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Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7...

Kristen Stewart at Hollywood Life Magazine’s 7th Annual Breakthrough Awards English actor Robert Pattinson at the Twilight premiere. November 2008 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Can I start off by saying a big warm Thank You! To Alex Kennedy for allowing me post on http://www.youngadultfictionblog.com (I’m keeping my pen busy, Alex.)

Now I deal with a lot of people within relationships, to their first meets, to their sorrowful break-ups. Now we look at the Hollywood stars and believe they have it all, the big mansions, the fast shiny cars, the beautiful partner and a bank account that is topped to the brim. But at the end of the day, they are only people, with urges and impulses.

Kristen Stewart, (Bella – Twilight Saga) is a young attractive woman, to look at her you wouldn’t believe she had any problems within this world and to top it all off she has her hubby Rob (R-Patz)

Kristen Stewart of "Twilight" fame p...

Kristen Stewart of “Twilight” fame plays on the vampire mystique at the 82nd Academy Awards, March 7, in Hollywood, Calif. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But ladies we all know if we get everything we ever wanted the only thing we would fear is ‘How long will it last?’ for most of us we would go with the flow and see where our chips falls. But when the whole K-Stew/R-Patz frenzy began, I started to see the toll it had on Miss Stewart.

We all had to have seen it… The screaming girls shouting for Rob, telling him they loved him, hurtling pure abuse at his hand-held girlfriend for even being close to him. The female superstars telling him they are jealous of Kristen. And some of these women are attractive and that gets to us girls.

I believe dark thoughts started to cloud her judgement, thinking Rob will one day leave her for someone who is more a Hollywood icon starlet than a co-star and friend.


Her mistake was not talking to her loving boyfriend. – FIRST RULE OF ANY RELATIONSHIP!

No one just wakes up one day from a dream life they acquired and say “Hey, I’m going to do the dirty on the one thing I love most in this world.” …Events arise and miscommunication always has a finger in there. At the end of the day, this is just speculation.

And also, we know Hollywood like its publicity-stunts, this could be one… Who knows?

But if it isn’t, we all make mistakes in our lives, it’s how we cope when the storms arrives at our feet, which shows who we truly are. But if she wants him back, I say….. YOU GO GIRL!! You deserve him, you two work well together and I see the chemistry between you both.

And on a small note before I finish, I was not team Jacob, I was never team Edward… I am and always have been Team Bella Swan!

I have been Tracy Emery and you have been reading what I think.


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My Lost Movie Poetry

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So as you guys know I have been writing with the wonderful Just Patty on some poetry. In this post lies the lost poetry which never made the final-cut. Oh and look out for the movie poem I wrote in here too, I hope you enjoy!

My Lost Poetry

You tremble like you’ve seen a ghost,

Strangle this pencil until you’ve seen it broke,

Angle this metal around my throat,

Angry heckles cheer me and goad,

The blood floods as a tap-dancing spectacle,

Fee-Fi-Foe-Fum; here I come,

Trampling on all of you speckles,

Top gear, can’t stop here,

Forgotten voice and a lost ear,


Broken toys and stolen tears,


Frozen poise with lonely years,


I’m a chocking noise, coughing clear,


I’m faced with a frightening facial facelift which leaves me faceless, let’s face it,

A fascist facade merely frames him.

You fondle my trigger,

You eat this blast,

Gobbled up forever,

Re-tweet your last gasps,

I’m what you call a wonder weapon,

A wandering apex predator, Dexter,

I love safe sex, I always bring protection,

Loving face kisses then I bring upon the reckoning.

From 8 Mile to the Green Mile,

Tonight is Date Night,

Upon the Jewel of the Nile,

Superman, take flight,

It’s a Dark Knight,

That’s right, Pitch Black,

We’re on a Star Trek towards a Star Wars,

Resistance is Futile,

The time is Twilight,

I have A History of violence,

I’ve got my Goal set in my sights,

My Event Horizon,

Cannibals in space,

An Animal Rat Race,

Mallrats in the Bat-cave,

Battleships on a rampage,

Misery hates a blank page,

A Mammoth heading for an Ice Age,


Indiana Jones on a bad day,

Godfather kissing me on the hand,

Jot in my Vampire Diary,

Jurassic Park theme park rides all day,

Are we there yet?

I will never be Grown-up,

I can’t stop laughing.

Out of Sight,

Out of Mind,

Good Will Hunting with words,

Well, I’m out of mine,

So you can’t see me, right?



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Essentials of Writing. Part 1


The Essentials of Writing. Part 1

In this segment I will be stating the essentials of writing the best way possible.

Where to start? Well I have been writing since I was around eight years old and now I have reached quarter of a century (For all those that are no good at math, that’s 25 years old.)

I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes writing is not easy. There’s going to be times where you cannot write, your brain just switches off and gives the pen and paper the finger. But there are other times when you have so much circling around in your egg-head that it’s hard to jot down everything at once, welcome to stress.

What I am going to give all of my viewers, which is around twenty of you give or take two; is my fundamental list of The Fundamentals of Writing.

  • Strive for a better story. We all know that nowadays some of the best stories are rehashed versions of someone else’s work. Twilight V’s Romeo & Juliet – “I can’t be with you because I’m part of this family and you can’t be with me because you’re part of that family. Hey, I have an idea where we can be together, it’s called death.” With a twist of words, characters and genre you can create greatness too. But you want to be a different type of writer; you want to become a great writer.
  1. Write from your own experiences to produce something new.
  2. Don’t just read – Study! If you want to become a writer then you must eat, sleep and poop books.
  • I stumbled upon a writer a while ago who got inspired by one of my stories and he wanted to start-up a free blog and begin his writing endeavour. He only wrote around 200 words, it was about a hit & run accident. The overall story was great BUT there was no real vocabulary or details within his story.  Writers breaking into writing often tend to do this; luckily I was young when I went through this stage. For example he wrote.

‘The cars wheels spun really fast and he took off in a chase like form; no one could ever catch him. Not the police or army or god. Make way on this road because a bad man is behind a steering wheel.’

I mean the story is there but there was so much more he could have done to ensure he had a gem on his fingertips.

Each to their own, I gave him a few pointers on how to write and what he must to make sure he doesn’t get trolled online and now his blog is flourishing ever so nicely. Most writers just need to find their niche.

  • No one wants to pick up another book (The Dictionary) when they have no idea the meanings of the words within your book. I mean, live the words, love them, but know your bounds. I’m not saying cancel out all great words, but tone it down and be cautious when and where you put them. If it writes well, keep it! For example, could you imagine if Stephanie Meyers called it Crepuscule instead of Twilight, yeah, it means the same thing, but Twilight has a certain ring to it. Don’t ask me why I am dancing around Twilight tonight, probably because I was made to watch it by my Girlfriend and it’s inhabiting and taking over all my rational thought… Team Jacob 4 lyf!

Thanks for reading. Now hit that like button! Part 2 coming soon.

Keep those pens busy!



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