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Essentials of Writing. Part 1


The Essentials of Writing. Part 1

In this segment I will be stating the essentials of writing the best way possible.

Where to start? Well I have been writing since I was around eight years old and now I have reached quarter of a century (For all those that are no good at math, that’s 25 years old.)

I’m not going to lie to you, sometimes writing is not easy. There’s going to be times where you cannot write, your brain just switches off and gives the pen and paper the finger. But there are other times when you have so much circling around in your egg-head that it’s hard to jot down everything at once, welcome to stress.

What I am going to give all of my viewers, which is around twenty of you give or take two; is my fundamental list of The Fundamentals of Writing.

  • Strive for a better story. We all know that nowadays some of the best stories are rehashed versions of someone else’s work. Twilight V’s Romeo & Juliet – “I can’t be with you because I’m part of this family and you can’t be with me because you’re part of that family. Hey, I have an idea where we can be together, it’s called death.” With a twist of words, characters and genre you can create greatness too. But you want to be a different type of writer; you want to become a great writer.
  1. Write from your own experiences to produce something new.
  2. Don’t just read – Study! If you want to become a writer then you must eat, sleep and poop books.
  • I stumbled upon a writer a while ago who got inspired by one of my stories and he wanted to start-up a free blog and begin his writing endeavour. He only wrote around 200 words, it was about a hit & run accident. The overall story was great BUT there was no real vocabulary or details within his story.  Writers breaking into writing often tend to do this; luckily I was young when I went through this stage. For example he wrote.

‘The cars wheels spun really fast and he took off in a chase like form; no one could ever catch him. Not the police or army or god. Make way on this road because a bad man is behind a steering wheel.’

I mean the story is there but there was so much more he could have done to ensure he had a gem on his fingertips.

Each to their own, I gave him a few pointers on how to write and what he must to make sure he doesn’t get trolled online and now his blog is flourishing ever so nicely. Most writers just need to find their niche.

  • No one wants to pick up another book (The Dictionary) when they have no idea the meanings of the words within your book. I mean, live the words, love them, but know your bounds. I’m not saying cancel out all great words, but tone it down and be cautious when and where you put them. If it writes well, keep it! For example, could you imagine if Stephanie Meyers called it Crepuscule instead of Twilight, yeah, it means the same thing, but Twilight has a certain ring to it. Don’t ask me why I am dancing around Twilight tonight, probably because I was made to watch it by my Girlfriend and it’s inhabiting and taking over all my rational thought… Team Jacob 4 lyf!

Thanks for reading. Now hit that like button! Part 2 coming soon.

Keep those pens busy!



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Finding Inspiration to Write


Can’t find inspiration to write?

Well step right up, I have a dose of “What-Was-That!” …This will knock your socks off.

Let me start off by saying, I know the feeling. I am in the same boat sometimes; probably why I drink most-of-the-time. But hey, I am a writer; the life behind the pen comes with a glass of whiskey.

Yes, I know the life of a writer is a depressive one, the outcasts who see too much. I guess that is what they will say for some us when we are laid to rest. To you there is nothing special, I beg to differ. You are a unique machine, if you are anything like me. I write everything I see.

For example.

“The clouds raced overhead as I walked up the flyover. Do they know something I do not? What’s chasing them?”

Yes, I write my own footsteps within my head, the more remedial the better because it is an everyday task we all share and see and once you have shared your words and someone can relate or share a similar experience and bond is made between them and your words.

Inspiration is all around us. My niece waddled up to me “Uncle Lex, I want to be dragon!” This blew my mind and I couldn’t stop laughing. But it amazed me; she wanted to be a dragon. Yes her favourite movie is “How to Train Your Dragon” It is an awesome movie. But that raised a question within my head and a story started to form about a little girl who finds a dragon egg and the egg hatches and the baby dragon thinks the young girl is its mother. So they both share an adventure. It could make for an epic story, don’t you think?

But you can find inspiration, it finds you in different forms, you just have to be ready to catch it when it shows itself.

Now you are probably sitting at your desk, making your pen do somersaults or drawing pointless faces to waste the time. The best thing you can do is write something; write about your feelings on paper. Write about all your problems right there – The bad things that have happened to you. Let your pen show you what you can only think about because you are too afraid to talk about it with people. Write about what makes you smile or the things that make you down. Make sure you go into description when writing so it sounds like a story. At this point I promise you a story will be created not only on paper but in your mind; now you will find your own muse. YOU! I will show you what I mean in my next blog called “Love in the Time of Mental Illness.”

It is always the smallest of things that stop us making the biggest.

Just take it slow. But if you can dream it, you can have it!

Now stop messing around and start writing. Sorry, but you need to be pushed because you are not working to your full potential, are you?


I want to read something amazing and when you’re done, link it to this page so everyone can have a read.

Keep those pens busy!


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Thank You: Over 500 Followers & 500 Likes on my Blog

Thank you!


This is so much better than any award I could ever achieve. I have reached way over the 650 Follower mark and well over the 500 Like mark on my pages, I am only at 250 comments, but we’re getting there.

