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The Mental Patient – To Hell Embark

This is my story of being a real life mental patient; roughly based of course. PLEASE LIKE!


The Mental Patient – To Hell Embark

Standing under the spotlight of sanity, I understand I will never be understood. A hand placed firmly upon my shoulder from the orderly to my right. I walk at my own pace to the drum march of hapless disobedience. Squinting eyes peer and pierce my skin from the small wire mesh windows of their cell doors. This walk is endless; I clutch my coat, with thought of fighting freedom. There is no escaping from this.

The infamously curious Dr. Mackay waits at the bottom of tunnel vision hallway, for possibly a quick meet and greet; pill pop and off you pop. I doubt it though. He stands with such poise in his thousand pound suit. He doesn’t fool me, not while his glasses are balancing to stay focused upon his face.

“You must be Alex. Welcome to Newbridges Mental Health Hospital. Today is purely for introduction purposes, we’ll show you around, meet some of the other people who stay here before we let you get settled in. How does that sound?” He finishes with eerie smile. Does someone want to tell this douche I am completely fine?

“Can’t wait, it sounds awesome.” I make no attempt to hide my sarcasm.

“I am sure after a while you will appreciate what we do here, which inevitably you will appreciate more, later on, I am sure of it.” There’s that smile again. I hate it here already.

A stunning woman roughly the same age as myself, she wafts her below shoulder arid hair while she steps through a buzzer-door from behind the doctor.

“Ah, here she comes. This is Jade she is the nurse for this wing of the hospital. Any problems whatsoever come see Jade.”

“Hi there, Alex, like the doctor says, if you have any problems with other patients here or health related problems, do not hesitate to come talk to me, I am usually around until 7pm then I go home, so you will have to talk to the night nurse or one of the orderlies.”

“Well I shall leave you two to talk and have a gander around. Alex, I have already scheduled you in for a meeting for around ten thirty tomorrow morning, so be up and ready by then if you can.” He cocks his head and oddly winks my way. I give him the thumbs-up when I should have given him the middle finger.

The humongous male orderly from behind me joins Dr. Mackay; one clips away the other stomps. I look for all of my exits and all I see are mesh, bars and electrical button pads; I am stuck here. I roll my eyes to the events which have brought me to my knees practically in this Hell-Hole.

I scrunch up my coat to distress my fingertips and to stop me from swiping at people.

Jade stand idly with a gaze of intrigue in-between each blink she produces.

“Aren’t you going to say anything?” I firmly drawl.

“I was waiting for you to make the first move. Now that you have let me tell you, this place ain’t so bad. I just want to help you, remember that, we all do. But after reading you file, may I say, you don’t seem like the same person from paper.” I jump her words.

“That’s because I never wrote it…”

“So you like to write? Could that be something you could see yourself doing?”

“I don’t man, I just don’t want to be here right now, so if that mean taking a splash into my imagination, so be it… But I have been known to throw one or two words together in my time.”

She grins from one side of her face. This chick is a stunner, too bad the band on her finger says she is married. I’ve never been one for keeping to the guidelines of life; I mean look at my predicament I am in.

“Alex, walk with me.” We begin calmly strolling over the excessively cleaned reflective floor into a larger room. Several security cameras are protected by metal frames, same with the television. All larger objects such as chairs and tables look to me screwed into the ground for safety measures.

“This is the common area, all of the patients usually cluster in here every day, unless they have earned their stars and have been given a pass to go outside. You will be monitored closely if you are with a group of friends to when you are by yourself; no exceptions. The television is usually on, we do not watch anything which may evoke angry emotions, so we keep it to educational channels. Once a week we will watch a movie, one we all want to watch; also three square meals a day and finally a partridge in a pear tree. How does that sound?”

I scratch the back of my head in unmoving boredom.

“I’m sure I can manage. Can we put this thing on hold, I was given some meds when I came in and all I want to do is crash-out and sleep.” I slightly slur.

“Sure thing, we can continue our little walk some other time when you’re ready; C’mon, this way to your room.” She swiftly shifts around my sluggish limbs.

I enter through a door which Jade keeps open for me. A bed, desk, one chair and an on suite bathroom is all I have. I must be moving up in the world.

“I know it’s not much to look at now, but once you settle in I am sure you will think of this as your own room.” She places her hand on my back.

“Thanks. But for right now, all I want to do is, give my pillow some head and my sheets some ass.”

