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What Types Of Writers Are There?


What Types Of Writers Are There?

Now for this writing article I know I will not be featured on Freshly Pressed nor any other family orientated weblog, I have good reason though. I have to show all if the writers out there about finding an angle for their writing and yes, this will have foul language, so if you think bad words are corruptible then I suggest you look away. If you would like to further your writing knowledge that is rather dire for you to become an awesome writer, keep reading my sane friends.

Okay in my opinion you have ‘The Gracious Writer’ and ‘The Hard-Hitting Writer’ both utterly unique and critical within the writing industry. Which one are you?

I will start off by portraying a hard-hitting writer, what they do and how they affect readers.

Now Hard-hitting writers are the ones who are not afraid of words, such as Rap artists, psychology/horror/epic/sci-fi screenwriters to the same genre of novelists and short-story writers; such as Stephen King (The legend) Eminem (My Hero!) James Cameron (Great movies, dude.) Shane Black (I love all your films) Dan Brown (The DaVinci Code was the shit!) Edgar Allen Poe (Not bad my friend, not bad.) There are some more but I would be here all day listing writers.

I will show you along-the-lines of what a hard-hitting writer does.

‘Jackson bursts through the main doors with a wamble from his shooter. The shine of hell turns furnace within his eyes. The pain from each of his family members keeps him moving forward into the path of a thousand bullets that hole him.

“Die, you motherfuckers, you deserve this and more!” He bawls from his hell to the heavens. Death does not become him as he takes on the role as his server.  The blood that seeps from him doesn’t slow Jackson down; it is his rage that keeps him marching forward.

The room floods with god-fearing men and jumping bullet casings that soon lay still beside the bodies Jackson is wafting into an endless-sleep.

All Jackson can smell is the tinge of discharged weapons and burning skin as the hot metal pierces through blood with revenge. As the last bullet is fired from Jackson piece an eerie silence of the chokes and gargles of hemorrhaging and squeaks of pain are all that warm the room.

Jackson walks over to a dying foe, uncaring and lost within his stare.

“We-We… were just …doing our job, you and your family just got in the way, man.” The death-gripped challenger falters.

“And now, I’m just doing mine. Tell the devil I’ll be seeing him soon, you piece of shit.” Jackson lifts his cannon with no life and ends his enemies.

Are you starting to see the big picture now? Two types… That’s all we have. Now a Gracious Writer is the type to be very poetic in writing, attention to deal is crucial to the whole story and above all else they are very focused on each piece of work.

Such as J.K.Rowling (Love Harry Potter) Stephanie Meyers (Edward Cullen you’re so hunky!) 50 Shades of Grey (Not for me, but women seem to like it. Plus I have done better stuff than that.) And so on….

Here you go with my take on a Gracious Writer. Tell me what you think.

Each blink is too long and each beat is too much to cage and bare, so I shall rip off my eyelids to keep you in my sight’s a little longer and tear through my chest and place myself as a sacrifice to the goddess of my inner war. My lips become unworked and dry without your pressure and I wonder and pace in circles to this addiction called you, your essence or smoke clings to my lungs, I know each inhale is deadly but the remembrance will one day be my murderer. I know you have found your feet and walked the ground you stood on but you left a blood-trail when you drove your hand through my ribs, clasped your fingers around my heart and dragged it off to the unknown, thank you.

I have tried to rip and burn the photographs of you but your witchcrafting spells are protection against your stillness towards the weak. It feels as if I am chained to a monstrous mountains peak of snow and I am kneeling at its feet, tortured to watch the skies clouds that have now been replaced with images of our better times and precious seconds. There was no Cupid with a bow and arrow only a silent thief with a dagger. No medical diagnosis or prescription to help me now, the only answer it to go cold turkey, the oldest of remedies and cures but it will surely almost destroy me as you have ripped out my insides, cooked them and now I am ready to carve. The thought of you make me throw-up, not in a sickening way to your portrait but fear, anxiety, frustration and anger, those are the invisible fingers down my throat. Thank you, Love.

So there you have it, one more step towards a Literary Agent. What do you think? Tell me.

Keep those pens busy!


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Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy


Interview with the Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy

QUESTION TIME! This was an interview I did for Writers-Ways online Magazine about blogging online. They said to me “You have to answer truthfully.” So I did. But I am posting this on my blog so you guys can get an inside look of me.

1: What is your biggest fear?

Answer: Well I have a few; my fear doesn’t erupt from one thing. I am scared of spiders, you have no idea how I turn into a teenage girl when I see one. I am also afraid of being alone; the thought of everyone disappearing on me is way up there. And lastly, being forgotten, this is probably the reason behind me writing, I would like to leave a legacy.

2: What are your hopes for the future?

Answer: Well I always imagined doing something great with my life and having that white-picket fence, happily ever after. But I would be glad to star in a movie or even have a piece of my work made into one. But the way things are going now with the world climate and not finding a literary agent I would be happy just having enough money to eat.

3: How do you cope being a mental patient?

Answer: I write. I write all of the things that need to be pulled out because I bottle up my problems, it used to be where I never had the words, I bottled up my problems and I got angry a lot but once I found words and writing stories it was a way to vent all that I kept inside.