I never thought my writing blog would ever gain this much interest and attention. I know it may not be in the thousands but I have gained over 500 followers in 3 months and on a new writing blog, for many that is an achievement all on its own.

But thank you. You guys make my work what it is. You put in the time to read and follow my creative writing blog on wordpress.com and to me that makes you awesome. It may not be 22,476 followers, but hey! I have over 650! ….YES!!!!!!

I’d like to also thank, little baby jesus. And my mommy and daddy…. Haha! I’m just playing.

But honestly all of the comments, likes and followers are appreciated at this side, if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t even try.

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Yeah, you…. Yes, the person reading this right now, you!

Keep reading and if you haven’t before, have a trek to see what I have written before, you might find something.

Keep being awesome and keep those pens busy!

I love you.


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Excuse Me…. How Do You Write?


Destiny is written within us all, each footstep is a word, each mile is a sentence and each life is a book, the novel shall be finished no matter how the ending.- Creative Writer Alexander Kennedy.

A day in a life of me, you ask?

What weird knowledge to acquire; each to their own. Some people want sex, others money but for people like you, knowledge is your power, and the power you gain will make you answer the dark questions that are scratching from under your skin; because in my world, we’re all insane, we’re all monsters and murderers; sanity is the illness and the world is just another pill ready for you to pop.

Now as I write, I am writing something that has never been written before, a style of writing that has never been attempted because no one has ever tried non-fiction-fiction. In layman’s terms, basically, my reality when fantasy comes knocking at my skull, an awake-daydream if you will.

This is where our paths pass on one another, you write in a 2D fashion and I don’t only think outside the box, I live there. I live in a place where the my monsters under the bed actually come out and literally try to drag me into the darkness to be gobbled-up.

You should write like children see! What?

I always think the best way to write is to write like a kid, because the way children view the world is sometimes very eerie.

“I love you so much I want to take you head with me in my bag, so I get to see you every time I want.” Thanks to my niece for being really lovely and sweet but also freaking me.

Their view is not harmful but can be classed as “Kind-of-out-there.” I am not saying write like. “The trees are brown, I was wearing black shoes and there were loads and loads of chocolates that fell from the sky.” But see the world in innocent eyes, WHAT IS IT TO YOU?

If I had lived in the medieval times and I came to the present-day and saw an army tank, how would I describe it?

“It was a mental elephant; undead with its dragged screech from its feet; spitting its exploding rocks, taking clumps of life from every structure. The head of the beast turns completely around and heads in for a formidable battle.”

See it like you have never seen it before; it brings the reader into your eyes. No one has ever told you this but most writers who give you information on creative writing from websites and blogs are holding back the major amounts of crucial detail you need because YOU ARE THE COMPETITION! They do not want you to succeed because it will mean less for them.

But I like a little anarchy and if you take on all my information on how to write and become a legend i your own right. That’s awesome. Forget the system, forget the rules.

Write what you love! Write what you need to! It cured me of mental illness. It could cure you of your sanity. So become something great today in words and shock the world with yourself.

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What To Write About?

What to write about? Well as a writer, can I just congratulate you on your career choice or hope? If you do take up the challenge to write you must be able to imagine beyond others minds or write well, sometimes one is all you need.

From my angle I come up with ideas before I begin to write, others ways are different. In my writing cauldron I have around 50 story ideas and about 7 of those I keep close to my chest until I do make an impact because I know these ideas will be the ones to make my writing live forever.

But chose your View Point! – If love is your pens turn on then that should be, I do love to read a lovely love story. It can be anything.

Waiting at the bus stop, the rain is laughing on me. Black garbage bag in tow; I am leaving, along with splashes from gutters spurts from passing cars, luck is really helping to place a cherry on this cake.

The number 10 is located in the distance; an old woman jumps queue and elbows in front of me, awesome. My voice is still horse from mine and the bitches fight, so battling an old haggard possible termagant woman is far from my minds cloud.

I step onto the bus and dunk in my money and scan for a seat, nothing; the old bag took the last one. Standing tough is what I am good at so why not a little more.

“Hello, you can come and sit next to me, if you like?” A back seated voice says.

I glance over aimlessly. Wow. The girl waving in my direction is beautiful; she couldn’t be waving at me, could she?

I edge through the buggies and people’s knees to the seat of my dreams. I sit slowly but rather uncaring.

I look over and with a nod “Worst day ever until you helped me out with one kind gesture, thank you.” She smiles and brushes her hair behind her ear.

“I would rather sit next to you than someone I didn’t want to sit next with, plus into the bargain, your good-looking.”

See! – Write what you know or who you know indirectly. The best way to write is to take them from memory or others life stories. (Always ask for permission to take if they are other writers.)

But it can be about anything.

  • A night when you walked home from a friend’s house and there was no one else around and you thought there was something else with you.
  • A love feeling you have for another person when you were in a relationship with some else.


Always take what you know onto the page.

This has been a psychotic announcement from Alexander Kennedy.


Keep those pens busy….


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