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Thirst For Love – Fiction by Alexander Kennedy


Thirst For Love

Vampire Fiction

I am walking in the moonlight, same moon and the same thirst. There was once a time when people never came out of their homes at night, too afraid of what my kind may do to them. I am not going to say I am the last of my people, I am not, that would be cliché and am not in the mood for a Hollywood ending on this night of nights. These humans are deserving to be our food, especially when they leave themselves open for attack when they attend public houses. So much booze entails so much vulnerability.

My overcoat snaps behind me as the wind passes by with whispers of …“Run”… travelling on it, a warning the food cannot hear. I will not kill in public as the sight of it will invoke screams, so I must stay in the boundaries of the back alleys waiting for stragglers with stumbles in their steps.
A female voice reaches my ears, I crouch myself in a dark corner, camouflaged. She steps in her heels within a tic-toc pace. She shows herself, her skin is pale but has had a brush with make-up it settles perfectly on her, her black hair whips in the wind like my coats trail. She is a petite young woman but her eyes have been informed of fear and warnings. She has a phone to her ear, I don’t see her talking and I hear no voice within the phone… It’s a ploy, only giving the illusion towards her loneliness. I take in a breath full of her, her perfume blurs my vision.

Is this want for her blood of love for her heart? The question prolongs my actions and feed. I have never look upon a beauty like this, I lie, once I did, before the thirst found my lips I had love in my heart, plague blackened hers, I trailed through sunsets looking for retreats from death and unholy medicines but nothing was found, only a curse for blood. A new question arises its eerie face. Do I do what I remember or what is in my nature? Love for blood. She begins to walk from my view; I place both my hands on the wall and take myself from the locks of gravity. I crawl vertically across the wall just for her to rest in my eye once more.
She halts her clock walking and lowers the phone that is attached to her to her side. She turns her head slightly to the side and peers out the corner of her eye, the unwant for a shadow behind her emulates from her stilled stance. Perhaps it is the chilling kill in the air but she looks as though she is shivering. The pestilent wind carries a loose newspaper’s page and drifts it over her head, sending her into a fear driven chain reaction, she quickly pulls from her feet the heels that would surely be a recipe for capture by whomever is lurking in the darkness. She throws her shoes to the gutter and takes off running, making a break for freedom she has never felt before, towards those lights of the streets safety but she a trek to travel before she leaves my kingdom. If I lose her now I lose my love forever to the fear of walking at night by herself… and that I cannot have.

I leap from the walls shadow and travel silently towards my love, over the winds surface. I slam down in front of her and shoot her a look of the animal within me. Her eyes try frantically to see a gentleman or kinsman to assist her with a rescue. Not in this day and age, my love. I stand to her; she fills her lungs with a scream that could be heard by others. I stare into her brown eyes, bringing her into me. She fills up my eyes as I do her mind and soul, I am her everything. She releases the air within her next breath. I caress her face with my cold clammy fingers until I move them discreetly to the back of her head; I brush her long strands of night to the left and tilt her head in the same direction. I take one last breath of her as a remembrance of who she is. I kiss her on her cheek then jaw line and move to her neck. I open my mouth and plunge my teeth into my loves skin and begin to feed.
In all honestly I cannot love, I have no soul to share. In medical terms a Kiss Of Life is breath, which I have not. Love is a chemical anomaly of the human brain. My true love, the love I will die for one day is their blood. A love for blood is my curse and for that to be bestowed upon me I shall forever be alone, as this victim was.

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So A Vampire is Born

A screenshot of the 1922 film, Nosferatu. Thou...

A screenshot of the 1922 film, Nosferatu. Though the film is in the public domain in the US, It is not in the public domain outside of US (and it’s origin). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a story of a wounded man being kidnapped and cursed by a mysterious woman to kill as the first Vampire. Enjoy! Like, Comment, Prv/ Message.