4: How are you finding blogging?

Answer: I love blogging! It’s a great chance to pass out my work to people who love to read and see what they like. I mean I do get stuck on the “Category and Tags” I mess them up sometimes, but it’s all trial and error. But Blogging really helps perfecting my passion. Thanks to all my followers.

5: Are you any closer to finding representation?

Answer: No. I mean I was getting e-mails from people asking to read my work with a promise of a literary agent’s representation without even meeting, but I checked them out, fraudsters. And I also received some messages from people who were telling me they knew Stephen King and if I were to pay them money, they would get my work to him. I was thinking, scam-alert! I mean how is sending my work to another writer going to benefit me in the long run? So the answer is no, but if I dream it, it can be achieved.

6: How many stories have you got?

Answer: Well, I have well over fifty stories from every genre; I love to write little bits of everything, it keeps me on my toes. Sometime I write two-three stories at a time because I have a lot locked inside me. But I have movie ideas I would love to write and also TV series ideas. But I am just focusing on my writing until I am at that level then I can let everything out.

7: What’s the worst thing about blogging?

Answer: It’s weird, you know, sometimes I write a great piece of material and I spend hours and hours on it and when I publish it, nothing. And that gets me thinking maybe it wasn’t that good. I mean I look at my stats and it say “You have one view” But over fifteen people have liked it, I mean what’s up with that? But maybe I am being weird, I love blogging and the people who follow me, they have taught me a lot about myself and I wouldn’t give them up for anything. Yeah you get the odd few who only follow you so they get a follow back.

8: How does it feel to have one of the best writing blogs online?

Answer: Well it’s awesome! I get messages all the time from people who love my work, which just blows me away. I have always known I had the words but to have people call me a “prolific writer” or a “Powerful word-smith” It kind of makes my heart flicker. But without those guys I wouldn’t even do this. I mean I was a  no one four months ago and my blog has grown so much in such a short time because people have started to believe in my writing and that gives me hope for the future.

9: If you became famous would you still blog?

Answer: Hell-Yeah! I have always been taught; never forget where you come from. If blogging makes me then while I still write my Novels – screenplays – songs and whatever else, I will still blog to make sure the people who helped make are never forgotten. I love em’!

10: What can we expect from you in the future on your blog?

Answer: Well, more. I have stories online I still have to finish like “The Experiment” – “The Serial Killer” – “Saved by an Angel” and “Teen Hero” People really loved these and I will also be uploading some more flash-fiction and shorts. But I have a few more stories that will capture your eyes. I will keep my pen busy for you guys. I won’t stop ever. But I am writing a lot of romance at the minute, I love to read how someone can love someone else. I’m at a weird stage of reading. But I have a lot more stories and writing information for my blog. So come stop by again.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.

Keep your pens busy! I know I will.


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Finding Your Blogger/Writer Voice


I think a turn of my word-fire is intended; think of it as literacy evolution. I few people ask me how to gain a huge audience of blogging followers. Well the trick is Make Some Noise!

If you think of Stephen King or Shakespeare as the tip of the mountain and you do not try to conquer where they have reached, your writing will be none other than “Expectation” But if you are someone like me then you have a knack for breaking rules and not backing down, making me a predatory writer that this world has never read.

Break free from all you know, all you have been taught and if you are good enough for greatness, people will follow. What is a writer’s nature? Now when you answer this make sure it is answered in a simplistic fashion.

  • To entertain
  • To show life from a different perspective
  • To invoke Fear/Romance/Comedy (So on and so forth)
  • To shine a light on darkness

There are many more but if you think about the simple reasons of a writer you will become one, most people tend to over complicate things. Hey, you’re only sane, that’s kind of what you do.

Okay now let’s get on to making some literacy noise for those followers and whoever else may be out there in the big bad world.

Now to make noise you have to be able to see and write different from everyone else, you see most writers have their own voice when writing, let us take Stephen King (Again) Now Stephen has a tendency to story-tell like he is around a campfire and it is a story you cannot walk away from. Now His writing voice is far different from J.K.Rowling. Now I guarantee you if Stephen has a blast at writing Harry Potter it would be far most intense and more gruesome (Hey, sounds like my kind of book.) Now your voice is up to you but make sure your audience understands it well.

Now you are on the way to finding your voice now you must write; trial and error is always a factor when blogging plus it is a great way to perfect your writing profession. Now don’t think just because you have written a few stories or uploaded a few poem that Fame and Fortune should be located in your back pocket, people who write blogs put in major amounts of work onto their blog this is the reasoning behind them gaining a Literary Agent, now I am not giving you false hope, this life is not intended for all.

But what you have to remember is what the industry does. IT SELLS! Whore yourself to your work and soon your words will ejaculate over the world, how about that for disgusting inspiration. Haha! (Yeah, I have a vile-view on how I look at things; you see this is my voice.)

Now if you have something these agents can sell, I mean within your work, you are more than likely going to be snapped up. So remember that when you and your work are ready to be noticed.

