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A Letter To a Literary Agent

My writing 3

My letter to a literary agent!

I remember when I was just like you. A struggling writer who wanted the whole world at his/hers fingertips, trying so desperately to make these gatekeepers (Literary Agents) read – enjoy and publish their works.

There was a time when I wrote a piece of material which I loved so much, it was a screenplay, one of the best pieces of fiction I have ever written and to this day I hold so close to my heart as child I gave birth to an ultimate idea of pure delight.

Well, I finished it; made sure I rechecked and rewrote the story until it was a machine that did its job well. So I tried my hardest to send it to Literary Agents from London to New York, most of them didn’t even reply, so did with…

“We’re really sorry at this time but we are not taking on new clients at this time, thank you for writing to us.” In other words… PASS!

I even received a reply from a literary agency in London; first I have to explain that my writing in this certain piece of fiction was rather violent and detailed within the gory. But this certain agency sent me a reply stating “We love the overall idea but we do not take on non-fiction stories.”

I had written a piece of fiction so well they believed that it was non-fiction. For a long time I had a chip on my shoulder because I believed that the main rule of writing fiction was to make it believable, I thought I did my job, I thought this was the name of the game. But no other nibbles after that.

I was destroyed by their overstepping; I cried and had trouble sleeping. Yes, I continued to write but I lost faith in the whole writing industry. This was at a time when I was coming out of my mental illness the first time so my disappointment from the rejection letters didn’t help me stay stable for long.

I broke, again.

It was only when I came back to reality for a third time I had finished writing my first novel The Diary of an Immortal (Which I have right here on my blog.) I let my demons take over but for a price to use my mind for this purpose, to write material that has never been seen before.

But I also learned that Literary Agents will not publish works from a writer that has no real following to their work, publishing cost money and if no one knows who you are, no one will buy it, making your work pointless.

So I came up with another idea which might make my work get to the Gatekeepers much easier than writing to them individually and bothering them. I know of certain blogs success so perhaps one day one of them may stumble upon my presence and make my dreams come true.

So for now I will keep writing until I have all the followers I can lead into fantasy.

So please just click on the follow button, if you do it now, you will get rid of all of my blog posts and you can take my place as the best writer online. (Jokes.)

Keep your pens busy!


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Hundreds Of Followers On WordPress.com But Only A Few Likes. Why?


Is anyone out there?

Who knows? Who cares?

Follow my blog?

All of you don’t like so don’t share.

Alex to the rescue, again!

Sarah King E-mails. – “Hi Alex, I love your writing. (Thanks, Sarah.) I have been blogging about a year longer than most bloggers on WordPress.com but why are they getting the followers and likes? Thanks. And when are you going to post another story online, I need my fantasy fix. Sarah King – New York”

Hi Sarah and everyone, I am going to explain WordPress.com blogging quickly from my P.O.V. (Point-Of-View)

I have hundreds of followers on my blog, yes. – But why? You ask, am I getting perhaps 10 to 20 likes on each post. The reason behind this, WordPress.com is like a stream of information; once you throw your rock in, it gets a few glistens before it is washed away.

The same principle work on your behalf but what you have to remember, if you live in New York, the time difference from all your followers elsewhere are going to be. And let’s just say that most of your followers live in Great Britain (I do! I do!) By the time you have thrown you post onto your blog and left it; other posts would have taken over; so when the tired-eyed Brits wake up and log-on to WordPress.com they completely miss your post.

I mean yes, you can wade through the information-stream, but it takes time, so if you would like to reach a larger market make sure you tag and categorise your posts properly.

Don’t be one of those quitter-type-people-the-ones-who-quit! Because blogging is not as easy as everyone thinks, go make paper-planes. And I see blogs all over with 35,677 Hits or thousands-upon-thousands of followers. But this is a craptastic world we live in because we love crap! But these blogs have been web-steroid with geek-power and a butt-load of money, so obviously they are going to get all the followers, subscribers, first page on Google and Bing searches and all the post likes.

Hey, I am happy in my corner with my 10 likes every time I blog, it may not mean a lot to you, but it does to me. I sleep better knowing this, I mean I would still sleep if it were 15,000 hits on one post, but sadly that reality is just not meant for some of us just yet, bide your time on the blogging scene, you may find all you are looking for.

Oh… And can I just say to some of my followers, yes, I will be posting some more stories online, perhaps Sunday about Midnight GMT.



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