She giggles in the most peculiar high pitch way.

“That was funny. We do quiet checkups on the hour every hour. It’s not that we want to invade your privacy, but you never know. Have a nice sleep and I will see you soon, Alex.

“Hopefully…” I play the cool card on her.

She exits the door in her own time, her eye bouncing on and off me. The lock turns and I turn my guards off and chuck myself on the bed for a medication nap.



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My 100th Post with a Massive Happy Christmas


My 100th Post with a Massive Happy Christmas

So here it is folks, my 100th post, now I have made it this far, there is no way I can backtrack and head back to the nothingness of normality, so I am posted here posting blogs forever. Now that I have reached this far, I know there are not many of us out there that can challenge 100 posts but I have made it. I should have named this blog “How NOT to gain 100,000 views a day when you’re a writer – Blog.” Haha! But my views on writing a writers blog were rather vague when I began.

I’ll stick to 20 – 30 views, I am fine with that. Within the future of this blog, I have so many more short stories and flash fiction for my online readers; more Guest Posts; more Poetry and the psychotically random ramblings of the darkness which nestles snug within me. I am so glad I have avid readers and commenter’s, if it wasn’t for you guys I would have given up less than a year ago.


Thank you to the WordPress team / Happiness Engineers for allowing me to man-up and use my writer’s voice on your blogging platform.

And for the journey of my writing I have managed to produce well over 200,000 words within nine months. In my eyes, that’s pretty awesome for me.

Some of my best works voted by you are…

The Suicidal Fall into Love – Short/S

The Dark Knight Writer – Misc.

How Do I Write – Random Writing

And all of my Psychological Thriller stories such as The Serial Killer and 1000 Mental Thoughts of a Killer. Thanks for the likes and interest.

But within nine months I have managed to find a certain subtle voice within an ocean of other writers, I pride myself on that.

So it is 2013-12-23 that means it is almost Christmas (My pockets and bank accounts are now empty.) So I would love to wish you all a Happy Christmas and an even better New Year.

But before I go I would like to give my mother Sandra a massive thank you, if it wasn’t for her I would have been playing video games instead of writing.

As she says…

Find construct for all that deconstructs you.

Become great and bask in its energy.

What is for you will not go by you.


Keep your minds active and your pens busy!

From Alexander Kennedy – Creative Writer and Ex-Mental Patient.


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The Serial Killer – Cut Open the Doctor

I Am Not a Serial Killer

I Am Not a Serial Killer (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Serial Killer – Cut Open the Doctor


Empty my purse and scroll out my pockets because I am about to make a killing, one that would shake the world free from all other shallow-graved bodies. Power is my motive and power is what I am wielding within my hand, bring forth the dark ages as this temptress of the apocalypse is on the verge to seduce sin itself. Thou shall not kill; whoever, people or persons that wrote that wasn’t taking to me, I am an uncomfortable need and like every need, you begin with small doses, soon addiction take effect. Let my weapon free.

“Where you off, babe?” Alan ponders, while picking up Gracie’s toys from the hallway.

“Well a girl has to work and I have to go to my other home and see my other husband, have to do the whole family-time-thing, it’s really hard to be a bad wife.” I jokingly jeer; almost believe my own lies sometimes.

He trundles over and runs his hands all over my body, while I apply my war paint.

“Well give those papers hell, make sure you don’t work too hard; and while you’re out I will invite one of my fancy-ladies around here, maybe a few drinks a few hours under the sheets, you know how it happens.”

I burst out laughing. “Well all those hours I don’t see must be going on her; give her hell, not too many friction burns as I maybe home later and may want to crawl naked into bed with you both.” I apply my burning red lippy.

“Oh God, you can’t say stuff like that and then split.”

I stretch up to his face and leave my red imprint on his cheek.

“Put on the cable and turn to the dirty channels, look for some ideas because when I get back I wanna’ see your best game. I’m going.” I grab my bag.

“Take your umbrella, it said on the news it was forecast for torrential downfall of rain for the next twenty-four hours.” He waft’s the brolly my way.

“Thanks, I love you!” I holler, not too loud to help creek open Gracie’s eyes.

For years I have been losing sleep, it’s countless to finger how much beauty I have lost with this thought; my masterpiece has finally found colour, bring the brush to the skin of the canvas and give evil a face.