But I will leave you with a glimmer of the hopeless-writers, Literary agents within this day and age are scouring blogging platforms for new writers to take a hold on this world. They find it more worthy to find a diamond than try to shape one from the rough.

So there you have it my sane 2D friends.

Keep those pens busy!


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The Dark Night Writer

ff_darknight_fYo! Yo! Yo! I’m back, baby!

I got this question the other day from a dude (No specifics) From America his name is Dale Booth.

“Alex, what’s it like to be a hungry writer and juggling your mental illness in the other hand that you don’t write with? Your blog is legendary and I hope the best for you and your words in the future.” (That’s sweet! Thanks dude.)

Well my friends this is question I have trekked into and bypassed because of fear but I shall answer it the best I can because I am a fearless bastard!

First off can I just say to writers who give advice like “The first rule of writing anything is…. (Wait for it!) To write.” Okay, first off I know what you are trying to say but if you do not dive into detail of HOW TO WRITE people will look elsewhere. So to all looking for advice of how to write all you must know when you are looking for writing advice is…. Don’t go looking for mediocre writers advice, they have no idea what they are talking about or don’t go into detail, these people will not help you publish your work.

Sorry about the rant, back on with the question.

To be both, a writer and psycho is quite a challenge at times. I’m on meds so sometimes I am too spaced out to write and others my brain goes haywire and wants to write in my own blood, so I quit before I start.

I know I want to be a writer so I try my hardest every day. I look at what I write as I job I must complete, if I look at it as fun my words will not come across as serious I want them to. If you look at prior posts I have publish on WordPress you know within a matter of months I have out written most “run of the mill” writers, so already I know I can keep up.

But I know as a writer and a blogger that people on the internet do not want to sit and read a 5,000 word piece of fiction when they can go elsewhere and find other forms of entertainment. So what I tend to do is write very short flash fiction, this not only give the reader what they want is a smaller form but also gives me a challenge to write a huge story and squash it into perhaps 1,000+ words.

Also I think of some weird things which will make you think “Where does he get his ideas!” What can I say, man, I’m awesome that way!

But my angle of writing is darkness! And I make sure my thought of becoming a better writer is more that what you can produce which in essence makes me PROLIFIC! Observe…

Darken your pen and nightmares will come to life. I am a God that creates the evils of beauty and sometime with a flick of my wrist I show distorted images I see when I look into my mirror, I am an artist that works with ink and jagged-edges for your pleasure.

The pain I have lived will echo a smile upon your face, my job is done. I am my own worst enemy; shoot to kill and write in blood. I write the word flower and my petals will cut through your very soul, you will know me as a writer.

Have faith my pen using friends.

P.s. to the motherf*cker who keeps on sending me emails saying “Hey, I know Stephen King, he wants to read your fiction, for a small fee, I can help.” Can it!

So this is me signing off as The Dark Night Writer!

Keep your pens busy!


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Writing Your Heart Out.

Stephen King, American author best known for h...

Stephen King, American author best known for his enormously popular horror novels. King was the 2003 recipient of The National Book Foundation’s Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters. Taken at the 2007 New York Comicon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As a writer just like you, I do hope for a literary agent one day. I guess we all have that dream to be up to the same stance as Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, Edgar Allen Poe or even Jackie Collins… So on and so forth. But While I wait here at Rock-Bottom or at the Bottom of the Ladder I am able to perfect my skill and gain an audience.

Now I know when writing a blog every page always hits a Dead-Point when no one is coming in especially when your dream is at stake. But DON’T STOP! I don’t mind if I get 20 views one day and the next day 200 views on my blog because I have faith not only in my writing but also myself and time will form my future.

Now I know we all have dreams, we all just drift away and think of a life unlike the ones we are living now and a writing career where you are at the top of your game and no one can stand to you.

If you want greatness, no one else will pick up that pen.

But I have seen writers do the minimum amount of work and expect the world to fall at their feet and call what they do as art. ~ Hang your heads in shame. ~ But I have also seen writers like this gain a writing-contract and deliver everything that no one wants. Awesome!

But I have also seen people do the maximum amount of writing and still heading nowhere.

Show your feathers and you will fly.

Be something more than yourself; be like The Dark Knight and become an idea, an idea that is unbreakable, unmovable; do not show your scars – create your own. And from this an audience will form and follow your shadow. This is when you become great.

Think of yourself as a superhero creating your persona; each time you type you save a soul and the more you save the more your name flies around the globe. Until the time a literary agent comes forth from a spaceship and presents you to the world of Fame and fortune and hands you a costume and forever you will never be able to be defeated.

Yes, I do realise that is a little far out there but it make sense to me. Haha! So be Clark Kent for a time, grow into your powers and soon you will become Superman. (Yes, I have seen Man of Steel, found it to be Awesome!)

But do not write for Fame or Fortune because all you will get is broke-pockets and fewer friends than when you started.

We all start somewhere but being at the bottom isn’t all that bad because it just shows us where we want to arrive.

So do your work, take your time and don’t reach for greatness sooner than you’re ready.  In time everything will come. Become great in your own way and they will come to abduct you.

Keep those pens busy….



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