So A Vampire is Born

I scrambled through the twigs and dead plant life on my stomach, the war from which I fled still rages with screams and roars, each movement is pain followed by blood exhuming. The sky corresponded with the battlefield, blood-red. I am not a coward, I was merely thinking of my offspring, living without a father for a kingdoms freedom. My breathing begins to diminish. One last push, I stabilize against a God like tree and bring myself to my feet and begin to trudge. My soul starts to tear away from this gaping hole with every inhale of oxygen. I should rest, my eye’s start to whisper to me. Inhumane faces loom around my vision, showing me pasts sorrows and adult Essen crimes. My father, thou in heaven shall spear me from the murder of crows sent to deliver me. I place my disguised colour hands together for redemption.

“Please, father… Save me” A first time to talk to God.

A deadly wind swarms through the tree’s and assaults in my direction, resulting me back on my back, was this a sign or a cause? I lie there, the light begins to merge with the shadows and the clouds sail through the sky like waves. The crows begin to sing in order like an orchestra symphony and my heart is the drum. Dying in a tranquil location cannot be the worst way to pass.

A horse beckons my way; I can hear its trot and snorts. My sword, did I drop it? Was it close? I fling my arms around the forest floor in hope of grabbing it; the only thing within my grasp is a rock. I pick it up and roll onto my front; I guess I do not wish to die just yet. The horse and its rider are trembling closer.

“Get up! Get up now!”

Motivation is the key to succeed. I rise back up with the last remnants of adrenaline I have.

“I may look broken; sir, but I assure you I will not fall to your sword!”

A black clocked figure emerges on horseback, the strangers face is completely covered with shadow of a cloth, except their fearless conspiring eyes. I tilt my head to focus on the stranger but as I do, I fall, hitting my head. Black.

“You will do well” A voice screeches in the background of unconsciousness.

I wake sometime later, naked on a bed of hay, I feel paralytic with pain, my eyes search my surroundings to see if familiarity sets in. It is a small fire smoked hut, Crucifixes hang from the roof beam, strange symbols almost biblical rest as design on the walls like decoration, I close in down the room, the stranger from the woods has their back to me, mumbling to themselves, banging pots and pans together. Am I in danger?

“Get you fixed, gonna’ get you fixed to God standard, you wait and see, you wait and see” The stranger says aloud.

“Excuse me” I dryly omit

It seems the stranger is a woman, but with her size you would expect her to be male.

“Ah… you have woken to me, here, drink this” with a peculiar accent.

She shoves a dirty vile under my nose.

“What is it?” I say

“A remedy, It will keep you alive and normal, but will slow your blood flow to your wound, it tastes nice, am I right? I have sown your cut; you should be more, soon enough”

I take a mouthful of the unknown and stare at her stare, psychotic in nature with but a comfortable settling for her pupils. Friend or foe, friend or foe? Echo along my thoughts, why is she helping me? Why does my heart have a pulse? I don’t feel right, I feel odd.

“Rest my sweet, you will need you energy for tonight” She says.

I fight my eyes once again until the black overtakes my perspective.

I have intervals of waking from sleep. I am being dragged on a large piece of wood attached to horseback, only travelling at pacing speed over the forest floor; the old woman is on horseback.

“Where are you taking me?” She does not answer “Where, Damn it!!” I shout.

“Rest, rest… You will need it.” She replies.

I stare up into the trees; the nocturnal animals are at playtime with their surroundings, screeching at one another. The air is nipping at my skin trying to break my layers and a gentle mist on the wind gradually sails around the branches eerily. The horse becomes shaking up and comes to a halt, slamming its hooves into the mud as a stand not to go further.

“We’re here…” She comes out with.

I lift my head; we are at the mouth of a darkened cave. The cave must have a large stomach as hundreds of bats fly in and out through the opening.

She jumps from the horse and stands and shoots a look of peculiar hatred at me. She undoes the ropes that are attached to the horse and begins to pull me towards the caves entrance.