This drive will be represented within my life as a bridge; the white lines on the road slither passed my car, should I follow? Nah… This is my purpose. These lines will lead you to his home. Around every turn my bag of bad tricks rustles, chinks and clonks, something wicked inside wants to break out. The heavens open upon my windshield, crying at the future the clouds have already seen, my path in life is soaked in rainwater and blood, luckily I am wearing my boots. I used to think as a girl, everytime it rained, someone had died and it was God crying because they were important; what does he do when a bad person dies? Makes it thunder and lightning, heaven may have a party and that is the angel’s music. Tonight we shall see if he is really watching.

Dr. Jeremiah Rivers, you have abused your position in life and taken innocence from people less than you, today I will extract back what you have taken from us all. But as a doctor you must hear of all kinds of conditions, my true-true shape is that of a Nyctophiliac, I feel comfort and safety within darkness.

I pull up to the woodland that surrounds his safeguard home, a small wall perimeters his castle, this King is about to be killed by the same sword that knighted him. My hair turns from thread to a leather whip which snaps an attack-attach on my face. The mud is that thick it almost takes off my boots with every footstep; luckily the rain will wash away all that I stumbled through. I am rather anxious to get this done for some reason, the feeling of not cleaning a mess when it first arose.

I’m armed into a dingy dim-lit room by a female police officer, a one way window, one table, two chairs, one ashtray and two plastic cups.

“C’mon in Sally, now here is Doctor Rivers, he will be helping you through the emotional anguish from losing a friend, some of us on the force know exactly how you feel. This guy will be able to help you.” She affirms with a smile.

Shockingly I bite into another fingernail the nub seems close, I should move onto another finger before I show blood.

“Will this be recorded?” I lisp in the chaos of my sobs.

“No – no. What you and the doctor talk about will be for your ears only, it will never leave this room.” With her thumb she stokes a tear from my cheek.

Would she treat me the same way if she knew I was the one to commit the heinous crime the news babbles about?

I wrestle into the chair, snugly. The ticks from the clock above the door mimic my steady heartbeat; I must keep up this facade for my sake, if I am too ever get free without chains straggled to my wrists attached to the chair.

Deaden voices chunter beyond the door where two silhouettes stand idle one another. I know one is the female officer, who is rather pleasant to be a police officer, than most. But the fellow reflecting her, he must be the invader of my senses, set in human form and named a psychologist. Yeah, go team psycho!

The doorknob turns and with a twitch so does my head, I find a black smudge on the wall opposing and do not take my focus away from its awesomeness. Do not give him anything, Sally.

“Hello Sally, my name is Doctor Rivers, you can call me that or Jerry, if it makes you feel more comfortable; or not.” He places a wad of papers on the table; he licks his index finger and flicks through each of the top layers with pouting lips from concentration, the occasional murmur from interest and an information overloaded nod erupt from him. What does he know?

“The policemen and women outside, along with your guardians would like me to talk to you in private to perhaps get a better insight into yours and a Miss Lacy Burns. You can tell me anything, your relationship with each other, school, anything that may be inferior; I have to get a broader picture of the people in and out of her life. Okay?”

I chug a nod. “I don’t know what you want from me.” I sputter from excess saliva.

“Anything really; what was Lacy like?” He crosses his palms on the stack of paper.

“Lacy was my best-friend, she was so wonderful to be around…” He jumps into my train-of-thought. “Sally, do you know what secrets are?” I dip my head once. “Well, I have spoken to others within your class and friends of friends and there was a rumour going around that you two were more than friends.” Busted!!! “I am not here to judge, but if you want me to help, I need to know the entire story, not just the parts you feel me, the reader, wants to know. Now shall we start again? Were you and Lacy intimate?”

I give in; if I am going down, there is no point playing it down. He knows.

“Yes. I loved her, I would have died for her; she knew that, but I found out at the end, it was a relationship based on her terms and conditions. I was the outcast and she was the popular girl, our love was the thing that love stories were made of, but in every true love story, tragedy shows its ugly face. She broke my heart with her words, so my actions took on bad-words and I could stop myself, I killed her.” The tears spill over the verge of my eyelids and within a suicidal plummet they each fall to their watery graves. “Tell the world it was me, I was betrayed in love and I did a stupid thing, this is my life. Go tell them.”

He sits back in his chair, his whole demeanour instantly shifts within a sniff of confidence.  His eyes analyse all of me, bit by bit.

This silence lasts forever, almost.

