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Thank You – Thousands Of Followers!


Thousands of Followers.

Hello my sane writer friends.

I would like to wish all of you the biggest appreciation and thank you from the darkest crevasses of my heart. You have believed in my work since day one and now my audience has grown so much and so rapidly. I am trying my hardest to keep up with all of your work but sometimes it is overwhelming to get to each and every one of you.

You are all fantastic-wordy-type-people and I have belief within you. Plus WordPress has asked me to thank all the thousands of you superb readers for pressing that button. THANK YOU!!!

So please come to me with any writing dilemmas or self-development – I’m usually here writing.

Hope you stay a gracious follower and I hope you like what else I have planned for my blog.

P.s. My novel is coming along quite well, thank you for you e-mails.

Keep your pens busy!

Creative Writer Alex Kennedy.

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Thank You: Over 500 Followers & 500 Likes on my Blog

Thank you!


This is so much better than any award I could ever achieve. I have reached way over the 650 Follower mark and well over the 500 Like mark on my pages, I am only at 250 comments, but we’re getting there.

I never thought my writing blog would ever gain this much interest and attention. I know it may not be in the thousands but I have gained over 500 followers in 3 months and on a new writing blog, for many that is an achievement all on its own.

But thank you. You guys make my work what it is. You put in the time to read and follow my creative writing blog on wordpress.com and to me that makes you awesome. It may not be 22,476 followers, but hey! I have over 650! ….YES!!!!!!

I’d like to also thank, little baby jesus. And my mommy and daddy…. Haha! I’m just playing.

But honestly all of the comments, likes and followers are appreciated at this side, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t even try.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeah, you…. Yes, the person reading this right now, you!

Keep reading and if you haven’t before, have a trek to see what I have written before, you might find something.

Keep being awesome and keep those pens busy!

I love you.


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