.

Now into a deep blackhole I go,

Where we relinquish all control,

Feed your inner monsters with your own limbs,

Won’t you please give me back my soul?

I’m at the end of the line,

And you have crossed me,

A slight break in freedom,

I’m crawling on my belly mostly,

I’ve took my bruises,

I’ve took my lumps,

When you’re down on your luck and losing,

Now, the only way is up!



It’s the beginning of a fight

Take a deep breath

And ready your sword

Drifting on clouds

To new destinations

Come with me, sail away

To a brand new place, where we can be free

Take a leap of faith

And take control

Scare away your inner demons with joy

Will you please just smile?

I’m at the beginning of the line

And you have to come with me

A outburst of freedom

Standing up, never breaking down

I have my scars

I have my wounds

When you hit rock bottom

Now, the only way is up!

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My life: In The Form Of Poetry.

E (video)

E (video) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I had a weird request from an UNKNOWN messenger the other day asking how well I can rhyme now that Eminem has released his new single from his 2013 album “Survival”

My Life: In The Form Of Poetry.

I’m heat-seeking for peace,

But before you’re all seated,

Please hear my proposed proceedings.

I have a dream,

Where I leave aside of me in poetry called poverty,

In a dust cloud,

My eyes open with a creek towards reality,

I’m F*cked now,

I’m all fingers and feats when it should be tongue in cheek,

Time to make my feet run now.

Maybe I should stop,

Maybe I should quit,

Maybe I should stop taking this all out on my wrists.

Words – Words are my life,

More than yours, my passion burns thrice,

I need to pull this cord,

Before I’m pulled under this ice,

Maybe I should use force, brute or otherwise,

To get my point into the right hands, right?

Maybe I’m a dreamer, dreaming too big,

You lot are disbelievers,

Believing I’m the nuisance,

Stabbing the paper with pens, crayons and toothpicks,

With all that my skin grew thick.

Nothing you can show me, nothing in this world,

The words only matter,

Front row seats in this hell,

Trapped within this shell,

Within a link to my homepage,

I’m going places, only the remedial,

I’ll hold all your vicious faces,

At events, showcases so I’ll be seeing you!

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