“Please, don’t take me in there; I will pay you in gold, whatever your plans are for me, please, do not follow through with them.” I plead to her un-listening ears.

She hums an old song to herself whilst being slumped forward pulling on the ropes that are over her shoulders. I need to move, pick up your hand and feet, I must escape.

I try to grab onto the grass strands but there is not that many to save me. As we enter the cave the humming the old woman is doing becomes a group choir as her echoes bounce from wet wall to wet wall. Painful screeches tear through my skulls as the bats wings beat over me; drips of water from the ceiling above soak me.

“Almost there deary… Almost over now, you see I knew you would be a good boy, you didn’t try to runaway once.” She says as she slumps the ropes to her side.

“Let me go.” I ask.

“I can’t do that my sweet; the wheels are in spiral now.” She says. She takes out a handkerchief and dries her brow. “Well it looks like I am done here.”

“Wait, please…”

“Cheerio sweetie but try not to wriggle too much when he starts to eat, he will only get angry with you, causing him to play with his food.”

Give me the battlefield, rather that than this. There is travelling moonlight from a hole on the caves ceiling, its ray surrounds me but as its shine keeps me company but there is a price for its company as now I cannot see what lies within the darkness. Tippling rocks and flaps of wings attack my emotions and paranoia with death slithers of shadows from out my eyes corners. No help is coming. The noise of silence peaks my upset, where have the animal dwellers and unholy sounds retreated to?

“I see you have had the pleasure of meeting my sister.” An echoed voice which comes from all around says.

“Hello, who’s there…?” A breath… A breath… “If that woman who brought me to this place was your sister, then yes I have.” I reply.

I try to look into the dark but it mirrors back only more suspicion and chaos to my soul.

“She looks after my wellbeing, I know she can be rather hands on but it’s for my greater good you see.”

“You must not have a place in her heart if she looks after your wellbeing within this cave.”

Footsteps circle me.

“It’s for my own good, I insisted upon my living quarters here.”

“Why would any man want that?”

“I’ll show you…”

The ropes take life and being to drag me into the dark oblivion. A man stands in front of me, in withered clothing along with a twitching motion to his body rhythm. His bottom lip to his pale face is covered in scabs and puncture holes and his long fingers have no nails, by the looks of things either he has been attacked by an animal or he has been gnawing at himself.

“What happened to you?” I ask as polite as I can.

“A curse, bestowed upon my families bloodline, it transforms the second child of the third generation.” He shudders in his words.

“What is the curse?”


I manage to lift up my torso, looking around there are animal carcasses lying around rotting.


“Of a sort yes but more touched by Lucifer, now I must drink the crimson tide within people, there is a certain remedy within humans that quenches my thirst. That is the reasoning behind you being here…”

My legs are still unable to work; I throw myself on to my stomach and begin crawling for my life over jagged rocks and sharpened gnawed bones.

“HELP ME!!!!!!!” I scream to the heaven that cannot hear me.

I push rocks from my path; the monster walks beside me, grabbing hold of my hair. I take hold of a rock and smash it against his skull. I fall with a thump back to the earth, dazed.

Either I am too far concussed or I can actually hear voices from the cave’s mouth. Move… I have to get out from this place. I look behind me; the beast is getting up from his assault, without effort he raises to his feet as if something was helping him. He turns his head; his ears become elongated and pointed to the tip, his two front teeth are sharp. He lunges through the air with his arms out in front of him. He lands on top of me and sinks his nibblers into my neck; I can feel the blood roll down my back and the tears down my face. He grunts with every mouthful he takes of me.

“LOOK OVER THERE… MY GOD, WHAT IS THAT THING?!!!!” A voice trembles the cave walls.

Four soldiers rest in my sight, all in awed by the sight they are seeing. The beast lifts his head from my neck and hisses at my kinsman. They run at the beast with their bayonets and begin rapidly slicing at him, the monster once of a man, squeals and yelps at the pain he’s given. One of the soldiers rests beside me on one knee, looking into my eyes.

