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My Lost Movie Poetry

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So as you guys know I have been writing with the wonderful Just Patty on some poetry. In this post lies the lost poetry which never made the final-cut. Oh and look out for the movie poem I wrote in here too, I hope you enjoy!

My Lost Poetry

You tremble like you’ve seen a ghost,

Strangle this pencil until you’ve seen it broke,

Angle this metal around my throat,

Angry heckles cheer me and goad,

The blood floods as a tap-dancing spectacle,

Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum; here I come,

Trampling on all of you speckles,

Top gear, can’t stop here,

Forgotten voice and a lost ear,


Broken toys and stolen tears,


Frozen poise with lonely years,


I’m a chocking noise, coughing clear,


I’m faced with a frightening facial facelift which leaves me faceless, let’s face it,

A fascist facade merely frames him.

You fondle my trigger,

You eat this blast,

Gobbled up forever,

Re-tweet your last gasps,

I’m what you call a wonder weapon,

A wandering apex predator, Dexter,

I love safe sex, I always bring protection,

Loving face kisses then I bring upon the reckoning.

From 8 Mile to the Green Mile,

Tonight is Date Night,

Upon the Jewel of the Nile,

Superman, take flight,

It’s a Dark Knight,

That’s right, Pitch Black,

We’re on a Star Trek towards a Star Wars,

Resistance is Futile,

The time is Twilight,

I have A History of violence,

I’ve got my Goal set in my sights,

My Event Horizon,

Cannibals in space,

An Animal Rat Race,

Mallrats in the Bat-cave,

Battleships on a rampage,

Misery hates a blank page,

A Mammoth heading for an Ice Age,


Indiana Jones on a bad day,

Godfather kissing me on the hand,

Jot in my Vampire Diary,

Jurassic Park theme park rides all day,

Are we there yet?

I will never be Grown-up,

I can’t stop laughing.

Out of Sight,

Out of Mind,

Good Will Hunting with words,

Well, I’m out of mine,

So you can’t see me, right?



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My Darkness Writes Rhymes

new for blog



Kill my thoughts before they kill again,

My souls holes picked locked,

With this wicked pen,

I have stricken men,

Pets, women and children,

I get vicious with them,

Because my hurt comes first,

This curse is the worst,

But first things first;

I’m taking off this blindfold,

Taking the name of a psycho,

Raising my followers as if I was the bible,

Pressing against this collarbone is my rifle,

Let’s get your ghost out of those dry clothes,

I’m spying on you through my motel spy-hole.


I am trying my hardest to bury this sin,

Swallowing a fistful of pills,

I’m merely practicing medicine,

Face droops and head-spins,

‘Til death do us part,

This will be my black wedding.

I’m ready for war, Bring on the drums!

Luckily for me we’re not men of the cloth,

Or we’d all have serious problem,

Alex you’re not regular anymore,

Counting the days on my calendar,

Fearlessness with the spellbinds I write,

My enemies I fight, I dissolve them.

Further into fiction,

Murder with my fingers tipped visions,

When my world stops turning,

Over the lines I’m killing.


Slit my write wrist,

Popped the tablets,

Incase you missed it,

Didn’t kick the habit,

Kicked off the blanket,

Shaking in my boots,

No fear factor,

Taking even more bad fruits.

In the eyes of the beholder,

I will be a memory,

So whatever happens,

Please, just remember me.

I’m traumatised from Earths frostbite,

Reading this? I got you cross-eyed,

Forced fed another lost life,

Living in a bombsite,

 Writing is my only foresight,

Superman putting on glasses,

Because in the land of the blind,

I’d rather be four eyes.


I fall by my will,

 And one day I know I will fall,

After all someone must hold onto this thunder-ball,

Peeking over the wonder-wall,

Tipple-tailing and somersaults,

Happy-slapping and handicapping,

All the worlds’ underdogs.

Fight this thought,

I’m a writer!

Blinded by these words,

A mad mans mind, the rise and fall,

I’m a silent pen crier,

Deep dark depth climber.

Weather calls for extreme conditions,

Heaven falls while we all listen.

I’m a jack of all trade,

I’ve got the rapid response late,

When my magma words roll this way,

My jagged bones stick out from my face,

And I’m still attacking my soul,

With simply a pencil and a page.


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The Psycho Writer

English: Animated atomic bomb explosion. Polsk...

English: Animated atomic bomb explosion. Polski: Grzybek atomowy. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What do you know about fear? “Gee-whizz! That bully won’t leave me alone…” Or “In the joint, me and my home-boys have got each other’s backs, cause you never know when an attack will happen.”

How about this?  I was sitting each my dinner in the asylum the other day, next to a guy named James; he was a schizophrenic, this was one of his better days, he was rather quiet. From out of nowhere a guy named Christian, whose conditions escapes me, lunges across the table and ploughs his teeth into James face. Oh yeah, I am really afraid of any of you when this is my life.

I just want to give you a perspective of what I go through and my outcome when I finish a story. All I have is hope; yes I am out now, but for how long before I am dragged back?

My imagination is my only escape; people like you escape with drugs or booze, but I escape within my words. One day I can only hope I will have escaped it all through my stories.

I was sitting in the doctor’s office the other day; my weekly hourly meeting. And from out of nowhere the wall beside us fell away, which was filled with psycho-books and plaques to tell me how much work this dude has done. It revealed a vast deserted desert, humongous icy mountains and a mushroom cloud which licks the background with it reds and orange aftermath.

“What are you thinking about, Alex?” He gentle puts it.

“Nothing, doc’.” I confide in my day-dream.

“You’re thinking of nothing? I really do doubt it.” He tries to slink into my brain.

“Next question…”

I marvel back into my mind, Superman begins to do battle from the sky on hundreds of Aliens; he swoops down and blasts them with his heat-vision.

A slight smirk on my face.

I wanted to give you guys a day in the life of an actual mental patient and creative writer. You see I am not just a run-of-the-mill writer, who has no money and wants fame to rest his soul. I cannot stop this, I never will. I am a mental patient living and sometimes working as a sane person, who wants to be a writer, no biggie’.

But I do admire some of you sane people; you inspire me so much when this world needs you. And to the rest of you, eat me! And always remember there is someone else out there with a life worse than you, I know I do, I know I am not the only one. But you also have no idea of the why I am the way I am. That is a story I take to my grave.

But I would like you to know I have a few more stories I will be passing your way. Someday it will make a great screenplay for a movie but until then I shall take my medication and keep on pretending to be just like you.

Even for reading this, I thank you; you are the eyes I need when mine steer away and bring forth the darkness I never want.

This has been a psychotic announcement.

The creative writer, Alexander Kennedy.

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