“Now why would I do that?” Okay, I am confused. Is this a trick? “Do you think you’re the only one with secrets? Now keeping secrets is my specialty, I keep them for a living and I have done many a stupid thing in my time, some I am proud of some not so. Now do you really want to spend your life behind bars?” I jiggle my head. “I didn’t think so, now there are no suspects within this case, I could go out there and tell them you two were just friends, I know you want me to do that, but if I do you have to agree to come and see me for private sessions, in my sessions are only my rules.

Back then I reluctantly agreed; I was young and naive. He was just like my disgusting father, made me do things that no one should ever have to do. He abused me along with his power over me; give me life in a real prison any day because he helped put me in one within my mind every day.

The path to his home is spotted my marble stones imbedded into the grass. I stray closer, the kitchen light is on and his back door is wide opened. Something isn’t right. I could always turn and walk but this chance my never come again, he’s heading to an all male prison.

I stretch through the doors, quiet as cat’s footsteps. I hunch-sway through the kitchen, I hear women laughing coming from the living-room. I prey forward, blade in tow, my heart take a leap into overdrive. The living-room is dark-out, the laughs come from a porno on the television; one lazy-boy chair sits in front of the massive screen. A hand extends from the right, grabbing a whiskey bottle and swilling up a glass full, taking the glass back into its confines.

“Well aren’t you going to say anything? I left the door open for you. I knew you would come for me one day, I thought it may have been sooner after what I made you do.” A drunken slur chants with a slurp.

“You knew I was coming to kill you? Why didn’t you run?” I boast with my own confidence.

“Because I help make you; I saw that evil and one thing you can’t run from is the evil you help make. I am the Victor to your Frankenstein monster.” He spins around in his chair. “Let’s get this over and done with.”

I smirk.

“Gladly doctor Jerry. I’m going to cut my secret from you. Nurse – Scalpel.”


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Writing Competition

Writing Competition

Hello my word-loving friends.

I am giving one lucky reader with an idea to have their outlined-story written by me.

All you have to do to enter is, within the comment section below just write the basics of the story.

For Example…

“A cop is on the hunt for serial killer who only kills college-students.” A logline.


What will you get when you win?

  • Your name all over the story itself
  • Also a link to your page within the post to direct more traffic to your blog
  • The chance to work with me again in the future on other stories
  • And just being my fave-looked after blogger on the web

So just put your comments below and I will see them every day.


And don’t worry if you don’t win this time, we will be hosting these from time to time, so keep entering.

Keep those pens busy!


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Fiction Writing For Adults – The Serial Killer Part 3 – The Kill of Love

A quiet family meal, Grace sits up close to me so I can wipe her mouth when the food falls off from the fork. Alan sits shovelling mash potato into his mouth, slowly trudging his way through his meatballs.

A male reporter mimes his way through a subtitled story on the television that’s been muted.

“All I am trying to say is it’s a doctor’s duty to make sure he takes better care of his patients and not shoot up on morphine when conducting interviews.” He grumbled over his chewed food.

“What’s a duty?” Gracie interjects.

I wipe her bottom lip with a napkin, gravy.

“It’s someone’s job sweetie. I totally agree with you, it’s a misuse of his power. He wasn’t diagnosing his patients properly and some of them ended their own lives as well as others. A total travesty.”

“And he was getting high from his own stash; any drug dealer I lock up knows that’s the first no-no.”

As Alan shakes his head forward into his piled food, I am the one who is ravenous inside. No one knows this but Dr. Jeremiah Rivers was my doctor as a young teen girl, he was the one to give me help when Lacy Burns was murdered – Yes, by me. – Now as I clean-up our dirty dishes and get ready to go to my second job all I know is the story of her will be on my mind. Your first love and murder usually rest on you heavier than any other.

“I will hold my heart over you.” She injures the demon within me with her words.

The date was early 90’s and lacy and I were sitting making daisy-chains in an open field just behind Donnie Larks farm. This was our spot, our time and how we showed love to one another. For teens worldwide falling for the equal sex for a time in curious nature may just be a fad, but for us it was the real deal; Lacy and Sally forever carved into trees we held each other in. Here we lay staring into each other’s starry eyes. Our ankle socks pulled up high as well as my hope for our love.

“Are we going to be together forever?” I look for my insecurity to be laid to rest, her words will heal me.