“How are you feeling son?” He says to me. I cannot answer, my bottom jaw quivers with pain and shock.

“What kind of man would eat another man?” Another soldier says.

A bird singing, that’s the first thing I hear. My eyes open to my homes bedroom. My wife Enelda sits beside me asleep. The drapes have been pulled over the window.

“Enelda, are you awake?”

She is the most beautiful of god creatures, having perfect skin and darker than shadowed hair. Her eyes flicker before slowly opening to my words with a smile.

“You have finally awoken to me, at last. The children will be pleased to know you are in good health again.” She says with the voice of an angel.

“How long have I been asleep for?” I ask.

“Twelve and three-quarter days… It is almost night-time again. The soldiers brought you home after they found you in the cave; they told me about the man who was trying to eat you. They saved your life. And when you came back I prayed so much for your return.” She kissed my hand. “I shall make you some food.”

“Thank you my love.”

Enelda exits the room, still smiling. The room is small, one window to the left of me, a cabinet beside the bed with a candle and bible on it. This oddly placed energy within me gives new hope to my future as I try to picture it. Enelda pushes the door too with her footing; she has in her hands a board with a bowl of soup and a slice of bread on in.

I sit up; she places it on my lap.

“Eat this; get your strength back up.” She says to me.

“I will but I do not feel hungry…” I reply.

I rip apart the bread, dunk it into the vegetable soup and take a mouthful of it. I chew slowly; the taste is rather off-putting to me like I was eating burnt meat. I spit it back out.

“Has this been cooked long?” I ask.

“No – I just made it for you, why is there something the matter with it?”

“It just has an irregular taste to it, that all, it may be me.”

She puts her hand to my forehead.

“Are you feeling well? You do seem quite cold with certain clamminess to you.”

“I feel fine my love. Where are the children?”

“They are asleep in their beds; I did not want to wake them.”

“Sleep, I do myself feel rather eye heavy, I will try to eat something in the morning.”

Enelda climbs in beside me, blowing out the candle. We curl into one another. I watch her as her eyes gradually lose focus and close then I close mine. Get you fix to God standard… It was bestowed within my families’ bloodline. Words and unwanted scenes from days past attack at me. I can feel the sleep take hold of me and suck me into my worst nightmare if it wanted me too. Screams and scents I have never witnessed in my solitude only on the battlefield are heard within my dream.

I wake to the uncomforting restlessness of my eyes, sleep has no effect. Minutes have passed when in fact hours have occurred and gone. Enelda has her back to as my eyes open. The shivers have settled in to my bones. I shake her, no change.

“Enelda… My love.” I quietly say.

I stretch my sight over her to see her face. Blood, it is everywhere, coming from her neck. I shave the covers from the bed which has transformed to red. I shake her harder.

“Please wake up!” I shout at her. Nothing. The Children, I throw myself off the bed towards the doorway and exit the room in a rush. Knocking down pictures that bless our walls, I bash through the door to my children’s slumber room. Again blood all from their necks, more than my stomach can hold on to. I distort my view with my hands and stumble to the hallway window, throwing them open.

“HELP ME!!!!!” I scream to the forest.

I catch a glimpse of my reflection within the window pane; half of my face is covered in blood. Did I do this to my love – my children? I crouch holding my stomach; I should have taken the brave way out and stayed to fight within that battle.

“What have you done?” I say to myself.

I look up and see a lantern outside of my children’s bedroom, there to keep at bay the monsters and demons. I grab it and throw it into my offspring’s resting place, the room becomes ablaze in seconds. I walk into my marital chambers, bawling the hate for myself from my eyes. I stop and stare at what I once had. I rip a lantern from the wall and crawl onto my bed, taking hold of a match, striking and lighting the lantern. I throw it at the wall opposite the bed, it explodes and fire rips over the wall. I curl back into my love holding her within my arms.

“Forgive me…”

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