“You don’t have to ask, Sal. I love you.” She sucks her tight lips into her mouth. I should have read the signs at this moment.

My world becomes smaller and we are the only two inhabitants on it. I jerk my face quickly towards her and peck her on the lips.  This is how I want my life to be until the end of time.

“Say something, I want to hear your voice.” I urge.

She turns on her side and arches up her head with her hand. I look up to the sapphire sky with lightly dotted clouds.

“Once upon a time, the sun and moon were in love; a man fell in love with the sun, but with a passion he hated the Moon. So with his magic powers he separated the Sun and the moon forever. Now the Sun shows her face during the day and the moon took upon the night, one day every thousand years they meet in an eclipse, but during their time apart they send wish messages on the wind, depending on the power of the wish, depends on the speed of the wind.”

“Run away with me.” An idea sparks my words.

“What? …Where will we go?” She squeaks.

“Anywhere as long as it’s with you, it’s you I want to be with, that’s all I know.” I pull her closer and hold her head on me.

We made plans to jump town and get on a train and head into the sunset far beyond our eyes can see.  So here I am waiting under our tree, stars and moon watching over me. I am so in love, I don’t even realise she is twenty-five minutes late on us meeting.

Where should we go? We can always get part-time jobs build up our money and head for Paris, a dream you can almost touch.  I look ideally at my watch to figure out what could be taking so long? Maybe her father has found out about our running away? She got lost in the dark? Kidnapped? ….Cold feet? Possibly.

After a long night of my hope waiting in the darkness as a thrown out dog, I head to my heart owners home for answers. Knock-knock, her mother answers in her 50’s style dress code, she is very beautiful.

“Hi there Mrs. Burns, is Lacy home?” I politely cluck.

“Hi Sally, I am sorry, Lace has gone on a date with Jason Stewart from school; you two are so close, I thought she would have told you.” My heart breaks, love has become her weapon to use against me, she has shot me so many times in the same spot.

“No, she didn’t mention it to me, thank you.” I turn and the door closes on me and our love.

She has destroyed my world I guess that is her nature, but revenge for this hurt turns into an idea which springs up instantaneously. Stick to the rules of yourself, do not hurt anyone to further yourself and you will live. A monster is born.

After 22 hours of persistent phone calls and door knocks she has agreed to meet me, but we must keep it a secret as I am sure this will be our break up, she can only kill me once.

Moping across broken twigs and dead plant life, her head in between her legs to show the hurt she put me through, she knows she is in the wrong.

Her hands stretched out to bargain. “Please Sal, just hear me out.”

Biting my tongue and holding back my shattered hearts pieces I hold cupped within my hand, I nod.

“I think we should just be friends, it’s not that I don’t love you it’s just that I can’t love you just yet.” Here come the water-works. “And I know what we have is special but we are living a lie if we think we can get away with it and it not slip out and have everyone call us out.”

One thousand and one things to say and she has me stumped, she really is my kryptonite.

“So why when we started to do this did you continue, if deep down you were feeling like this? Stopped me before I fell by myself in love, huh? Lead me along the road of a happy future and you hitch a ride from someone else and leave me stranded. How shitty is that?”

Nothing but the caws from crows and hoots from owls fill this awkwardness.

“Yeah well, it’s not like it was real or anything.”

Right there I become a libertine, my thoughts clear away all I want to say as my head rises to darkness.

“You bitch, that really does hurt me. You better because I am going to chase you.”

The fear of her life lies on her face, she about turns and runs for her life.

We lollop through the low branches. Pants and slight breathable squeaks shunt through the nightlife.  As she turns to see her stalker she is clothes-lined by a branch is hurtled backwards to the floor. I stop my chase and walk to Lacy, she is going nowhere.

“Why couldn’t you just love me?” I sputter up the shards of hate.

She tries to show words but her mouth is battered from the impact. She reaches out her hand and tries to bring me down to help level for a makeup hug.

“You made my heart bleed for you, now it’s your turn.” I reach for a branch and crack it straight through her rib cage and have it protruding from her beautiful heart.

The love has gone.

Dr. Jeremiah Rivers was the psychologist assigned to Lacy’s case to perhaps find who did it and also give the ones she loved some mental support.

I guess he didn’t do his job properly and now from my point of view he could have stopped me years ago, I wonder what other monsters he let slip through his fingers. It doesn’t matter, I am going to pay him a visit and get the answers I want.

Time to for my dark side to take control.

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